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Tarantulas, Attitudes and Toodles – ANTM Episode 7

by Panndyra, Goddess of Chaos

This episode started with Tyra talking to her mama about her concerns with Cassie and her eating disorder. Tyra’s mom gave her some good advice — you can’t help everyone. Sometimes, they have to want to help themselves.

Then, we cut to the girls ruminating over the critiques that they’ve received thus far. Toccara seems to have been affected the most. She’s not her shining self. It’s sad that criticism has dampened her spirits. The thing I loved most about her (and there are many things to love about Miss Toccara) was her smile. She can light up a room. She’s a star.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so. For the 4th week in a row, Miss T was voted “Cover Girl of the Week” by the audience.

The first challenge of the day had the girls working with a stylist, a publicist and an image consultant. The stylist tore apart the girls’ closets and their personal style.

Here were some of her critiques:

* Amanda — you’re clothes look cheap
* Yaya — you’re too African. Too earth-mother type. Get some color.
* Toccara — you don’t have any dresses or skirts. You need some personal style.
* Norelle — too girlish, too youthful.
* Anne — you just don’t care what you wear, do you?

Then, the publicist and the image consultant gave the women some feedback on how to present themselves and handle the media.

Note about Yaya: She tells the gentlemen that she feels she can talk with anyone because she’s an Ivy League graduate.

They reply: acting like a know-it-all can certainly paint you in a negative light. You go, guys. Miss Y, we know yous smart and stuff but kin yah stop akting like u’s all that. (I have an IVY LEAGUE Education too. You went to Brown, girl. It’s barely Ivy League, okay. Eu falou portugues tambem. Hablo espanol. Io parlo italiano…but I don’t play it like you do!)

Toccara asked if she’d be able to break down boundaries and the image consultant told her that she should be able to have a long career in this industry. There’s a place for her.

Amanda was told that she could be an inspiration to other people in her situation. (Legally blind). I’m so glad that she’s chosen not to make it an issue, aren’t y’all? My momma’s legally blind too. I’ll ask her if she ever wanted to be a model.

They eat dinner at a restaurant and Anne is like…it’s so weird just having 7 girls left. Then, Miss Tyra comes in and talks to them. She tells them that they’re lucky to be privy to the critiques because usually this is the kind of stuff that gets said about a girl behind her back. It’s a luxury and they need to think of it that way.

Toccara asks Tyra if she has a shot. Tyra tells her yes, but you are breaking down barriers and you have to be better than the rest to get the same recognition. Basically, more work for the same or less benefit. It’s a harsh reality, but true.

Later on they have a competition in which they have to scrounge around “Century 21”, which apparently is more than just a real estate agency. In New York, it’s a discount department store where you can get a lot of designer duds cheap.

Toccara was a little hard-pressed to find clothes in her size. I think it made her feel worse about her position in the industry. Eva did help Toccara with her dress and made her feel a little better. Miss Eva the Diva has more layers to her than the other girls give her credit for.

The girls take their wares (a complete outfit) to a competition in which they pretend to walk the red carpet and answer a reporter’s questions. Most of the girls know not to name names. Norelle mentions that she doesn’t get along with Yaya. Then, she tells Yaya that she said that.

For some reason, the reporter told Yaya that she acted too diva and then said she won the competition. Eva wasn’t the only one confused with that outcome. Oh well. Yaya chose to share her reward with Norelle to ‘build a bridge’.

They ate dinner and talked. Yippee!

The next day was the photo shoot…with a tarantula. Eva is deathly afraid of tarantulas. She cried but she pulled it through and had a beautiful shot.

In the end, Toccara went home. The judges noted that she seemed to be devoid of life and may have given up on herself. They let Anne stay. I don’t agree with the decision, but hey, I’m not on the panel.

——So what do you think about Toccara’s ouster? Do you think it was unfair too? Email me at panndyra@realityshack.com. We’ll dish.


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