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Top Chef: Texas – Ep 13 – The Best Pancake I Ever Had

Tom said the snapper was perfect and the broth good, but on the sweet side. He also comments on her Asian cuisine choice. Grayson’s scallop was perfect, and it had crazy, unexpected flavors. However, the butter was a bit burnt. The cliffhanger comes when Tom is about to say the winner.

Quickfire Hits
• LOVED the photo of Grayson as a kid and a kitchen full of pancake batter. She had a look on her face of – “I didn’t do it.”
• Also loved – Lindsay of the Corn being unable to put on her helmet properly. I’m with you there, Lindsay. Also, she teased her brother for doing triathlons. Really, we are digging deep for teasing material here.
• Qui-Gon had a bike accident in his past – not good for a Jedi.
• Guaranteed – if it was Beverly who had taken over Lindsay’s restaurant the way Sarah did – it wouldn’t have been just a shrug. There would have been a throw down.
• Did Sarah reference a “cracker of love?”
• I didn’t need Padma to awkwardly get into an “I know you are, but what am I” battle with Pee Wee. Awkward.
• Pee Wee’s best line – after Ed, Grayson and Sarah leave to await their fate – “They all failed, all the dishes needed ketchup.”
• Extra – Edward hiding under a folding chair. Really.

Next Week – The RILCK reveal and the Final Five. Again. And Qui-Gon is reduced to tears.

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