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Real Housewives of Atlanta, Ep. 13 – “Make It Rain Down in Africa”

“Can you please have someone come on the property for hair and make-up?” Marlo’s top priority, as it should be all of the ladies’. Hello – a camera’s around. They should still look their best for the viewers while in Africa. The ladies question throughout why NeNe and Marlo are so dolled up. As long as cameras are present, the show and image must go on.

The house they’ll stay in is a mix of modern and “antique Southern-Belle” décor. But even Miss Southern Belle, herself, Phaedra, opts for modern. NeNe and Marlo fall victim to irony when the ladies draw numbers for who gets the Southern Belle rooms nobody really wants.

Breakfast the next morning leaves Cynthia waiting alone twenty minutes before the Smalls come down to join, and maybe another hour for Marlo and NeNe who settle for Louis Vuitton. NeNe’s fur cape is such a nice touch for the Safari, not to mention Marlo’s flashy-hammer-style disco pants. They are so ready. Phaedra puts on quite the show, in respect to Marlo’s boogaloo pants.

Two cars take the women on their safari ride. The group is pre-divided so that works out perfectly: the Smalls in one jeep and the Talls in another.

While Cynthia, Marlo, and NeNe fear for their lives and hair and designer wear, Phaedra, Kandi, and Sherree spot the Tall’s along their Safari. Those innocent giraffes did nothing to deserve such a comparison, but their interaction is uncanny as the Smalls point out.

We learn elephant excrement cures headaches when it’s burned and the smoke is sniffed. How very useful for a trip like this!

Marlo feels “so bad they killed that poor zebra for her rug.” But it looks so pretty on the floor. Getting a picture of a live Zebra would go well on her wall above the rug. The zebras run off as they should before that happens.

The orphanage is next on the agenda for the ladies. Nearby, a group of local school children on lunch break treat them to some dances that are totally YouTube-craze-worthy. I agree with Kandi on that.

Dancing brings the ladies together once again, only this time, nobody’s making it rain. *ahem* Fortunately. They nearly buy out the store to stock up on food and other supplies for the orphanage of kids and some families. Giving back is good and a wonderful thing and even pulls at the heartstrings. The Atlanta housewives are no exception.

It brings the ladies together, helping the African community in some way. Phaedra even gets teary-eyed because “it’s just touching.” It truly is. The villagers happily and enthusiastically receive the goods the women bestow them.

Sadness strikes when they get backstory on the orphaned children infected with AIDS and who were abused. I tried not to tear up myself.  Upon entering the little building, the group is met with happy little tikes of four and five, perhaps younger. Children can really make a difference in people. Very humbling moment that brings the women together for once on the trip, and makes them set their differences aside.

On a side note: Singing and dancing, I wonder how Marlo and NeNe felt flashing their Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choos in front of the kids and all.

Next episode ends the Three-part African excursion and it looks promising: NeNe calls the Smalls’ boss out. Yes, Kim makes an appearance (I sure do miss her). Marlo’s powerful voice shakes the room and quiets the girls. What a roar that’ll be.

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