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Real Housewives of Orange County, Ep. 2 – Privilege, Crawfish, Oversharing

Vicki’s party kicks off well. Everybody’s playing nice – even if it’s just nice-nasty. Peggy walks through the door and Alexis keeps her poker face, though they exchange a quick hug. Vicki updates all the girls on her current situation with soon-to-be-ex, Don, and selling the house. Tamra and Gretchen do a horrible job of keeping their new relationship secret from Vicki, who’s already suspicious.

Appetizers served: It doesn’t help that Tamra and Gretchen share an oyster – totally giving themselves away to Queen V.

Heather gets better acquainted with the rest of the O.C. “wives” and gives the women a lesson in proposals and marriage. The ring is the thing. “Monetary commitment, honey.” Heather goes on to share an “unromantic” story of her doctor-husband proposing on their plane to Paris. He stammered and didn’t get down on one knee. Not perfect. At. All. God, wish I could identify with Heather’s dissatisfying rich problems.

As for dinner, how does the food go over with the girls? Bags set on the table full of tentacles, eyeballs, and legs. Sucking the juices out of the torso and head of crawfish doesn’t fair well with O.C.

Tamra takes a seat and wonders, “Vicki, why are you so far away?” Sounds like it suggests the future of that friendship as well. *wink* *wink*

Well it’s only right that Vicki sits at the head of her table at her own dinner party. “Because you decided to sit down there by Gretchen.”

Caught ‘em!

After making a big deal over a frickin’ Frito in her Cajun gumbo, Tamra calls Gretchen out, “You had your lips done!”

“No I didn’t.” It’s her lip plumper. Duh, Tamra.

Dessert time! And since it’s a school night, everybody has to mingle and then get the hell out of there. You don’t have to tell Alexis twice. She decides to leave anyway and skip dessert as far as I can see. It would have been nice to see what dessert is on the menu since there’s a Southern theme. That’s what I was waiting for, but oh well.

Peggy just wants to smooth things over and leave things on a good note. No fakery. Per Tamra’s advice, she goes to catch the limo and politely asks Alexis to talk. Alexis declines with a “Um, not right now.” She just wants to go home to her children and make them lunch for tomorrow. Maybe there’s a lunch date in Peggy and Alexis’ future to hash out everything and exchange gifts like friendship bracelets? Yeah, I doubt it. Not as likely as Gretch and Tamra’s.

Peggy’s done with the group. She doesn’t need Alexis’s constant petty competing or the stressful environment of this O.C. circle to trigger any bouts of anxiety. Bye-bye Peggy. You’ll be missed. Alexis’ loss.

Now that Peggy’s out the picture, Alexis has someone else she gets to compete with. Heather makes a fine, rich contender. No competition there.

The Heather segment of the show is expensive just to watch. So don’t even bother fishing for your wallet if you have to count. The Real Housewives of Orange County broadcast a snippet of MTV’S CRIBS for Heather’s home and here it goes:

Her life is fabulous. Her husband fell in love with her at first site. They have a frickin’ elevator and movie theater in their home. Heather sometimes feels like “the only Jewish brunette in a sea of blondes.” She and her husband are both Jewish and make sure it’s instilled into the kids at home. They also practice Buddhism, making them “Bud-Jews (?)”. Cute. I think they even have their own parking deck.

She lives in an expensive, exclusive community.

Her children go to an expensive school.

And she has time to make Jewish bread, minutes before walking out the door to leave for an event with the kiddies and doctor-husband. Super Woman!

Now back to RHOOC:

Slade wants to know what all happened at Vicki’s party. Is he a “concerned” fiancee or what? Heather has already rubbed at least a couple of the girls the wrong way, because Gretchen also picked up on Heather’s condescending “You’re so cute”. Gretch “doesn’t get along with pretentious.” Drama lurks. I’ll be waiting and watching with popcorn.

Later, Gretchen does her photo shoot for the breast cancer awareness. Posing “nude”. I feel cheated: she poses topless. But it goes well; I mean, even Slade takes pics with his pink phone, while he’s supposed to be getting work done on his pink laptop.

Tamra and Vicki meet up for their trip to Catalina with the new boyfriends. The limo makes a couple more stops and we get to see Brooks, the Southern gentleman, and Eddie, the hunk!

After the “lick it, drink it, suck it” lesson refresher, Eddie and Vicki get a little friendly while tipsy, I think. Eddie kisses Vicki’s hand and she does the same … a lot of sharing in friendly gestures. Hmm? Eddie is Tamra’s guy, so back off Vicki. Tamra can play that game; she grabs Brooks’ hand and places it on her breast. Tension, tension. Did you really have to go there, Tamra? Really? Eddie is pissed, Tamra’s pissed. Vicki and Brooks are just fine. The Catalina trip isn’t looking too hot right about now.

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