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Face Off, Feb. 8 – Beauty Can Be Deadly but Intriguing

On tonight’s episode of Face Off, we are left with ten contestants who are fighting to prove themselves worthy of the world of Hollywood and all its magic. Who will be the next great name in movie magic? Will it be Beki, Sue, Rayce, R.J., Heather, Jerry, Tara, Ian, Athena or Matt?

Sue and Matt are sad because last week they lost Brea. RJ and Beki are making breakfast and in good spirits. The group heads outside to meet McKenzie and … wait for it … guest judge Sam Huntington. He plays werewolf Josh on Syfy’s Being Human. The contestants are asked to create a wound inflicted by … wait for it … a werewolf. They must create an original trauma make-up, and Josh will judge their work based on time frame, realism, placement and even transformation. It will be a pretty stressful challenge for them.

Sam screams “run, run, go, and go!” McKenzie looks a little frightened, but Sam assures her that he is just excited. At least he is enthusiastic. The contestants all run to their tables to meet their models who will become real-life werewolf victims in the trauma foundation challenge. Sue looks at it as a fundamental challenge. Jerry is moving his model’s lips all around, and Heather is heeding Sam’s advice to put the model in transformation form. Tara’s werewolf wound has him fighting for his life.

The contestants work feverishly and when time is up, Sam and McKenzie investigate the wounds. Sam critiques every contestant’s work. Used to being in full special effects, he is impressed with the work they got done in only ninety minutes. The top two are Beki and Heather, the latter being thrilled to be called out for her positive work. The winner, however, is Beki, who now has immunity. Sam loved her work.

Now onto the spotlight challenge. Lions. Tigers. Bears. Oh my! They enter the lab filled with animals, such as tigers, bears, plants, owls and the occasional man holding a tranquilizer gun just in case one of the contestants get out of control. This week’s spotlight challenge is to create something extremely beautiful, but deadly. They are paired in teams of two and must select a plant and an animal. The teams are Beki and Sue, Heather and Rayce, RJ and Ian, Jerry and Matt, and Athena and Tara. Sue is not thrilled to have to work with Beki.

There is one more big surprise, a Southern White Rhinosaurus. Yes, only Syfy can do this, don’t try this at home folks. The teams make their selections.

Heather and Rayce choose the snake; Jerry and Matt choose the tiger. Tara and Athena choose the snake, and RJ and Ian choose the chameleon. Jerry already has plans to create a cat face, and Rayce and Heather have decided what to do with their creation. RJ and Ian are working on their chameleon.

Beki and Sue are working on their spider, but trying to work well together and not disagree too much. Ve Neill comes in, and RJ immediately brings up the poison ivy that Ve helped create for Batman Forever. Ve walks the room and questions everyone. She is worried about the mold of Tara’s snake tail and likes Sue and Beki’s idea.

Ve tells McKenzie she can’t wait for tomorrow to see the finished products. Sue and Beki are working, but Sue wants to texturize the entire creature. Sue seeks advice from Rayce who advises that they should texturize the entire creature. This causes Beki to storm off in the middle of painting their creature. Beki thinks they are “creating a pile of sh*t” (her words, Folks, not mine.) RJ is enthusiastic, and Athena is working intensely by painting each individual scale onto the model.

Beki is a little upset now because Sue keeps talking. She is having regrets now about her creature. Ian and RJ want to step it up despite RJ asking Ian what the heck they are making Let’s hope it is something worthy. The next morning, application day, the contestants must apply all the prosthetics and all the make-up. Heather is frantic, and Beki thinks she just made a Disney character, making her upset.

Sue believes Beki is sabotaging the project, then finally believes their creature looks good. Athena is working on her snake, while Jerry and Matt work feverishly.

The contestants finish their projects as they prepare to face the judges and reveal their creatures on the Face Off reveal stage where guest judge Vivica A. Fox has joined Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Patrick Tatopoulos. RJ is happy about Vivica’s appearance. The teams prepare to reveal their beautiful, but deadly, creatures to the judges.

RJ and Ian’s chameleon looks like a tropical plant, Heather and Rayce’s creature sort of looks like a lizard, and Tara and Athena’s pink and green snake slithers onto the stage and makes quite an impact. Sue and Beki’s spider and half plant is kind of confusing. Jerry and Matt’s jungle cat is cool; it represents what they they were asked to create, a leopard-woman engulfed in the jungle.

The judges now further investigate and get up close with the models. Ve checks the tail she was worried about, while Vivica loves the hair on the lizard creature. Patrick and Glenn are not impressed with Athena and Tara’s paint job. The judges score the creations and ask to speak with the contestants individually.

Athena and Tara are up first, and the judges’ comments are not positive. Heather and Rayce are called on, and Patrick is impressed with their character’s mouth, and Vivica likes the hair. Matt and Jerry receive some unpleasant commentary from each judge; Patrick said it looks like the model just has make-up on with a bathing suit. Sue and Beki are up; Glenn is brief and tells them that it is shameful.

Ve is bummed out. Beki throws Sue under the bus as she complains to Ve that she was given heavy direction from Sue. Ian and RJ are called up, and Glenn tells them they were the only team that had solid direction.

The contestants head back to the make-up room, and the judges must deliberate and chose a winner. The top team tonight is RJ and Ian for successful integration of plant and animal, and the winner of tonight’s challenge is RJ. The person who is eliminated is Athena, as she did not show off her skills as a body painter.

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