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With Friends Like This … – The Bachelor 6, Episode 7

by LauraBelle

Relationships that are going to last a lifetime need to have security from the get-go. A relationship begun on a reality show especially has to bide by that golden rule, as it’s tough enough to start out amongst the glare of lights and intense romantic situations, without the constant worry over where your man is and who he is with.

Byron will visit the three remaining women’s hometowns over the next few days to meet the women’s friends. First up is Tanya’s hometown of Plano, Texas with four of her girlfriends. I have double-checked the location of Plano, Texas twice, as a reader alerted me after last week’s recap that I had mistakenly put Whistler in Colorado instead of Canada in last week’s recap. This time I KNOW they are in Texas, and will take less capricious notes from hereon out.

Byron is excited to see Tanya in her natural environment, as he feels she has been holding back emotionally. He is quite surprised to see her full of contentment and with a sparkle to her. Tanya’s friends fill Byron up with questions such as how far away he lives from Las Vegas, and if he needs some type of corporate sponsor with his professional fishing gig, and then all are off to do some mechanical bull riding. I wondered if they would chance upon John K., the mechanical bull operator recently booted from Survivor.

After the bull-riding, Tanya and Byron spend some time alone at her home. We find that after the next rose ceremony, the parents of Byron and the two remaining women will be meeting up at the mansion. Tanya discloses if she survives the next rose ceremony, her dad won’t be able to make it due to work commitments, but her mother and possibly sister will be there. As their date concludes, Byron admits he could see developing a long-lasting relationship with Tanya.

Byron’s next date find him in Tampa, Florida, hitting a baseball around with Mary. After, they meet up at the home of two of Mary’s friends, Mark and Lisa, who are married with two kids. When asked how she met them, Mary admits to Byron she used to date Mark. Mary’s fears of Byron being interrogated are confirmed, with Byron being asked if he would consider moving across country to Tampa to be with Mary should he choose her, and Mary is asked why she is doing The Bachelor again after she was hurt so badly by Bob the last time. She replies she felt drawn to try it again, and Byron somehow shimmies out of his question.

Lori and Mary talk privately and Lori says she felt Byron was real, and feels that’s a good thing since Mary is a free spirit and needs someone to help her keep her feet on the ground. Maybe it’s just me, but that doesn’t sound like a real good friend to say that – then again, it’s not just her friend, but the wife of her ex. Byron and Mark talk privately as well, and Mark feels Byron is right for Mary since they are both outdoorsy and adventurous.

As Mary takes Byron back to her house, she feels it is a huge step, as that’s one step closer to her. She tells Byron if she gets a rose at the next ceremony, she isn’t sure if she will invite her parents to the mansion or not. They were hurt considerably after they met Bob, who dumped her ceremoniously one show later. Byron asks the perfect question, wanting to know why he should have to continue to pay a price for Bob’s mistakes. Mary tells him, as cautious as she is with her heart, she’s even more so with her parents’. Regardless, I can’t see introducing a new beau to my ex-boyfriend before I introduced him to my parents.

The last location Byron visits is Hermosa Beach, California, Cindy’s hometown. As they sit on the beach, Cindy asks Byron if he doesn’t just love this place, and she seems to feel lucky, saying it’s her backyard. Byron admits it’s different with Cindy, as they laugh together and enjoy each other so much.

Cindy’s friends, Bill and Tamara, join them on the beach. Bill and Cindy get into an odd banter over him admitting to not speaking to her before when he didn’t like the age difference of one year of a previous boyfriend of hers. There is nothing not odd about this conversation, as it just sets you on edge. Bill and Byron talk privately, and Cindy and Tamara do as well, with Cindy once again admitting to her stress over the other girls on the show. I can’t help but notice Tamara is wearing a cowboy hat not unlike the one just seen on America’s Next Top Model that the models were panned for adding to their wardrobe.

Cindy takes Byron to dinner, and they are standing outside Element Bar and Grill, which Byron notes appears closed. Cindy admits it’s okay for them to enter anyway as she owns this bar along with ten other investors, and they are rehabbing it, with hopes of opening it soon. Byron loves seeing Cindy’s passion and enthusiasm for her project. She has to take the conversation to other women once again, and asks him not to give her a rose if he doesn’t see a future with her. She then presses further, and asks if he has the same feelings for Tanya and Mary, and Byron refuses to discuss this. Cindy admits later to never feeling like this before. Byron says they have a lot of chemistry, but it’s hard to feel so strongly about three different women at the same time.

The next evening, all arrive back at the mansion in separate limos. The women enter, all holding hands. Byron has his first last chance talk with Mary. He knows she is still holding back, and wants her to see the past is done. They speak of whether her parents will be invited to the mansion or not, should Mary get a rose tonight, and Mary says she still hasn’t made her mind up. Byron says again he feels he is paying a price for Bob. Mary says it has nothing to do with him.

Cindy walks out to talk with Byron, and her dress looks like she has those noodle things from a car wash hanging from it. They swing back and forth the same way. Cindy apologizes off the bat for coming down so hard on Byron about the other women the day before. He says it’s okay, as she was just asking questions since she is emotionally immersed, but you can tell he is less than convinced by her apology.

Tanya walks out for her last chance talk in a dress that also looks like it has car wash noodles. Although hers are thicker, and must be meant to scrub, Cindy’s to rinse. Byron asks if she is still holding back, and she tells him she is sure she is, but not consciously. She tells him she is absolutely crazy about him. This seems to be exactly what he has been waiting to hear all along.

At the rose ceremony, Byron says he is looking for the rare combination of beauty, heart, compassion and kindness. He has to be true to his heart; he’s looking for his soulmate. His first rose goes to Mary, who does not look joyful. Tanya sighs, and Cindy looks confident. The second rose goes to Tanya, and Cindy looks absolutely crushed.

Byron says even though she was fun and kooky, he couldn’t see developing a relationship based on that with Cindy. She says she is bummed she was wrong about his feelings for her. She doesn’t see it, but her mistakes began the previous week when they had a lot of physical sparks, but she grilled him mercilessly bout his ex-wife. Seems like all too often the girl who connects physically, meaning they probably slept together on the fantasy date, doesn’t win his heart in the end.

Tonight it seemed Byron best connected with Mary, had less problems with Tanya, and the most fun with Cindy. Yet the fun becomes less fun with constant berating over other women. The question for the finale will be whether Byron chooses his best connection or the one that he has endured less problems with. We have to wait two weeks for Byron’s decision, though, as next week is the Women Tell All episode. I can’t wait to see the sparks fly with Jayne and the others.

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