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Top Chef: Texas – Ep 13 – The Best Pancake I Ever Had

Elimination Challenge: Make a Family Style Lunch for Pee-Wee Herman at the Alamo. Except they have to take a bicycle and $100 to the streets of San Antonio. They have to get ingredients where ever they can find them. They also have to get a kitchen where ever they can find one. Now, based on what we saw, I am guessing the local establishments around the Alamo were fully aware this was going on. And each place charged our chefs for the use of the kitchen and supplies.

Pee Wee gives them some notes – he likes chicken, egg salad, healthy foods, and then he made some jokes. They instantly go to a farmer’s market – and Sarah chooses to bring only light items for transport.

Grayson swipes Rosario’s Mexican restaurant from Qui-Gon, and he was a bit peeved. He winds up at La Frite and was happy about it. Lindsay of the Corn arrives at Mad Hatters but tries to find ingredients over at Grayson’s spot. By the time she returned, Sarah had set up camp. Doh!

Ed finds King William Manor, and the owners of the bed and breakfast allow him to cook, but they also put him to work making orders from the breakfast crowd. Lindsay eventually finds Frank’s Hog Stand – an awesome name – and has a tight kitchen to work with and only two pots.

Sarah goes for a light meal because of the heat. Ed is undercooking on purpose so it doesn’t overcook. Grayson made very a delicate dish – egg wrapped in chicken – and has to hold her tin in one hand and bike with just one hand to the Alamo. She wishes she had an effin’ oven mitt!

Edward – Chicken and Grits, Raw Corn, Kale Salad with Red-Eye Gravy Tom noticed the mustard in the sauce, and Pee Wee found the chicken to be odd. Tom agreed with Pee Wee – which, as Pee Wee pointed out, is not a commonly used phrase.

Grayson – Egg, Spinach and Gorgonzola Stuffed Chicken and Butternut Roasted Squash Pee Wee liked the “prize” in the middle. Gail found the egg to be smart, and Tom liked the squash, but wanted no tomatoes.

Lindsay of the Corn – Stuffed Zucchini with Braised Beef Cheeks, Rice and Goat Cheese – Gail was a fan of the beef and zucchini. Padma loved the flavor, but too much goat cheese. Pee Wee thought it was pork. Glad he was involved this week.

Qui-Gon – Roasted Chicken, Red Curry Gastrique, Summer Salad with Basil Blossom Oil Gail loved the Thai flavors, and Padma wanted it to be a bit less sweet. Tom thinks the sweetness and vinegar worked.

Sarah – Summer Vegetable Egg Salad with Chicken Skin Vinaigrette Tom likes the different idea, and Gail loves how the eggs were cooked. The skin was genius, if not all that healthy. Tom felt it needed some salt and pepper – and is not the kind of egg salad Pee Wee had in mind.

Qui-Gon’s meal was “fantastic” and Pee Wee has learned about the existence of summer salad. Gail loved the super crispy skin and Padma wanted another crunchy element. Edward poached the meat in more meat, so it seems. Grayson gets the love from Gail about the squash and hits about the combo with tomatoes. Sarah has good okra, according to Padma. Tom said the eggs were perfectly cooked, but under seasoned.

Lindsay’s dish won the minute Tom said it reminded him of the first dish he cooked by himself as a teenager. Somewhere, a cartoon rat is smiling. So she wins, and Paul is deemed safe. Sarah was basically safe, as her main fault was seasoning. It came down to undercooked chicken vs. a series of small mistakes. Amazing, the small mistakes get knifed.

Padma has the chefs return to Judges Table and reveals that they are not in fact the Final Four heading to Vancouver. The RILCK concept is revealed.

RILCK Grayson appears before Tom and Beverly and isn’t sure what to believe. She thinks they may be effing with her. They are not. They have to cook one dish worth of the finale. Grayson goes with scallops – Oh no! It is not Top Scallop, sister!! Bev goes with snapper. Nyesha says she wants the woman who beat her to win. The Destroyer wants Grayson because she is one of the guys, and we know how the Destroyer feels about guys! Glasses says Bev is very precise of a chef. Dakota mocks her for making Asian again, but Bev defends her area of specialty. Heck, Ilan won a season for making the same kind of food each week.

Beverly – Red Snapper in Coconut Broth Infused with Lemongrass, Ginger, Thai Basil and Cilantro with a Fennel Mango Salad

Grayson – Bacon Seared Scallop with a Gastrique of Cherry and Champagne Grapes with Pistachio and Tarragon – She calls the dish a “Trail of Goodness.” Which I love.