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Real Housewives of Atlanta, Ep. 13 – “Make It Rain Down in Africa”

African Safari pt. 2, “Talls vs. Smalls,” and Marlo

Marlo’s possible audition for a spot as a housewife seems to be a winner this episode, methinks.

The last episode left off on Marlo and Sheree’s big confrontation before the dinner, and that’s where tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta [i.e. The Marlo Show] picks up. I’m sure this attack-of-the-verbal-insults-smack-down can be heard all over Africa, and practically brings down the place. Phaedra pretty much had it right equating this fight to Mayweather VS. Pacquiao. Not that I’d actually know, but it sounds like a good match.

I’ll give Marlo the benefit of the doubt and say it’s more about the principal of not having been extended a proper invitation to Sheree’s friend’s (Kevin) dinner. But man, does she get all the attention and drama she probably really wants in the first place. Who doesn’t want to hear Marlo’s dominating voice and the free etiquette tips?

Either way, Marlo is highly upset about not being invited. As shocking as it is, NeNe literally steps in the middle as a mediator and buffer between these lionesses. Makes her think back to how crazy and obnoxious her past arguments looked. Darn. Now she might get refined on us in the future. At least it gets her and Sheree speaking again. Not enough to get our hopes up though.

My condolences go out to the “Blow-up mattresses” and “80-year-old billionaires” that may or may not have been verbally abused during the taping of this episode. They’re definitely on the map now.

Kevin, Sherree’s friend, hosts an entertaining African-themed get-together. Balls of fire are spun to the African drums and really get Phaedra excited. Maybe it’s just the heat there. The guests all introduce themselves, and Kandi meets an Xscape fan who’s an actor—not a professionall — and a hell of a comedian that gives you a six-pack after an hour with him. Yeah, I’m guessing he’s that funny. Saves a trip to the gym at least. Go for that, Kandi.

The “Smalls” enjoy a cozy sit-down dinner at a friend of Sheree’s while the “Talls” dine elsewhere.

Designer clothes, high heels, and fabulosity enter the nice restaurant of Nobu. In the Smalls’ face! NeNe and Cynthia reflect on the big argument earlier. Marlo returns to the table to make it clear if those “Smalls” or anybody else wants to go to blows with her “they better google [her] and check [her] charges.” Well, there’s your fair warning.

Cynthia doesn’t feel as fabulous as NeNe and Marlo, and maybe the designer clothes have something to do with it, but all she wants is the African experience. These crazy-designer-obsessed chicks could care less! But they’ll be the bigger people (Ha!) and meet up with the rest of the girls at a club.

ATL comes to Africa at the Jade Nightclub in Capetown.

The ladies come together. Fake, I mean, cordial greetings all around. Marlo’s the first to give out hugs at the door: one for Phaedra, one for Kandi, one for Kevin, even though she totally insulted him earlier with the no-no F-word, and here comes Sheree—sorry, nope. All she gets from Marlo is a flip of the finger. Yet keep in mind who she sits next to at the table for breakfast the next morning. WTF, Marlo?

Money flies up in the air as Marlo dances and makes it rain. Sheree’s not going to let this “ticking time bomb” ruin her good time.

Afterwards, they all head back to the hotel in one car believe or not. NeNe needs her chips or something, driver.

Capetown has to be relieved once the ladies leave for their safari. Everybody’s exhausted from a late night at the club and most are sound asleep, including Marlo. No wonder the ride’s so quiet.
“Is there a spa service?”

“What about a gym?”

These are some key concerns from the Atlanta group upon arrival for the safari stay. So forgive me if I don’t get that it’s obviously and completely ridiculous when another concern is expressed.