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Project Runway All-Stars, Feb. 2 – Hear Me, O Muse!

After the models have had their hair and make-up done, it’s off to the runway to start the show.  Angela introduces this week’s guest judge, Sean Avery, a hockey player who had served an internship at Vogue.

Michael is first up and it looks like he made a one-piece swim suit with a beige bottom and a salmon top.  There’s also a criss-cross effect in the front.  Michael claims that his look is actually a shirt and a pair of shorts.  If so, they are very, very snug.  It’s not something that I can see anybody wearing to a public place, other than to a beach or swimming pool.

Austin made a flared black skirt with striped panels down the sides and a dark grey shirt with mid-length sleeves.  Kara made skinny dark blue pants, a white jacket, and a grey print shirt.  Mila made black leggings, a long black vest, and a striped grey and white shirt.

Jerrell made a long skirt out of crinkled, multi-colored, tie-dyed material.  He added a wide, green, yellow, and black belt.  He then added a striped, black and white bikini top and a multi-colored shrug covering the model’s shoulders.  Above the waist, the model is showing a lot of skin.  Rami made tan shorts, a brown vest, and a patterned brown shirt.  He also had the model wear a dark blue fedora with the look.

Kenley decided to channel her inner Mondo and made a striped black and white dress with a variety of patterns.  It also has side decorations that are red and yellow.  Anthony made billowing red pants and a dark blue halter.  He’d made a clutch out of that gaudy shirt he’d gotten from one of his muses.

Mondo made a black and white striped miniskirt with yellow and orange patches on the side and rear.  He also made a patterned bikini top to serve as a shirt– and then  made a green and blue jacket with three-quarter length sleeves to let the model go out in public.

Angela then calls Kenley, Kara, and Mila.  She congratulates them for making it to the next round.  They are safe, which means it’s the guys who have to face the judges.

The judges start with Rami, who had wanted to make women’s clothing out of menswear.  He’d also been one of the few designers to pick a male muse.  Georgina loves the trim on the shorts and says she can see the inspiration, while Isaac notes that shorts are hard to do.  Angela says she would love to see business suits “with this kind of style instead of just the boring, conservative look.”  Um, right.  I know about “business casual,” but shorts are generally not considered acceptable attire for work.

The judges then turn their attention to Michael.  Georgina tells him that his shorts are much too short.  Angela agrees, saying they look like a swimsuit.  Isaac doesn’t like the criss-cross effect in front, as it appears to be sagging.  Sean thinks the outfit is too bare.

Jerrell tells the judges that he loves ethnic prints.  Isaac thinks his outfit looks like something from The Lion King.  Sean describes the look as “Lady Gaga meets Gwen Stefani at Burning Man on acid.”  Georgina likes the top, but thinks the outfit as a whole is too confusing.  The judges agree that the look also shows too much skin.

On to Mondo.  Angela loves his outfit, while Georgina loves the detail in the back.  Isaac comments that it’s bare and covered at the same time.  Sean can imagine quite a few women wearing it.

Anthony says he collected a lot of t-shirts and used the print from the first “muse” for the clutch.  Georgina then asks how much of his look came from the street– and Anthony says that the shirts went into the clutch and the halter– while the pants were made out of fabric bought at Mood.  Uh-oh.  The judges really do not like it when somebody doesn’t follow directions.

Last up is Austin, who had made a punk look inspired by his muse.  Georgina loves the proportions, but Sean thinks it’s a bit much.  Isaac thinks it’s both fabulous and out of control.  Angela thinks Austin’s muse would gladly wear his outfit.

The judges then deliberate, beginning with the high scorers.  Rami’s clothes well-made, but the judges dock him points for adding that hat to the look, as it was too “forced.”  Austin’s overall look was good.  Mondo has a great eye, but can overstyle his looks.

Onto the low scorers.  Jerrell’s look was over the top and showed too much stomach.  Michael lacked confidence and made a bad top.  Anthony simply didn’t use enough material from the street, and thus came off as lazy.

The judges then announce their decision.  Rami is safe, while Mondo is the winner.  Austin and Jerrell are safe, leaving Michael and Anthony in the bottom.  Michael had construction problems, while Anthony failed “to embrace the challenge.”  Anthony is out.

Next week:  There’s a fashion face-off.

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