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Extreme Makeover: Trump Edition – The Apprentice 2, Episode 9

by aurora

Last week on The Apprentice, the teams were asked to design a recruitment campaign for the NYPD. Andy led Mosaic to victory despite Kelly and Maria, who doubted his vision. Elizabeth melted as project manager for Apex, and their intimidating campaign scared everyone who saw it. Ultimately it was Elizabeth’s poor leadership that got her fired in the boardroom. 10 candidates are left – who will be fired this week?

Speculation in the suite is that Elizabeth is gone, and when the five remaining Apex members return all at once everyone is stunned. Chris and Jen explain what went on, and Maria says that every time someone goes into that place something insane happens.

Apex selects Raj as their next project manager, and he knows that the pressure is on. He asks Kevin for advice, and Kevin tells him to just make sure that everyone is co-ordinated and on the same page. Raj says that this is a big one, and he’d better win.

The phone rings the next morning, and the underwear shot of the week goes to Kelly, who answers it. Rona informs them that they are to meet Trump at the penthouse apartment at Trump Park Avenue.

When they meet up with The Donald, he tells them that this week they’re going to be working in a field he’s very familiar with – real estate. He brags about what he’s done with the Trump Park Avenue property, which was formerly a hotel and now sells apartments for up to $30,000,000. That’s insane. One of the key players in the transformation is Matthew Calmari, who is replacing George this week. Trump explains that the teams will be heading out to two houses that are in a ‘dilapitated’ state. They’ll each get $20,000 to renovate, and the winning team will be the one whose house increases their home’s value by the highest percentage.

But wait, there’s a twist! Trump explains that sometimes in life you have to work with people you don’t like. To illustrate this point, he’s bringing back the first four people that he fired. Rob and Jen C. will be working with Mosaic, while Bradford and Stacie J. will be working with Apex. Trump reminds Andy that he’s safe in the boardroom if his team loses.

Time for some drama. Everyone returns to the suite, and Jen C starts in on Ivana right away, telling her that Trump had given her Ivana’s head on a platter and she didn’t take it. She says privately that Ivana has done nothing besides lose money and make mistakes.

Meanwhile, Stacie is talking to Chris, saying that it’s going to be difficult to work with Ivana. He tells her to separate it from the business aspect of the task at hand. She goes into the kitchen to confront Ivana, wanting to set the record straight. She tells Ivana that they need to talk, and asks her why she told Trump she was crazy. Ivana throws out a lame excuse, and Stacie goes on the attack. They bicker for a bit and Ivana ends up walking away. Chris reminds Stacie that this is business, and she agrees – except that this time it went personal. Should be a rip-roaring good time for both teams!

Trump’s nugget of advice this week? Control your contractor. He says that contractors are whole separate beings. They’re tough, they’re smart – they didn’t go to Harvard, but they’re just as smart as people who did. You have to know how to deal with them and you have to be tough, because they will pick your pockets and you won’t even know what happened.

Apex hits the suburbs and finds their house. The kitchen is in complete disrepair. The bathroom on the second floor is gutted, and the place is a mess. Raj decides to remove a wall upstairs to make one of the bedrooms larger, turning the house from a 4-bedroom to a 3-bedroom dwelling. Jen and Kevin both disagree, but Raj is determined.

Chris whines that his team bickers too much and aren’t on the same page with anything. He points out that Jen is not a team player, and she thrives on confrontation. He thinks that’s the whole problem – that his team doesn’t act as a team, but rather as competing individuals. Instead of trying to help the cause, however, he’s decided to just complain about it.

Mosaic arrives at their house, and it’s in much the same state as the one Apex is working on. Sandy is project manager, and says that she feels confident having witnessed the mistakes the other pm’s have made before her.

Wes talks to the potential contractor and gives him a list of things that need to be done. The contractor tells them that he can get everything done on time.

Over at Apex, Kevin tells Raj that he got a referral from the broker for a contractor. Kevin is 110% behind this guy, and they hire him. Bradford says that the reason this guy got the job was because Kevin was so amped about him. Raj, however, is nervous. He says there’s nothing more common than contractors not doing things when they say they’re going to do it.

