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Beware the Cinnamon Bun – The Biggest Loser, Episode 3

by aurora

We kick things off this week with a quick recap of episode two – both teams were shocked at the diminished weight loss during their second weigh-in. Jillian arrives to boost her army’s morale, which has suffered a beating after losing the weigh-in and subsequently team member Lizzeth. Jillian decides to shake things up a bit, because the Red team’s bodies are in shock. She wants to increase their calories with healthy foods, and decrease the workout regime just a bit. She thinks this will allow their bodies to relax a bit and let go of some more weight. I have to commend Jillian on this one – she’s exactly on the right path. The team itself is conflicted – it sounds great, but will it really work?

Bob shows up to advise his Blue team. He’s decided to stay the course and keep doing what they’re doing, except for maybe upping the workouts just a touch. Gary is struggling with an injured knee, and Bob is afraid that Gary will end up holding his team back.

Matt confesses that he’s finding the menu and the continuous workouts challenging, but he’s going to stick with it. He still feels so badly for gaining three pounds last week, it’s really impressive to me that he didn’t run for his refrigerator of food. Every time I see him I just want to give the guy a hug. Dave admits that it’s not the food or the exercise that’s getting to him – it’s the monotony of living in that house and not being able to see his family. Gary is also homesick and misses his family a great deal.

This of course is the segueway to the next challenge. Dave enters the house and finds a wrapped box and a telephone, each with signs in front of them. In front of the box, “Eat this”, and in front of the phone, “Get a Two-Minute Phone Call”. Dave brings everyone else inside to check out his discovery. The box is lifted to reveal a huge cinnamon bun dripping with frosting.

The contestants are initially focused on the pastry, but the real temptation here is the phone call. Maurice is seriously considering eating the bun just to have the chance to talk to his family, when there’s a knock at the door. There’s a basket waiting outside, which contains a note that informs them they have 15 minutes to make their decision, and the time for the phone call has been upped to ten minutes.

A few people have gone upstairs (maybe to be as far away from the bun as possible?) and are shouting encouragement to those still in the front hallway. Maurice is getting closer and closer to throwing caution to the wind, and Matt says that if the phone time is upped to 30 minutes then he’s chowing down. Right on cue, there’s another knock on the door. This time the basket contains good news – they’ve resisted temptation, and as a reward they will all get a five-minute phone call. Ryan begins to cry, and Dave cries “My God, he has emotions!” Everyone thanks Maurice for hanging tough.

The phone calls themselves are very emotional. After talking into an answering machine for at least a minute, Aaron finally get his brother-in-law on the phone and learns that he has a new niece. Ryan is overjoyed to speak to his wife, and Gary and his wife both break down in tears at the sound of the others’ voice.

After being re-energized by their families, the Red team is out for a run. Jillian wants to shake things up and give them different types of workouts, and this one is going to be a real challenge. They hike out to a vineyard where Jillian informs everyone that they will be running up a mountain. As the Reds are running, Jillian is telling them to just burst up the hill and rest when they get there. Lisa has a tough time with it (as do the others), but they all stick it out and run up and down the hill.

Upon their return to the house, there’s yet another surprise in store. A giant sign is in the front hallway which reads “Oversized Pop Stars”. Matt is all over this one – he says he lives for this stuff. But the others are scared and embarassed. Their task is to create an original song based on their own feelings towards weight loss, and then they will have to perform their song, complete with dance moves, in front of an audience. The teams split up to hash out their numbers, while Bob and Jillian tell us that this task is about the contestants pushing their limits and breaking out of their comfort zones.

The challenge takes place at Universal Studios (again), and when the teams arrive onstage the reality of what they’re about to do hits them. The seats are empty, but Caroline tells them that later on they will be full, and that the audience will be the judges deciding on who wins the task. The winning team will get a gourmet meal prepared by chef Juan Carlos Cruz, aka The Calorie Commando. The losers will have to make their own dinner, but more importantly will lose their trainer until after the next weigh-in.

It’s show-time, and the audience has arrived. Both Jillian and Bob are in attendance – gosh, I wonder who they’ll be voting for?

The Blue Crew is up first. They’ve done a rap/hip hop number which was pretty entertaining. Maurice kicks things off, and even though he’s reading his lines off a cue card, he does a great job. They all seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves.

