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Real Housewives of Orange County, Feb. 7 – “Stranger Things Have Happened”

Divorces, food, the boyfriends, and an East Coast wife!

The first ladies of Bravo return with the season 7 premiere of The Real Housewives of Orange County, “Stranger Things Have Happened.” The first installment in the Real Housewives franchise that started it all.

New Housewife Heather Dubrow is introduced. She’s wealthy, married to a plastic surgeon, former actress, and mother of four.

Gretchen is going to lunch with Tamra to smooth things over, and her beau, Slade, isn’t too stoked about that. Like not at all. While she gets dressed, in walks Slade asking where she’s going. Between “Does this match?” and “Yeah, the earrings match with that,” Gretchen finally tells Slade she’s going out to lunch with Tamra.

*cue flashback of reunion tiff between Tamra and Gretchen*

Since Gretchen isn’t taking them into consideration, Slade makes his feelings clear on the matter rehashing all Tamra’s done to them and others.

*cue flashbacks of Tamra throwing wine on former O.C. housewife*

Gretchen assures Slade that she has to get rid of the negative in her life, and perhaps that starts with becoming besties with Tamra. Keep your enememies close, maybe?

On Vicki’s lane: In preparations for selling the house, Vicki does some last minute touching up to furniture and whatnot accompanied by son, Michael, who lives with her and still works for her. Vicki’s crazy about her new guy, Brooks, a Southern gentleman who hasn’t stepped foot in her soon-to-be-sold home.

On Tamra’s lane: the lunch-date between Tamra and Gretchen comes and things go pretty well. Tamra’s going to eat because “she has to eat something.” Gosh. The bistro has the most amazing mojitos, so Tamra gets that before the women get to the business. Food comes and it’s perfect.

Tamra apologizes and bestows Gretchen with a gift. For realz? Yes, and the gift is a symbolic bracelet. It has keys and locks for charms. For realz? Yes, and why? To lock up the crap from the past, and/or to open the doors to a new future. Okay. Off to a good start. We’ll see if that lasts.

Tamra discloses in confession that she doesn’t completely trust Slade. Now that things are smoothed over with her and Gretchen as the “friendship bracelets” represents, it may cause a dent in the friendship between Tamra and Vicki, who isn’t a fan of Gretchen’s.

On the Alexis lane: the busy mom prepares a quick breakfast and lunch for the kids before she heads off to her new job. Sippy cups set out, backpacks propped by the door, granola bars laid out, Alexis is ready to roll this Friday morning. Oh darn, she forgot to set the alarm to awake Jim to get the kids ready. She tries his cell. No answer. But don’t they have a house phone? “Good idea. You’re so smart.” Alexis calls and problem hopefully solved. Off to Friday morning segment with local news station.

Alexis tackles live TV and a segment on booties, that is Dr. Booty, and learning what exercises are right for what kind of derriere you have. Be that apple, pear, lemon, cherry, ect. Very healthy. Even though she has no journalistic background or training, Katie Couric is amazing and makes it look darn easy.

Tamra brings Vicki lunch. More food! They have a convo about their divorces. Vicki may have to pay spousal support since she makes more money. Moving onto the ex-hubands getting with younger women. But surely Vicki and Tamra are doing well with their new beaus … and that “5-hour sex” conversation Vicki won’t dare talk about.

Tamra isn’t getting alimony from ex-husband, Simon, so her real estate job is very important to her. Enter tall, poised, pretty new housewife, Heather Dunbrow. Mega rich. Mega classy. Mega perfect. Heather rundown: Wife of prominent plastic surgeon — “the best kind of doctor” — mother of four, from the East Coast, and former actress.

Getting to know Heather would be a beneficial business and probably personal asset for Tamra. Why not invite her to Vicki’s dinner party?

Later, Tamra meets with Heather for lunch and grills her in a friendly way. More food! We learn Heather is conservative, classy, fun – different from the other girls in the O.C. group. Tamra officially invites Heather to Vicki’s dinner party and gives the new wife a rundown on the other girls.

New housewife Heather sure made an impression on the wives. Seems Tamra couldn’t pay Heather enough compliments because she “really likes her,” and unlike Alexis who “claims to be wealthy, Heather actually is.” Whoa.

Peggy, former cast member of O.C. housewives, comes for a visit to Tamra’s home. They discuss the whole Jim-and-Peggy dating situation. Cut to Alexis visiting Gretchen, discussing the same thing. Cut back to Tamra and Peggy further discussing Jim, past partying – Jim versus current-church-Jim. Brewing for an interesting dinner party at Vicki’s. Even better question, is Peggy coming?

The dinner party is all set up. Instead of the old steak, chicken, and such, Vicki’s opting for Cajun cuisine since she’s been exposed to “Southern food” from her Southern beau. The cooks prepare some oysters, crab, lobster, all that good stuff. And now Vicki waits for the other ladies, who probably won’t eat, but are late nonetheless. They finally arrive, and friendly greetings all around. The episode ends here, but the night just begins.

Yes, Peggy is at the dinner party and yes Alexis is there. Common denominator: Jim. It’s all up in the air from there.

What’s to come this season: well looks like an eighties party with the big crimped hair, neon colors, and large bangle bracelets. A lot of screaming. More screaming. White water rafting, what looks to be an obstacle course, and of course good ol’ fighting.

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