Raj decides to go to work on the wall himself, and starts running into it with his shoulder. He says that there is nothing more consistent in human nature than the desire to destroy and to create – they’re destoying and creating, and this makes Raj happy.

Mosaic is working hard, and Rob says that he’s only slept for about 2 hours in the front of a car. He’s busting his butt to prove that he is indeed a valuable asset. I say good for you Rob, that’s a great attitude.

Once again the weather isn’t co-operating with the teams, and it starts raining. Sandy gets after the contractor about some work in the bathroom, and he gets angry with her. She goes outside to get a hold of her emotions, saying that she thought her team was starting to smell defeat.

Andy realizes that the contractor is in serious trouble, and starts talking to another group of guys outside who were in the neighbourhood doing work on another property. Andy gets these guys into the house to work, and they bring even more guys with them. It turns into a big party with work getting done quickly and everyone’s spirits rising.

Apex isn’t having as much luck, unfortunately. There are two hours left and the bathroom hasn’t even been started. The contractors are sitting eating tacos, and Raj goes to them to ask if it’s reasonable to assume the bathroom will be finished. They assure him it will get done if he lets them eat their lunch. Time is almost up and everyone is flying around trying to get things cleaned up. Raj asks the contractor outside if the bathroom got done fully, and he says yes. Raj goes into the house only to find that it’s not done at all. The fixtures are lying around in the hallway, the walls aren’t finished, and the floor looks like someone took a jackhammer to it. Things are not looking good for Apex.

The appraisers arrive at Mosaic’s house, which really looks great from the outside. Sandy says that she felt like she was showing her own house as she showed everyone around. She points out the new full bathroom upstairs, and says that they didn’t cut any corners anywhere.

The Apex house is next, and Raj shows everyone around. The downstairs looks plain, but nice. Upstairs is a completely different story. The brand new carpet has been destroyed, and the bathroom is completely upside down. He points out that they knocked out a wall and reduced the number of bedrooms, and the appraisers are not impressed.

Time to meet up with Trump in the boardroom to find out who won. He asks Matthew how Apex did. Their house was originally appraised at $385,000, and after a lot of hard work it was reappraised at $412,500. That’s an increase of 7.14%. Carolyn gives the results for Mosaic. Their house was originally appraised at $390,000, and after the renovation it was appraised at $430,000 for an increase of 10.26%.

Rob applauds and Trump is impressed with his spirit. Mosaic’s reward is a visit to a friend of Trump’s house in the Hamptons. Rob and Jen C are going as well, but after that Trump tells them they can get lost because they’ve already been fired. Trump then tells Apex that Stacie and Bradford will be coming back to the boardroom with them because he wants their input on the task.

Mosaic boards a helicopter to take them to the Hamptons. Wes says that the helicopter ride was a taste of what it would be like to be Donald Trump – a taste of power. Denise Rich, Trump’s friend, owns a sprawling estate complete with swimming pool and hot tub. The team is invited to enjoy the grounds, which they do.

Back at the suite, Raj and Jen talk about the task. Raj is upset with himself for letting the contractor run roughshod over them. Jen wants to keep Raj around because he’s a strong player and takes responsibility for his actions. She suggests that they go after Ivana because she is a weak player. Raj seems to agree with the plan, and walks away to think about it. Jen goes to confront Ivana, telling her that she saw her laughing and drinking coffee while everyone else was working. Ivana defends herself, but Jen just keeps talking. Jen tells her to just stick with putting figures into an Excel spreadsheet since that’s her forte. She adds that Ivana lost dismally as project manager and hasn’t been contributing ever since. Then she throws out “You think you’re going to bring me down? I don’t think so!” Privately she says that she hopes the rest of the team is scared of her. I don’t know about the team, but I’m scared of her!

It’s boardroom time, and Trump comes out in a tux. He explains that he’ll be handing out an award later that evening, so he had to dress formally. Therefore, this will be a formal firing. He asks Raj what happened, and Raj explains that the contractor didn’t deliver. When Donald asks who hired him, Raj says that ultimately he did. Raj takes full responsibility for the failure and will accept the blame that far.

