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Face Off, Feb. 15 – Aging Gracefully, Syfy Style

Glenn likes Matt, Sue and Tara’s conceptual concept. Glenn is concerned about Heather’s sculpture; he believes each team is doing some very good work and making a few big mistakes. Now onto the molding phase; it is time to truly age these triplets. Working fiercely, they are ready for day three, application day, and must check their work and prepare the triplets for seeing what they will look like on their 50th, 75th and 100th birthdays.

RJ has a problem immediately. His model informs him that the make-up is burning her badly; he needs to get the prosthetic off right away for her safety. He gets a new model and has an hour to get her ready, despite her being much smaller than the original model. They work like their life depends on it, each person running in a million directions. RJ is already upset, and he believes his make-up looks like a botched plastic surgery. Time expires, and some people are unprepared as the nerves begin to set in.

The contestants arrive at the reveal stage to present their work to judges Ve Neill, Glenn Hetrick and Patrick Tatopolous, along with guest judge, Greg Cannom.

Matt’s 50-year-old is revealed, and he looks decent, although the hair looks a bit odd, which even he admits to being worried about. Tara’s 75-year-old looks pretty good. Sue’s age 100 looks a bit Zombie-ish, but she has the ensemble down.

Rayce’s 50-year-old does not really look that much older, Ian’s 75-year-old looks a tab bit older, and Jerry’s 100-year-old looks a tad too wrinkly.

Beki’s 50-year-old looks a bit strange, more like a 1950’s character, RJ’s age 75 looks ready for a golf game, and Heather’s 100-year-old looks like she is 100, but in somewhat of a scary way.

It is interesting how each person perceived an older person, kind of strange. The judges are asked to take a closer look, and Ve and Greg have quite a few comments. The nerve wracking head shake from Glenn rattles everyone. The judges are well-respected in their fields, so that one shake of his head is not good for someone.

All four of the judges begin attacking Beki’s model, and she begins to panic; she does not feel safe. Matt, Tara and Sue are called upon first. Glenn informs Matt that his model looks like he was bitten by a chia pet, oh no. Tara’s 75 is better-received by Patrick. Sue’s 100 years old receives compliments from Patrick and Greg.

Beki, RJ and Heather are next. Glenn tells Beki that her idea was good, but it looks like she got hit with a frying pan (ouch). RJ’s 75-year-old does not go over well with Glenn at first, but he announces that despite his problems, he made something complicated work. Heather’s 100-year-old “looks weird,” according to Ve, and looks more like a Zombie (why do they always pick on Zombies?).

Rayce, Jerry and Ian are next, and Patrick and Greg are not impressed with their work. Glenn feels they are overestimating themselves and also feels that Rayce’s work looked diseased instead of aged. Jerry’s 100-year-old is successful, but Ve hoped for better coloring. Patrick saw the progression with Jerry’s work.

Aging is a bummer and especially for these contestants, they may have aged after this stressful challenge. The judges have discussed the wrongs and rights and made a decision. Glenn tells all that the top three this week are Sue, Jerry and RJ, and the winner is Sue. She created a strong character. The bottom three are Ian, Beki and Heather, with the contestant being eliminated being Heather.  She claims leaving has only fueled her fire more to do better. Good luck to her.

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