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Survivor 24 Preview – How Many Ways Can We Say Samoa?

Kat Edorsson – Age: 22 – From: Orlando, Fla – Occupation: Timeshare Rep

All I have to say here is that her hero is Xena: Warrior Princess.
I am pleased to see that children on leashes is one of her pet peeves – we all know it is demeaning to both kid and parent. She sees Andrea as a role model – she thinks Andrea went far despite being cute. I think she watched a different game than the rest of us – Andrea got far because she was cute and not threatening.

Chances of winning- probably not great, but I would not be surprised to see her last a while.

Chelsea Meissner – Age: 26 – From: Charleston, S.C – Occupation: Medical Sales

Medical sales – the profession which brought us Steph and which, like Fox News, uses good looking young women to peddle their products. She was a state champion equestrian rider – and if there is a horse challenge this year, I am crying foul! Her single mom mother is her inspiration – and finally, a good choice (Xena>?!?) She has also survived Lyme Disease – so she is very resilient. She likes to hunt, thinks she is funny and is a self-proclaimed bad ass. And, she’s pretty damn hot.

Chances of winning – if what she says is true, she has a great chance of winning.

Kourtney Moon – Age: 29 – From: Austin, Texas – Occupation: Motorcycle Repair

First, what a great name. In her words, her personal claim to fame is – “I grew a person inside my body, squeezed him out of a tiny orifice and managed not to completely bomb at parenting.” Alrighty then. She likes doing things with her son, then she lists motorcycles, knitting, cocktails and night time bike rides. I hope there was some misplaced punctuation there, because those are not appropriate mother-son activities. She has a problem with sociopaths and narcissists – which is some fair advice for everyone. She thinks she is like Fabio and Courtney – who embraced and accepted their shortcomings to do well.

Chances of winning – I have a nice vibe from her, and Fabio and Courtney each did rather well.

Alicia Rosa – Age: 25 – From: Chicago, Ill – Occupation: Special Ed Teacher –

She has no hero – although maybe she’s just a Tina Turner fan. She likes to sing (ok), run (ok), and spend money (only ok if she makes the Survivor Auction). She has a problem with burping and farting – so no Adam Sandler movies for her. She sees herself as Jenna Morasca from season one. And already that makes me angry – because Jenna Morasca was on Season 6. Thanks for playing, we have some nice parting gifts for you.

Chances of winning – I refuse to let someone who mixes up the Jennas win.

Kim Spradlin – Age: 29 – From: San Antonio, Texas – Occupation: Bridal Shop Owner

A very interesting life in so few years – owns her own business, was a whitewater rafting guide and lived at a Thailand orphanage. Impressive. And then she follows by saying she can tell what kind of animal a person would be within five minutes of meeting them. Those two sentences would lead to the strangest speed dating moment ever. She doesn’t like speed bumps – so stay off the streets of San Antonio, folks! She likes bad ass Steph, friendly Elisabeth (unless you are liberal), and tall Amanda. She also made a honey badger joke, so she gets a few cool points.

Chances of winning – could go either way, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Sabrina Thompson – Age: 33 – From: Brooklyn, N.Y – Occupation: High School Teacher

She is co-founder of a non-profit organization, WEEN, that has gained 43K members in just three years. What it does? No idea. Her hero is her brother. Aww. He introduced her to hip hop and sports – um, ok, interesting reason for idolization. She is another one who hates kid leashes! Who knew there were so many of us! She also hates the following – people who enter elevators or subways before others exit, people who spit and guys that constantly adjust their genitals. Jeez, where is this woman hanging out? She sees Sandra as a role model because she is a beast. That, she is.

Chances of winning – New Yorkers haven’t had a good run of things in recent years – Doesn’t bode well for her.


Jay Byars – Age: 25 – From: Gaffney, S.C – Occupation: Model

Oh good, another model. Sigh. He idolizes Bear Grylls because he is crazy and a Christian. Double sigh. He dislikes – Smacking gum, bad breath and clingy texters. Bad breath? You are about to live with 17 people, potentially for over a month with no toothpaste to be found. Again…wrong show, dude. He likes Colby and Rupert for trying to play the game fairly and honestly. Of course, he said that. They also lost the game a combined six times.

Chances of winning – slim.

Colton Cumbie – Age: 21 – From: Monroeville, Ala – Occupation: College Student

Another great name! He came out as gay at age 12. Wow. Brave. It does get better. His inspiration is his grandmother, who is technically his great-aunt, but who took his mom in when she was 2 months old after her dad abandoned her. Damn. He is a combination of Parvati, Corinne and JT. Now, that’s an odd combination. He wants to see his “verbally abusive stepdad’s reaction” when he wins the prize. And THAT would be good TV.

Chances of winning – he is going far this season