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Project Runway All-Stars, Feb. 9 – It’s the Season…

Angela then tells the spring and summer designers to stay, while the fall and winter designers wait their turn offstage.  The judges turn their attention to Austin.  Cynthia thinks his look is “so dorky it’s cool.”  Isaac admires the tailoring but thinks the overall look is “moderate,” which is fashion-speak for “cheap.”  Georgina doesn’t think it looks modern, and Angela calls the look “small town going to church.”  Ouch.  Austin could be in trouble.

As for Kara, Angela likes the fit of her pants, but Cynthia thinks the look is unoriginal.  Kara admits to this, but says she was aiming for a chic, pulled-together look.  Isaac dislikes the color scheme, while Georgina praises the fabric choices.  Angela tells Kara that she has squeaked by with the higher score.  Austin got the low score.

The judges then move on to the summer looks.  Cynthia loves Kenley’s outfit and calls it simple and chic.  Isaac agrees, but Georgina would have liked it more if the dots had line up better at the seams.

Cynthia considers Mondo’s look confusing, because he mixed 50’s styling with more modern elements.  Isaac thinks it looks too “juniors,” which is true– but he didn’t have that complaint about Kenley’s outfit?  Georgina deems the print unflattering, and Mondo confesses that he has trouble with sportswear.  Kenley gets the higher score, while Mondo gets the lower score.  Backstage, Mondo bursts into tears because he’d intended the outfit as a gift for his mother– and the judges had hated it.

The fall and winter designers come on stage, and the judges start with Rami.  Angela asks him to open that nice royal blue jacket.  When he does, he reveals a chartreuse top that has been stitched to hell and back.  Georgina loves the cut of the jacket, while Isaac dislikes the color of the shirt.  (I can understand that; royal blue and chartreuse aren’t colors I’d put together, either.)  Isaac also thinks the neckline looks sloppy.  Cynthia thinks the lines of the blouse make the model look lopsided.

Georgina sees Mila’s style in her outfit and likes the pop of red provided by the top.  Cynthia admires its geometry, and the judges consider the outfit chic and wearable.  Angela likes the cape.  Mila gets the high score, while Rami gets the low score.

Last up are the winter designers– and Georgina immediately asks how the coats came to be so similar.  Jerell answers that he’d started his coat first, but adds, “I guess we got struck by the same creative bug.”  Michael claims he didn’t know what Jerell was doing.

Goergina likes the bohemian style of Jerell’s coat, while Isaac dislikes the buttons.  Cynthia comments that it looks like Jerell’s style.

As for Michael, Isaac loves the belted coat, but detests the leggings with the patent shoes.  Cynthia thinks the two models look like mother and daughter.  Georgina thinks Michael’s coat is polished and sophisticated.  It’s another close call, but Jerell gets the high score, while Michael gets the low one.

The judges then have their chat.  They start with the high scoring designers.  They like Kenley’s look, but they’ve seen it before.  Cynthia likes Mila’s look, but Isaac and Angela are less impressed with it.  The judges all like Jerell’s coat, while Kara got a high score only because Austin’s look was worse.

Speaking of Austin, he’d made a nice pair of pants, but the judges hate everything else he did.  Mondo made bad choices in both fabrics and accessories.  Rami made a great jacket, but a hideous blouse.  Isaac didn’t like Michael’s coat, but concedes it was well-made.  Cynthia notes he seems insecure.

The judges then announce their decision.  Mila and Kara are both safe, and Jerell is the winner.  Kenley, Michael, and Mondo are all safe, leaving Austin and Rami in the bottom.  Rami is out, so Austin is in.

Next week:  The designers go to Broadway.

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