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Face Off, Feb. 15 – Aging Gracefully, Syfy Style

On this week’s episode of Face Off, there are nine artists who remain – Beki, Sue, Rayce, R.J., Heather, Jerry, Tara, Ian and Matt. They are getting down to the wire and must take the game to the next level and step it up; the sky is the limit.

The contestants are greeted in the early morning hours, and this leads RJ to have fears of another artist being cut, as McKenzie walks in to present a new foundation challenge. Let’s face it; this is a “tough business with crazy hours.” McKenzie introduces beautiful runway models in a challenge based on Hollywood’s magic and penchant for turning beautiful creatures into “plain Jane’s.”

McKenzie reviews the challenges and uses the following beauties as inspiration – singer Mariah Carey, who was completely transformed in the hit film Precious; statuesque Charlize Theron, who portrayed serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster; Nicole Kidman in The Hours; and Cameron Diaz in Being John Malkovich. These infamous beauties were asked to tone down to portray these characters, and that is exactly what McKenzie expects the contestants to do with these super-perfect supermodels.

The contestants must give the models make-unders. There is nothing worse than being forced to sport a uni-brow, but let’s see how this turns out. There is a guest judge who will assist in judging the contestants in their make-under, the infamous woman who geek-ified Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed, Kim Green. The models have been randomly selected for the contestants, and they have two hours to make them look like crap.

Matt begins working and brings in acne scarring, Sue gives her model an old age and overly tanned look, Ian chooses to turn his model into a prostitute with bruises and all, RJ turns to the 80’s for inspiration with lots of heavy make-up and way too much eye shadow, and Jerry goes with a drug addict prostitute with a tattoo that says Trust Me and adds cracked lips for a full effect. Heather’s character looks like a warped mix of Shirley Temple and Baby Jane, Tara’s model doesn’t look completely unfortunate, but has more of a plain dowdy look, Beki’s model looks almost orange and sports super pink lipstick with a strange hairstyle, and Rayce turns his model into an unkept sick librarian.

The contestants work hard and definitely take McKenzie’s advice and inspiration she provided them. The models are completely unrecognizable. Kim loves Jerry’s details. Rayce and Ian also did “really bad make-up in a really good way.”

The winner of the foundation challenge is Rayce; he finally won and is happy to have immunity. The contestants head back to the house and proclaim it is vegengce time and things are about to get crazy.

The next morning the contestants arrive at the lab where McKeenzie introduces the spotlight challenge, “old age.” The contestants are divided into teams of three – Beki, RJ and Heather; Tara, Sue and Matt; and Jerry, Ian and Rayce. They are introduced to their models; and shocks and gasp are left out by the contestants, but of course a commercial runs its course to leave some suspense. The contestants must work together and try to get along. Jerry proclaims he is happy with his team; the others want to avoid Sue and her “drama.”

There is a catch to this challenge, a surprise. The contestants will be working on twins and must age one to the age of 100 and one to the age of 75. Beki thinks it’s cool. There is also a very special guest judge who worked on Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Greg Cannom. He offers some aging advice, and the contestants instantly get to work. Tara is a little upset because Sue tries to take charge, but if they would work together they would get things done better.

But wait … McKenzie walks back in and has another surprise, the twins are triplets (are they cloning people on Syfy?). The catch is they must age the last sibling to the age of fifty.

Matt agrees with Sue and finds Tara to be a bit bitchy. This seems to be the most stressful and dramatic episode of Face Off, as the contestants realize what is at stake and just how badly they each want it.

On day two of the Old Age challenge, the contestants have ten hours to sculpt and work on the make-up until application day. Heather, Beki and RJ seem to be working well together. McKenzie returns with a very serious-looking Glenn and Greg. Glenn jumps right in with questions, followed by Greg’s questions. Sue is upset because Tara tells Glenn, Greg and McKenzie that they are the “least experienced of the group.” This causes Sue to get slightly ballistic in her own very calm way.