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Worst Cooks in America, Feb. 12 – “It’s Like The Exxon Valdez in My Mouth”

Anne will also be teaching pancakes, Pumpkin Pancakes with Vanilla Whipped Cream and Cinnamon Maple Syrup.  She also will teach eggs in four ways.

It sounds like they will have to make pancakes and one version of the eggs.  I’d like to ask how easy can it get, but having watched this show every season I know better.  For those of you that missed this episode Anne does give a good tip for poached eggs I’ve been using for years and years.  If you put a dash of white vinegar in your boiling water it will keep the white of the egg from spreading when you drop it in.

Anne and Bobby are going through the steps with their groups on how to make the dishes.  This being Bobby’s first season with Worst Cooks, it takes him just a short time to realizes you can’t take anything for granted.  When explaining how to make a very simple maple cinnamon syrup Vinnie’s question reminds Bobby just how little these people know.  Bobby had taken his syrup, poured it into a sauce pan and threw in a few whole cinnamon sticks to let it seep.  Vinnie asks if the cinnamon sticks will dissolve in the syrup.

The contestants are given an hour to replicate the pancakes and make one of the four eggs.

Of course when they are left to their own devices all sorts of weird things start to happen.  Sarina starts to grate her orange.  She has the right tool, but instead of dragging orange back and forth she is hitting the grater with it.  I guess, though, it doesn’t matter since she boils it right out of the pan.  Bobby calls her the Chef Magician because she can make a sauce disappear.

Rachael forgets to put the egg whites into her pancake batter so she decides to start over.  Unfortunately for her griddle she decides the uncooked pancakes will just come right off with her metal spatula.  Erica doesn’t know the difference between baking powder and baking soda, and Sherrill’s batter looks like water.

Twenty-five minutes are left on the clock when Bobby tells everyone at chef boot-camp they need to be prepared for anything thrown their way.  Instead of preparing just one of the eggs they are taught, they must prepare all four.  You wouldn’t think eggs would bring people to their knees but they do. We aren’t talking Benedict either.

Dorothy is making fried eggs then suddenly pours milk in the pan and starts to stir it up.  Gross.  Ann tells her she is working hard to get herself sent home.

Time is called.

Vinnie is first to present his dishes to Bobby.  Bobby likes them, and I want pancakes.  Sarina follows, but only has prepared the sunny side up and scrambled egg.  Sherrill is next, and her pancakes are thin. Bobby tells her she just didn’t follow the recipe.  Sherrill is worried her husband might be right; she might not know how to cook.  She might be saved though, David brings his eggs up and they look like they are blackened; Bobby says they are inedible. 

Tiffany gets a good review even though she dropped most of her syrup.  Benjamin, Bobby’s first pick, is next with unseasoned eggs.  Libby follows with syrup in a jar that looks like candle wax and pancakes Bobby claims taste like cement.  Erica rounds up the blue team.  The court reporter from New York can’t remember what she put in the pancakes and what she didn’t.

Anne’s team is up to bat with pancakes now. Rachel is up first and she is prepared to fail.  Anne notes the pancakes are overcooked, and she is missing an egg.  Bob, her pet project, is smiling until he is told that his egg is way overcooked.  Melissa gets thumbs up for all her food.  Bennett is asked if he tried his pancakes, because they were raw.  Anthony, although causing Anne quite a bit of stress, has made good pancakes.  

Richard is up next; honestly he is just odd.  Anne asks him how he thinks he has done, and he quickly asks if he is to critique his own food.  She calls him on his arrogant behavior; he apologizes with an emphasized “Chef” for good measure.  She thinks he is not taking the competition seriously.  Kelli also gets thumbs up for great pancakes and a beautiful poached egg.  Dorothy is up last for the red team with overcooked eggs.  She starts to cry, which for now, will keep her in the competition because she is showing she wants to be there.

Bobby and Anne leave to figure out which person from their team they will be sending home and who won.  Tiffany wins for the blue team; Kelli wins for red.  Rachel and Richard are in the bottom for red.  Libby and Sarina are in the bottom for blue.  As far as first impressions go there is no surprise in this bottom four.  Libby is sent packing tonight courtesy of Bobby Flay.  Richard is being sent home by Anne; my guess is this has more to do with attitude, as Rachel didn’t even finish the challenge.

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