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The Voice, Feb. 13 – Just Pip!

We start out with the blind auditions of The Voice with a little turnabout is fair play.  This time, we’re not going to see a contestant’s face.  They don’t even tell us if it’s a guy or girl.  We hear how she (at this point I’m pretty sure it’s a she) has been offered contracts before, but only if she changed the way she looks. We see some guitar strumming as she prepares to take the stage and starts You and I. The Judges seem to like it.  Cee Lo spins, and we see Sarah Golden. Blake spins at the end.

Christina: “Thought I heard some twang.”

Blake: “Your voice is so honest.”

Cee Lo: “I want my team to represent diversity.”

Blake: “Cee Lo wants you to be an experiment, whereas I feel confident of who you are.”

(Uh Oh.)

Sarah seems unable to make up her mind, which leads to Cee Lo saying, “I only want who wants me.” (Wasn’t that a Cheap Trick song?)

Sarah: “I want you both.”

Cee Lo: “Oh you can’t handle us both, Baby.”

(Double Uh oh.) Sarah chooses Cee Lo.  (Is that a 3rd Uh Oh?  Guess we’ll have to see.) Blake starts to talk about Cee Lo Land. Sounds like a fun and colorful place.

Next up is Elley Duhe, who has been performing for some time now.  Clearly she’s got the family support.  She left school to pursue her music.

Elley launches into Mercy. The judges aren’t loving or hating it.  But no one is hitting their button. They don’t look like they’re going to, until that last note; Adam seems to have thought about it.

Adam: “That last note was just killer, and if we could go back in time, I think we’d all hit out button.”

Blake: ”You’re the sweetest girl.”

Well, Elley does seem very nice and she did handle herself exceptionally well, but now she knows not to save the best (note) for last.

So the music world gave us singers known by just one name, such as Cher and Madonna.  Now The Voice gives us Pip.

Pip? Ok, let’s see if Pip can pitch a perfect performance.

Pip thinks that having the coaches hearing him before they see him is an advantage.  Since Pip’s sporting a plaid bow tie, he may be correct.

Christina recognizes The House of the Rising Sun right away, but it’s Adam who first hits for Pip. (I’m starting to dig that name!)  Blake Pips in next. Christina, and finally Cee Lo, also pip in. Man, Pip’s really singing his bow tie off!

His Mother calls him precious Pip. How perfect.

Blake: “How would you like to be on a team with hardly any guys on it?”

We get some back and forth between Blake and Christina where Blake calls her a mother. (Uh oh again) But it’s in a nice way.

Ceee Lo: “You have an old soul.”

Adam: “It takes a real man to wear a bow tie, and your are what epitomizes the show.”

Once again, Adam reminds everyone his contestant won last year. Pip needs to pick.  His bow tie starts spinning. (No, it doesn’t but we do have a commercial break.) When we come back, Pip picks Adam.

Erin Willett is not wearing a bow tie, but she’s 22 and has a nose ring in her left nostril. Erin recently learned her father is dying of pancreatic cancer and wants her dad to see her live her dream.

I Want You Back starts, and the judges are smiling and the audience clapping, but no one is hitting the button.  Christina teases the button; Blake hits it. Christina is still thinking.  Adam is bopping.  Blake seems really happy so far that he’s the only one.  He’s actually rubbing his hands together. What is he, a super-villain?

Christina: “I was into it, but I wasn’t dazzled.”

Adam: “You are clearly an amazing singer.”

Blake: “You’re on my team, whether you like it or not.” (Way to sweet talk them, Blake!)

David Grace played college football and was also a coach. He heads to the stage, guitar in hand, to sing Sweet Home Alabama.  Christina likes the intro.  Blake looks confused.  Maybe he doesn’t recognize the song?  Well he’s singing along, but he’s not hitting his button.  Both he and Adam are hovering, but not going for it. Adam wants Blake to hit it.

They don’t turn. Why didn’t they turn?

Christina: ‘I was trying to get these two to turn around.’ (These two being Blake and Adam, I assume.)

Blake says something about dips in his singing.  (I think he said dips, and not Pips.)

David doesn’t look happy.  Can’t say that I blame him.  Cool guitar.