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The Voice, Feb. 6 – Cheese Ball Edition

Next up is a collage of other singers who didn’t get anyone to turn.  None of them sound bad. Most sound pretty good, and I really like some of the song selections, but none of them really explode on the stage from what I can see of the little bits.

Gwen Sebastian is a 37-year-old-from North Dakota who grew up singing with her family. We meet her boyfriend who’s also her drummer. She’s putting their family on hold for this.

Gwen sings Stay, and the judges are thinking so hard it hurts.  Cee Lo nods.  Finally Blake swings the chair, followed by Cee Lo, making Blake upset.  Adam swings around at the very last second which makes Blake even more upset.  Now he’s got to fight for her.

Christina: “You have a really beautiful voice, I’m glad I’m out of this one.”

Blake calls the other guys a bad word then: “You are a great country vocalist: Tender in the right places.”

Adam: “I would like to do something different.”

Cee Lo: “I just wanted to turn around and let you know that you’re appreciated.”

If I didn’t know better, I’d say both Adam and Cee Lo are ceding this one to Blake.

Gwen starts a thank you speech, and for a moment, you think she might surprise everyone and go with Adam.  But her heart is country.  She chooses Blake!

Pamela Rose has a big smile and even bigger hoop earrings. Brought up by a single mom who’s here to root her on, she gets a bit weepy as she hugs her and her younger sister.

Singing Already Gone, I don’t see any reaction at first from the coaches.  The coaches start to nod by the chorus, but no chairs are turning.  I hear a few bad notes. It’s not happening.  When it’s over, we get the auto turn and the guys all seem upset once they see this lovely young lady that they didn’t turn sooner.  Wow, like that’s going to make her feel any better?

Adam: “You’re beautiful, congrats on that.” Really?

Christina says she was almost ready to turn, but it fell off.

Cee Lo calls out that he’s going to miss her. What are we going to do with them?

At least Blake was smart enough to keep his mouth shut. Probably afraid of Miranda.

From LA, we get to meet 50 year old Kim Yarbrough, one of the older singers to reach the stage. She’s been singing since she was 18. I’ve got to root for someone who understands it’s never too late to go for your dreams.

Kim was actually introduced before Pamela, but they delayed her to throw us off from the preview of Adam going nuts over someone, we don’t know who yet.

Well, as Adam is clearly getting into her version of Tell Me Something Good within seconds, I’m guessing this is the one.

The coaches are all clearly grooving, yet no button hitting.  Cee Lo looks like he’s panting for the love of God. Adam spins, then Christina.  Cee Lo may have passed out and Blake, well who knows what happened with Blake.

Adam, upon being told her name is Kim: “No, your name is Chaka Kahn.” He’s ready to fight Christina over her.

Christina: “As soon as that song started, I knew you were a force to be reckoned with.”  Well then dear, why did it take you so long to turn around?  Cheese Ball for you!

Blake is more than happy to help her decide.  He shushes the audience.  “Adam won this thing last year, Christina didn’t.” That gets him a face palm from Christina.

Now it’s time for her to pick a coach.  And she picks Adam, who rushes up to give her a hug.