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Worst Cooks in America, Feb. 12 – “It’s Like The Exxon Valdez in My Mouth”

Benjamin prepares Blackened Tilapia.  The camera showed this dish being made, and it was covered with crushed red pepper.  I can’t imagine this is going to be pleasant.  Anne looks like she is in pain.  Bobby likes that he went for it, and would rather eat food that is over-spiced then bland.

Next up is Mr. Dishwasher, David.  He admits that he was forced to use the oven, but would have preferred to use the dishwasher to make his Dishwasher Salmon.  Bobby asks how long it was cooked; David tells them it cooked for 25 minutes.  He then asks if it wasn’t cooked long enough, which causes both judges to laugh.  The fish looks horrible.

Sherrill presents Pork Chops and Mac & Cheese.  Anne again has to spit the food out.  The pork was coated in a lot of flour which makes them doughy.  Honestly I don’t see how they can even eat all this food.

Vinnie, 47, makes Spaghetti and Meatballs.  He says his friends call him Meatball, so its Spaghetti and Vinnie.  I’m waiting to hear a “Yo, Adrienne” come out of his mouth.  Anne asks what is in the meatballs and can’t get much more than an “ahh”.  She is hoping that Bobby picks him because she believes he won’t be able to take direction well.

Rachel, 31, makes Chicken Parmesan.  It is quite obviously burnt.  Anne asks her to take a bite of it and it causes Rachel to gag.

Kelli, 40 is up next.  She has made Curry Cajun Catfish.  Bobby asks her how the Curry and Cajun things go together.  She replies that she doesn’t know that it actually does; he cuts her off there, “enough said.”

Richard, 55, brings up Pho Fusion Soup.  Anne comments that it is like the Exxon Valdez in her mouth, because it is so greasy.

Anthony, 33, brings up Shrimp Stir-fry.  Anne notes that she saw him add an entire bottle of soy sauce into the small serving of stir-fry and refuses to even try it.  You can tell Bobby is very uncomfortable with his taste.  Anthony has also placed two marshmallows on the plate.  He goes into this whole “my father left when I was little, so now I’m strong” thing, which makes zero sense to me.  He then adds that he is playful and the confection represents him.  Anne says she likes the story; personally I think he should have put cashews on the plate… at least that representation would work well with stir-fry.

So everyone has presented, and it is now time to choose teams.  To change it up a little, they will each pick someone for their own team and someone for the other team.  Well it would make that whole gym class scenario better I guess.  What would be worse, being the last person chosen, or the first person chosen for the “no way you have them” team?

Anne chooses Marshmallow Anthony for his positive attitude.  She gives Bobby Mr. Meatball, Vinnie.  Bobby’s first choice is Benjamin; he gives Anne Dorothy with her Vanilla Fried Chicken.  Anne then chooses Melissa, and gives Bobby Sarina.  She is one of those grown women who has a voice like a 5 year old; it would drive me nuts.

Bobby chooses Tiffany, who says “we are going all the way, Flay” as she walks up.  They did not even show them tasting her food.  Bobby gives Anne Bennett, who seems surprised that his Cheese Party didn’t win them over.

Anne takes Kelli and leaves Bobby with David Dishwasher.  Bobby chooses Cheryl and gives Anne Richard.  Next, Anne chooses Bob and compares him to a rescue puppy.  Erica goes over to blue.  Lastly Bobby chooses Libby.  I guess that no flavor wins out over Rachel’s burnt Chicken Parm.

Anne’s team will be the red team; Bobby’s will be the blue.  The contestants are sent off to their housing and told to rest up for tomorrow’s elimination challenge.  Instead of cooking dinner for themselves, they go with cold sandwiches and bagged chips.  After watching how everyone cooks, that’s probably a good idea.

The next morning is the main dish challenge.  They split off into their teams and learn about breakfast dishes.  Bobby’s is Blue Corn Pancakes with Orange Honey Butter and Cinnamon-infused Syrup.  I had coffee this morning for breakfast. Why oh why aren’t you here with me on this Valentine’s Day morning Bobby Flay?  He is also going to show them how to make eggs, 4 different ways.  He tells them the key is to prioritize.