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The Voice, Feb. 5 – Super Bowl Night Premiere!

So in case you really have been living under a rock, the Super Bowl was tonight.  Since history has unfolded once again as it was meant to, meaning the Giants won against the Patriots, I am able to now enjoy the post Super Bowl premiere of The Voice!  But I don’t have any popcorn left because I threw it at the screen during that game and the dogs ate it.

The rules of the auditions are pretty simple.  Singer comes out while the coaches have their backs turned.  If they like what they hear, they hit their buttons and turn around.

If more than one turns around, then the singer gets to decide who to go with based on reputation, who they think they’d work with best, who makes the better case and of course who comes up with the better one-liners.

No grabbing the other coaches’ facemasks allowed.  Ok, I made that up, but who wouldn’t like to see Cee Lo Green do a Tebow?

Rae Lynne, 17 years old, is up first.  She’s from Texas, does chores, including something with chickens, (Wonder which ones are original and which are extra crispy.)  She’s going to sing a Miranda Lambert song.  Not sure if that’s a great idea, as Carson Daly points out, since she’s Blake Shelton’s wife.  Didn’t go over well last year.  What? Is he supposed to say something like “You sang that song the way it was meant to be sung?”

Have you heard some of Miranda’s songs, like Hell on Heels, which Rae’s really killing right now.

Adam Levine hits the button.

There goes Blake!

Rae sounds pretty good.  She looks sweet as pie, but has some sass in her voice.

Cee Lo is digging it, but neither he nor Christina Aguilera hit their button.

Adam: “I am beyond happy with my choice to have pressed my button for you”

Blake: Coughs “I can make you a country star!”

Adam; “Why would you want to be only a country star?”

But, big surprise, Rae Lynn goes with Mr. Lambert.

Bet she’s hoping to meet Mrs. Shelton.

Up next, Jesse Cambell

Sob story about his wife leaving him and his daughter.  They slept on the street for a year.  Now he literally sings for his supper at churches.

Within seconds of the opening notes of A Song for You, everyone but Blake spins.

Followed by … Blake turning as well.

First a standing ovation, followed by Blake announcing he realized he was the only dumbass who was missing the show.

Good pitch there, Blake.  Point it out, just in case he missed it the first time.

Christina: “I heard you come on strong, but you followed through over all of my expectations.”

Blake coughs a “Bullcrap” at her.

Cee Loo Green: “You touched my soul, I felt it deep inside. That’s my man, that’s my brother!”

Then a little back and forth between Cee Loo and Christina that may not be completely appropriate once The Voice is back on during prime time.

Adam takes the time to remind everyone she had the winner last time.

Jesse seems unsure.

The first person who came from his mind was …

Dang it!  Commercial break!

And we’re back!

And Jesse picks


Blake looks upset, like as the last one to turn around, he had a shot?

Up next, Daniel Rosa.  Ok, so Daniel Rosa so we know he’s nervous.  I wonder how much that yellow bowtie is helping his confidence level.  He plays a really small guitar for a bit, then he steps out on stage.


The judges are contemplating it, but no one is turning.  He’s singing “what are you waiting for?” and probably thinking the same thing. It sounds good, but not “oh wow!” good.

They all give Daniel the “Don’t take it personally,” speech and mention to watch his pitch.

No one mentions the yellow bowtie.