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The Voice, Feb. 13 – Just Pip!

Earlier we saw Carson Daly using his GPS to take an invitation to Katrina Parker.  She apparently didn’t notice Carson, or the cameras, or the film crew in her office.  We learn she was sick from hidden mold in her home.  She’s just started singing again.

Let’s see how Katrina does.  She steps to the mike to sing One of Us.  Christina is smiling again, but not hitting anything.  Adam’s head is down.  Is he sleeping? He hits his button. Was that sleep button pushing? Blake looks confused, again. No one else turns, so it looks like Adam gets this one.

Cee Lo: “Hey baby.”  (Really?  Really?)

Adam: “I win.” And “I want something different.”

Before break, we get a little teaser with a girl asking, “Why didn’t you turn around?”  Was she asking just one of them, or all of them? Well gee, I guess we have to wait until after the break to find out.

We’ll also have to wait until Geoff McBride is done, because he’s next.  He’s wearing sunglasses inside, so he must be cool. I’m pretty sure that’s a rule, right?  Oops, he wears them because of an old boxing injury.  (Me, open mouth, insert foot.)

Geoff launches into Higher Ground, and right away, Cee Lo is smiling.  Adam is hovering, or just teasing someone.  Christina circles the button, before hitting it.  Cee Lo shouts something to Adam, before hitting his button.

Cee Lo: “What’s Up Bro?”

Adam: “You can sing your ass off.”

Christina: “The very first note you hit, you blew me away.”

Or course, we have to wait until after the break to see who Geoff picks.  Sounds like he had already decided who he wanted, which is Christina.  Who can blame him?  I guess he is cool! Still, he’s no Pip.

Former model Erin Martin get’s ready to strut her stuff.  She just jumped into music a couple of years ago and has been told she needs development.  That’s not a good early sign. She expects the coaches to do that?  She does know they won’t see her unless they hit their button and turn around

Erin’s hair is really tall.  She’s posing on her way in.

Blake: “Sounds like heels.”

Cee Lo: “You’re right.”

Wow, these two are amazing. Geez!

Erin goes into Hey there Delilah, and Christina seems to recognize it.  Blake hits his button right away.  Was it the voice or the heels?  Well, as Cee Lo turns next, you tell me.  Erin has a unique voice.  Blake starts yelling how cool it is.  Adam shakes his head. He’s not impressed.

Cee Lo: “You’re a beautiful, wonderful creature of a woman.’  Then, “Quite naturally, you belong to me, don’t you think?”

Wow. He even said that with a straight face.

Blake: “Your smile is contagious, by the way. You are what The Voice is.  You’re that special sound.”

Blake is playing the “I picked you first” card, but Erin picks Cee Lo anyway.  Cee Lo looks really happy.

James Massone works in a body shop, a family business with a Boston family accent. He gets that from his father. He’s wearing his letterman jacket.  I think that’s a letterman jacket.

James looks very nervous as he hits the stage and starts Find Your Love.  Christina turns first. The others look deep in thought.  Blake quickly follows her, and Cee Lo follows him.  James’ confidence is building. Adam is the one holdout.

Blake thought he was in high school points out, “You waited until the end to fall apart.”

Cee Lo: “I was so pleased to hear your voice.”

James seems like he doesn’t want to choose.  He’s afraid to pick someone.  Christina thinks it’s cute that he didn’t think anyone would turn their chair.  Finally, (And I do mean Finally!) James picks Cee Lo.

Another hand-delivered invitation, this time to a bowling alley and a girl with more tattoos on any one body part than all of the judges put together.  Winter Rae, (Very cool name!) is also sporting short blue hair.  She cleans tables, sprays shoes on customers and clears bowling pips, I mean bowling pins! She has to give all that up if she makes it on The Voice. 

We see some pictures of Winter from before all the tattoos and the Smurf hair.  She looked pretty normal back then.  We’re told she is more into R&B.  Her looks make people think Rock. She also has Perez Hilton on her side.

From the opening notes of Take a Bow, the judges are digging it, but not hitting their buttons.

Christina: “There are moments that you’re waiting for.”

Blake: “I think her hair is badass.”

Adam gives her the, “don’t give up” speech.

27-year-old Chris Cauley is sitting next to a pretty woman with a huge heart ring.  Coming from a musical family, his late grandmother was an old bluegrass singer.  We get to see a video of Grandma as well. But if you think that means he’s country, you’d be surprised when he starts Grenade.

Christina hears something.  Adam is deep in thought. So much so he’s hitting his desk.  Cee Lo spins.  With a shrug, Adam joins him. Cristina and Blake don’t.

Cee Lo: ”I’m very pleased with your performance.”

Christina: “You definitely were smooth.”

Adam: “This guy has to be a part of this competition.”

Chris wants Adam and Cee Lo to arm wrestle for him?  Oh dear. I don’t think Adam likes that, but Chris picks him over Cee Lo anyway.

Snippet time as we get a shot of Nathan Parrett singing The Joker, with Adam picking him and calling him the underdog, followed by someone whose name they don’t show, but I’m pretty sure it was Bryan something or other, get scooped up by Blake when nobody else hits their button.  Moses Stone performs Let’s Get it Started and is grabbed by Christina.

The encore of the night is given by Jordis Unga, who introduces her parents, both of whom seem to be wearing a dress.  (Her dad’s has white flowers on blue ensemble, while the mother sports some cougar-like thing.) Jordis is the only one in pants. (Black leather, by the way.)

Adam announces that he loves this song within the first few notes of Maybe I’m Amazed. And then he sings along.  Blake hits his button by the second line.  Then Christina and Cee Lo turn in a synchronized fashion, which upsets Blake. Adam is the only one who doesn’t turn.

The father does a happy dance (Yeah, let’s call it that.)

Adam: “I am the A-Hole who didn’t pick you.”

Christina: “I loved, loved, loved it.”

Cee Lo: “I picked you” and “you’re already wearing the team colors.”

Blake: “You’re the type of singer who makes me want to push myself.”

Jordis seems to really be stuck. And they all want her, but she apologizes to Christina (ignoring Cee Lo) and goes with Blake.

And that’s it for this week.  More blind auditions next week.

One last word. Pip.

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