Trump asks Bradford who he thinks the best natural developer is, and he says Raj. Trump points out the mistake of reducing the number of bedrooms, but Bradford says that everyone makes mistakes – the fact that Raj is taking the blame for the contractor is admirable since it was Kevin who picked and championed him. Kevin admits that he chose the contractor, but doesn’t feel that he should be fired for that.

Jen is asked how she thinks Stacie did, and Jen says she’s a hard worker and did a fantastic job. Trump says that he heard she did a great job, and wants to emphasize that since she took a lot of crap when she was fired. Ivana chimes in and says something about Stacie not doing a good job on the windows, and Trump asks Ivana why she’s so nasty. Stacie says that she agreed with Kevin about the contractor initially, but he ended up hustling them.

Trump asks Bradford who he would fire, and he says Ivana. He adds that if he needed something done on paper, he’s hire her for that. Trump thanks Stacie and Bradford for their time and asks them to leave.

Raj decides to take Kevin and Ivana with him back to the boardroom. Trump tells Jen and Chris to go back up to the suite, but Chris wants to get his two cents in before he goes. He says that at the end of the day, “the chemistry on this team is horrible, and if this team stays the same, no matter who stays or goes, we will be defeated again next week”. Carolyn tells him that sounds disloyal, and Trump asks Raj is he wants to bring Chris back into the boardroom as well, based on that statement. Raj says no, and Trump starts to rant. He doesn’t want to hear that the team is a mess, and Chris says that he’d love to be the team manager next week. Trump accepts that, and says he’ll be watching him closely next week. Carolyn says that Chris should try to fix his team rather than whine about it. Thank you Carolyn, that’s exactly what I thought too!

Jen and Chris go back up to the suite, and the rest get to wait while the panel of three discuss their fates. Carolyn admires that Raj can take accountability for his actions, and she saw Ivana working hard. She thinks that Kevin was a great labourer, but he picked a poor contractor. Matthew agrees with Carolyn on Kevin and Ivana, but thinks that Raj just didn’t execute his plan. Trump says that this will be a tough one, and asks the candidates back in.

Trump asks Raj why he picked Ivana, and Ivana says she doesn’t know why he brought them in. Trump says that he knows why Raj brought Kevin in – he picked the contractor. Kevin says that he didn’t pick the contractor – uh, what? Trump is all over that, and tells him that he said before he did pick the contractor and now he’s saying he didn’t? Kevin admits he did and brought this guy in, and Matthew interrupts to tell him that if he picked a contractor to Mr. Trump, it’s his butt on the line.

Ivana says that she was being proactive and plugging holes, and Raj says that was his job to do. Ivana blurts out that Raj needs adult supervision. Raj responds with, “Ivana, my dear, you could work for me anytime and I would gladly put you to work, but I require no supervision.” Trump points out Raj’s mistakes – turning a 4-bedroom house into a 3-bedroom house, bringing Ivana in with him, and then not bringing Chris in after he opened his stupid mouth. Raj seals his fate by asking Trump if he wants him to be a politician for him and bring who he thinks would be the best sacrificial lamb.

Donald says that Raj made too many mistakes, and as Raj tries once again to take ownership of that fact, Trump fires him. Raj is obviously disappointed and looks to be on the verge of saying something, but he decides better of it and leaves. While waiting for the elevator, he asks Robin for her number now that he can talk to her. When she doesn’t respond, he asks if she has a boyfriend. Too funny – Raj, don’t ever lose your character.

There are no final comments from Trump, Carolyn, or Matt this week. In the cab, Raj says that he regrets that he didn’t attack Kevin or Ivana in the boardroom, but he’s a gentleman and didn’t think it was proper. He says he’s thankfully a person who has been gifted with good sense, but he didn’t follow his gut and now he knows he should have. He adds that he didn’t get Robin’s number, but he will.

My final comments? Damn! Raj was my favourite from day one, and his personality and clever comments will be greatly missed. He will do well for himself though, I have no doubt about that. I also can’t help but notice the irony in Raj being fired on the day that Trump shows up in a tux – complete with bow tie.

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