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Project Runway All-Stars, Feb. 9 – It’s the Season…

Joanna comes in to make her rounds and she starts with Kara who is making high-waisted pants for a look she calls “Palm Beach casual chic.”  Joanna loves the idea and moves on to Austin who is making high-waisted khaki pants.  Joanna likes the color scheme and can’t wait to see the finished product.

Then she checks in with the summer people.  Mondo confides that his mother will be turning 60 today, so his outfit will be her gift to her.  He imagines a woman, representing him, at his mother’s birthday party.  Joanna says it would be great if he could win.  She then notes that both Mondo and Kenley are using polka dots in their looks.  “She may be the polka dot queen, but I am the polka dot princess,” Mondo declares.  Joanna looks forward to the “war of the polka dots.”

On to the autumn people.  Joanna calls Mila’s pants “Mila pants,” and says she’d know her looks anywhere.  This pleases Mila.  Rami shows off a green knit, which Joanna praises as being “very on trend.”

Finally, Joanna gets to the winter designers, and Michael can’t find his sketch to show her.  He tells her that he was playing with the fabrics and the idea just came to him.  Jerell tells Joanna that the similarities really bother him.  Joanna then calls a team meeting involving all the designers.  Kenley affirms that Jerell had begun making his coat first.  Joanna notes that this is a competition– and then asks if there’s anything wrong with seeing a better idea than yours and running with it.  Mila answers that if a competitor has a better idea than you, then you should push yourself to be better — in your own way.  “May the best man win,” says Joanna.

Jerell appreciates the fact that Joanna brought the issue to everybody’s attention.  So do I.  By doing so, Joanna has acknowledged the coats’ similarity– and let everybody know that the powers that be are also aware of it.  The judges may dock points from Michael or they may ignore it.  Either way, they now know.  Jerell, for his part, now has to focus on his work and make sure his coat is better than Michael’s.  Being first won’t help him if his coat is substandard.

Mondo can see Michael is upset and invites him to eat dinner with him.  Michael says that he thought the meeting was uncalled for, and Mondo reminds him that he has won twice.  Therefore, people might be intimidated by him.  Jerell then joins them and Mondo comments, “This is like dinner at  my family’s house,” in the sense of it being really awkward.  Jerell then accuses Michael of stealing his idea.  Michael, naturally, gets upset, and Jerell tells him, “Keep your little vest.”  He then tells us it will be an interesting runway.  On that note, the designers are done for the night.

The next morning, it’s the day of the show, so everybody gets back to work.  Mila adds leather to her cape, while Rami chooses items from the accessory wall for his look.  Jerell gives a rundown on who he think will win.  He believes Rami will win because of his blue jacket, while Mondo will probably beat Kenley, whose outfit strikes Jerrell as being cute “for Minnie Mouse.”  He doesn’t like either summer outfit.  The models come in for their hair, make-up and final fitting.

Then it’s off to the runway, where Angela introduces the guest judge, designer Cynthia Rowley.  The setup is a bit different with this time, with both models from each season on the stage at the same time.  They still walk the runway one at a time, though.

The spring designers go first.  Austin made the aforementioned khaki pants, a floral print shirt, and a pale pink cardigan.  It looks like something I could wear.  Worse, it looks like something my mother could wear– and she’s in her 70’s.    Oh, not good.  Kara made billowing white pants, a long grey cardigan and a purple top.  It’s a few decades younger-looking than Austin’s get-up, but I might be able to wear it– and I’m 48.

Summer is next.  Kenley made a onesie out of a pale blue fabric with white polka dots.  Did all these All-Stars forget they are supposed to be making clothes for women in their 20’s or something?  I don’t know too many people over 8 who would wear a onesie.  Mondo made a white top with black polka dots paired with patterned black and white shorts.  He added a nice yellow belt to the look for color.  It looks like something my teen-age niece might like, so he’s at least within striking distance of the correct age.

The fall designers are next.  Rami made a very nice draped royal blue jacket and paired it with a pair of skinny grey pants.  He also made a chartreuse shirt. Mila also made skinny black pants, but made a red top and a tan cape.  The latter is trimmed with black leather.  Finally, a pair of designers who remembered to make clothes for the correct age bracket.

Now it’s winter, which means it’s time for the Battle of the Winter Coats.  Both are made of dark grey wool.  Jerell’s coat is a smidge lighter and has bands of light grey at the bottom.  Michael’s is darker and has a belt.