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The Voice, Feb. 5 – Super Bowl Night Premiere!

Now we get girl rocker, Juliet Simms.

She launches into Oh Darling.

I don’t know.  I expected something more rocking.

The judges are thinking it over when she explodes, and there go Adam and Cee Lo.  Adam’s on his feet! Juliet is on her knees and the audience stands up.

And Christina spins during the last run.  Blake waits for the Auto spin. Party pooper.

Christina: “You brought the house down. You blew my socks off.” Yet, she almost didn’t turn around?

Some trash talk about selling cars between her and Adam.

Adam:  Takes a swing at Christina as a coach.

It’s back to Christina calling Adam a used car salesman and wanting to be Justin Timberlake.  That can’t be right, can it? Does Justin Timberlake even want to be Justin Timberlake? He would probably rather be Cee Lo Green.

Cee Lo: “You turn me on.”

After pointing to him 2 times, then rethinking it and then re-pointing, Juliet chooses Cee Loo.

Now everyone, but Adam, has someone.

Next, Chris Mann, classically trained, majored in opera in Nashville.

Chris is here for his Mom, who has Pancreatic Cancer, which is a very aggressive form of cancer.  She’s didn’t let her son quit and is here to root for him.  Mom seems really nice and in good spirits. Man, these personal details really can get to you!

Chris takes the stage!

He’s singing … Something?

Because We Believe, which starts in another language.

Cee Lo turns when it hits the English part.  Followed by Christina when it kicks back into, whatever language that was.  Italian?  Yeah, Yeah, I know I’m Italian.  I don’t speak it, I just eat it.

Christina: “That was phenomenal”

Blake confessed that he didn’t Understand one word he was saying, but was a really good singer.

Cee Lo: “Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.  You’re obviously an American, right?”

Yes, he’s from Kansas.

Like people from Kansas can’t sing in other languages.  Ok, I can’t, but I’m not from Kansas.  And I can’t sing.

And  Chris picks … Christina!

A few singers don’t get anyone to turn, including some guy who actually tries his hand at Baby, Baby, Baby Oh or whatever that song is from Justin Bieber.   Even Justin Timberlake doesn’t want to be Justin Bieber.

Closing out the night is a member from a kids group.  Tony Lucca, who apparently once was part of the Mickey Mouse Club.  Along with Christina Aguilera at one point.  Wait, is that allowed?

Someone throw a penalty flag!

What do you mean that’s just for Football?

He goes into Trouble while playing guitar.

Adam turns first. Followed by Christina, then Adam.  Finally Cee Lo with a little help from Adam.  Did Cee Lo forget how to press a button?  But hey, Tony got all four!

Adam: “You have amazing energy”

Cee Loo nearly didn’t push the button if not for Adam, but is glad he did.

Christina: “A true talent to jolt us out of our seats.”

Blake: “This is what you do.  And you’re really, really good at it.”

Adam points out that he pushed 2 buttons for him and just downright begs.  He doesn’t want the night to end without having anyone on his team.

Meanwhile, as far as I can tell, Christina hasn’t realized who he is.

Tony picks Adam.  Maybe if Christina recognized him, she would have gotten him too?

OK, then she gets off stage and she does know?  But she didn’t realize? So who told her?

I’m so confused.

So what’s the score?

Christina has 2 on her team, the guys each have one.  Christina also has someone to sing old Mickey Mouse Club songs with, if she wants.

Meanwhile, I’ll see you all here again tomorrow for the 2nd installment of season 2 of The Voice!!

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