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The Voice, Feb. 6 – Cheese Ball Edition

ATTENTION: Staff Sergeant Angie Johnson, who originally enlisted as a B-52 bomber stealth bomber, but then tried out for the military band, is on deck! She’s had seven Middle Easter deployments.  Someone put a vid of her playing on You Tube, and it got 7 million hits, leading to Carson Daley seeing it.  After being under fire, this should be no pressure.  Hope she doesn’t bomb. (Yeah I know, cheese ball for me!)

Heartbreaker blasts out like an IED, and before long Cee Lo spins and smiles before the chorus. Where are the others?  They clearly like it. Christina almost presses it, but thinks twice.  That’s it?  She’s going to Cee Lo?  She’s been to war, hasn’t she suffered enough?

Blake: ”I let Cee Lo get away with one.”

Cee lo: “Are you as beautiful as I think you are, wait a minute let me put on my reading glasses.”

Send in the quarterback, Dez Duran.  Wait, wasn’t the Super Bowl last night? Oh yeah, he’s here to sing. He was at Yale playing football and took off a semester to try this.  After the huddle with his family, Dez takes the stage.

Someone hikes the ball. I want it that way starts and Christina reaches and pulls back.  Blake is telling Adam it’s right up his alley.  No one is turning.  On no, he just got sacked! Penalty flag!!  I don’t have a penalty flag.  I throw cheese balls.

Everyone thinks Adam should have pressed his button.  And Christina sees how cute he is, and thinks maybe she should have.  Well, I guess if Cee Lo can do it …

Lindsey Pavao is 22 and from Sacramento, CA.  She likes different kinds of music. She’s never auditioned for anything this big before.  She has choked on stage and hopes she won’t again, but I gotta say, she looks nervous to me.

She comes out with Say Aah looking timid.

But Christina likes what she hears and hits her button.  The others are thinking.  Cee Lo goes next, then Blake which shocks Adam.

Blake: “I love your voice and you hair is badass.”

Christina: “Such a creative choice; I just want to play with you.” (To which Blake interjects, “That’s weird.” You’d know, wouldn’t you Blake?)

Cee Lo: “It was so cool; it took me a moment to catch my breath.”

In the end, she chooses Christina.

25-year-old Hoja Lopez comes on next.  She’s the one the family always told tp shut up. Not a good sign.

Teenage Dream starts.  The coaches are not giving much away.  There was a head bob thing from Blake, but no reaching for the button.  Hoja realizes it’s over just as it’s over.

The coaches seem to let her off with the nerves excuse.

Stepping out from the backup singer place behind Alicia Keys is Jermaine Paul.

Complicated begins.

We’ve got nodding down the line.  They’re waiting for that moment.  The chorus delivers it for Cee Lo who turns.  The others are still thinking.  Then Blake joins him.

Adam and Christina do the Auto turn at the end.

Cee Lo: “I heard the swag!”

Jermaine may be the smartest player so far.  When Cee Lo says he wants him on his team, Jermaine responds, “Want is a good word.  Need is better. I want to hear Keep.”

Cee Lo responds, “Let’s not get things too complicated.”

Blake; “I don’t want to say the word keep to you, because that’s a lie.  That’s something Adam would do.”

Now Adam calls Blake a bad word.

Oh wow.

Christina is upset. “Why didn’t I press my button.”

But in the end, Jermaine goes with Blake.

Last up, (Which is good as I’m running low on cheese balls) is Angel Taylor.

Someone like you begins; the crowd likes it. The coaches don’t see to hate it. Adam spins without emotion on his face. Christina is really thinking, but Blake turns next, then Cee Lo. Again, Christine doesn’t get it.

Adam and Blake start going back and forth about honesty.

Adam: “I went first”

Cee Lo, “That was so warm.”

Uh oh, she’s just announced a massive crush on Blake.

Adam flirts with Blake before reminding everyone that he won last year.

It’s between Blake and Adam.  Cee Lo isn’t even an option, She goes with Adam.

So for tonight’s tally: 2 for everyone!

And I’m all out of cheese balls!  See you next time!

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