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The Voice, Feb. 6 – Cheese Ball Edition

The Voice blind auditions part II are about to begin. We’re in for two hours of a chair-turning, star-discovering, wise-cracking ride with Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton. I’m all set. This time instead of popcorn, I’m armed with little puffy cheese balls and I’m not afraid to use them.  I don’t want to use them, I’d rather eat them, but I will if I have to. (I’m talking to you there Blake Shelton!)

But before we get to the unknowns, the coaches kick things off with a Prince medley.  Christina, Cee-Lo, and Adam look within their comfort zone right into Party like it’s 1999; Blake looks like he’s trying to figure out how he got talked into this.  Cee-Lo takes the lead with Little Red Corvette. Is it me, or is it hard to hear him or the music over his outfit? Adam takes over for I want to be you lover. Blake kicks Kiss into high gear, making it sound a bit HonkyTonk!

The first auditioner up from Nashville is Haily Leland, AKA The Line, a singing duo. While they aren’t involved with each other, they almost were.  They describe their relationship as something like an old married couple.  Finishing each other’s sentences, always knowing what the other one is thinking.  But what?  Since they’re not married, they don’t have to care?

The Line launches into American Girl.  The judges seem unaware that there are two singers until Blake spins.  Cee Lo and Christine turn at the same time, and then just as I grab a cheese ball to aim at Adam, he spins!

Adam: “The energy changed in the room, I want to be part of that energy.”

Cee Lo: “You guys are a couple?” Then “I pushed my button.”

Yeah Cee Lo, we got that part.

Christina: “I know something’s amazing when I hear it, and I heard it up there.”

She reminds everyone that last year Blake had a duet and sent them home. Blake is clearly touched that she remembered.  I imagine if he had any of my cheese balls, they’d be flying in her direction about now.

And Blake launches into something that brings up his wife. Again. Wow, I wonder if that was part of their marriage vows. Adam gets annoyed and Blake says that’s all I have.

Blake also points out that he was the first to turn around.

The duo discuss it.  If they were really an old married couple, shouldn’t she just tell him?  (I know, I’m gonna get in trouble for that one!) After all the whispering, Hailey announces that they pick Christina.

From New York, we get Jamar Rodgers.  For Jamar, Carson Daly takes a trip all the way to the Bronx to deliver the news.  From here, we learn he’s beat drugs, homelessness and is HIV positive.  He tears up as Carson gives him the invitation. We also learn that Cee Lo is his idol. I wonder who he’ll pick if they all turn?

Seven Nation Army starts and the coaches are digging the beat at least.  All their heads are nodding to the beat. Blake nods off time.  The crowd loves him. The judges aren’t turning. Why not? They want to!  Finally, Cee Lo goes around.  Christina and Adam are thinking, but no one else swings around.

Cheese balls to them all!

Jamar seems really happy to have gotten Cee Lo and lets him know.

Blake, however, sums it up nicely.  “I would have felt really, really stupid to push my button, knowing now that there was no way in hell he was going to pick anyone but Cee Lo.”

What’s with Cee Lo and the cat?

Next up, Rock N Roll family man Neal Middleman comes in with one of the coolest hats ever on this show.  Not to mention some pretty cute kids.  He’s doing this for Health Insurance for his family.  This is a man who fell off of a 35-40 foot building, and in his words, “went splat.” Hope the same thing doesn’t happen with his rendition of Heard it on the Grapevine.

The coaches are nodding again, but not turning. Blake shakes his head no. It doesn’t look good.


In summary, it was too much for them.

Oh well, I still love the hat.