Next up is the Red Team. Matt is fabulously decked out as Elton John, complete with sequined red jacket, matching boa, and large sunglasses. Red is also doing a rap tune, and it’s kicked off with Lisa and Kelly doing cartwheels across the stage. I’d give them the win just for that – I’ve never been co-ordinated enough to do a cartwheel without hurting myself in the process. The Red team’s performance is great, with Ryan breakdancing and a real sense of fun.

Caroline asks the audience to vote, which they do with their little electronic devices. With 77% of the vote, the Red team is declared the winner. Jillian congratulates each one of them.

As the Redds settle in for their dinner courtesy of the Calorie Commando (who has lost 70 pounds himself and knows what he’s doing), Bob pays a visit to his Blue team. He seems genuinely emotional as he tells them to push themselves in the gym without him. He knows that he’s taught them enough to do it on their own, and the only thing that worries him is that there might be one fewer Blue team member the next time he sees them. Maurice decides to lighten the mood by donning a top hat and asking Bob if it makes him look fat.

The Blue team hits the gym, and they’re working harder than ever even without Bob. The treadmills are going full tilt, while Aaron is doing a workout that he did with Bob the day before. Morale is high despite the challenge loss.

It’s weigh-in day and Jillian is pushing the Red team hard. She becomes upset when Lisa complains too much, and orders extra reps for her and her partner. Matt confesses that he’s scared about the weigh-in. After all, he gained three pounds last week and was mortified. Jillian shows that she truly is human by telling him that he’s still lost 19 pounds in two weeks, so he needs to let it go and move forward. She explains that losing weight is not a straight path, and that there will be ups and downs along the way. the main thing is to hang in there and keep pushing himself. Once again the overwhelming urge to hug Matt comes over me, and my respect for Jillian goes up a couple of notches.

The teams meet up with Caroline at the scale for the dreaded weigh-in. The air is a little tense, since no one really knows what to expect. The numbers this week are:

Lisa – 12 pounds lost!
Gary – 7 pounds
Kelly M – 10 pounds
Aaron – 7 pounds
Dave – 7 pounds
Andrea – 6 pounds
Ryan – 14 pounds
Kelly Mac – 5 pounds
Matt – 17 pounds!! (woot! Go Matt!)
Maurice – 8 pounds

The total weight loss is astounding, no matter which team you’re rooting for. But, since this is a competition, the win goes to the Red team with a total loss of 60 pounds. Maurice is disappointed and says he’s been busting his butt – he’s not sure how much harder he can work.

Back at the ranch, Kelly Mac starts packing her bags. She thinks that since she lost the least amount of weight that her team will automatically vote her out. She’s not ready to leave yet though, and discusses this with Andrea. Andrea wants to vote for Aaron, because he commented that he’s learned enough now that he thinks he could do this on his own back home.

The guys are talking about the vote as well, and they decide to vote for Kelly Mac. But Gary’s not sure – he approaches Kelly and says that it’s not sitting right with him, and that he’s not going to vote for her.

The Blue team waits to be called down for the elimination, and Aaron suggests that they all pray. No one else seems to be in the mood for prayer, so Aaron asks God for strength for all of them.

It’s time to vote, and the Blues meet with Caroline in the refrigerator room. Kelly Mac says that although she lost the least amount of weight this week, she’s not ready to go home and she deserves to stay because she is strong and determined. Maurice says that his teammates can trust him to kick things up. Caroline announces that it’s “Time to cut the fat”. (cringe)

Aaron and Andrea vote for each other. Kelly Mac also votes for Aaron, saying that her vote was completely personal since she thought he would be voting for her. Gary votes for Andrea, leaving Maurice with the deciding vote. Mo says that he’s basing his vote on this person’s potential to continue the program in the real world. He reveals his vote, and it’s for Aaron.

Aaron is stunned, and says that he’s worried about his team. He’s lost the most weight out of all of them, and thinks that the Blue team will continue to go downhill without him. Andrea calls him out, saying that he’s arrogant.

At the end of the show, we learn that Aaron has indeed stuck with the program and lost an additional 27 pounds. Well done Aaron, you’re looking great!

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