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Project Runway All-Stars, Feb. 2 – Hear Me, O Muse!

Last week on Project Runway All-Stars, the designers had to make an outfit inspired by gelato flavors — in six hours.  Michael became the apparent front-runner by winning his second challenge in a row, while April was sent home.

The next day, the designers meet Angela in Central Park.  There she explains their next challenge:  They have to find a “muse”  during the next half hour.  In Greek mythology, a muse was one of nine goddesses credited with inspiring various artists, especially poets and playwrights.  Oh, and the designers have to convince their muses to part with the clothes off their backs, which will be the raw material of the designers’ newest creations.  The designers do have the option of paying for the clothes — but as they have only a budget of $150.00, that will cut into what they can buy at Mood.  That may or may not matter, since at least 50% of the material they use has to come from their muse.  The designers also have two days to complete the challenge.

Some of the designers are dubious about this challenge.  Mila wonders how she can make something fashionable out of the casual clothing people typically wear to a park, while Kara is stunned by the idea of asking a stranger for their clothes.

To Anthony’s shock, the normally reserved Mila approaches somebody– and manages to be quite charming.  Following her lead, Anthony approaches a woman with a gaudy print top.  Michael hates the challenge, as he’s having zero luck.  Kenley is also having problems, and feels embarrassed by people’s refusal to talk to her.  She eventually finds somebody, as does Austin, who is impressed by his muse’s gold fingernails.

Mondo talks a woman into giving him her striped dress and green jacket.  Kara approaches a man for his “delicious” shirt, and he seems charmed by her accent.  Jerrell finds a woman wearing a voluminous, multi-colored skirt.  Hey, smart.  He got himself a lot of material doing that.  Michael encounters a young woman wearing a white crochet sweater.

Anthony approaches a very well-built man wearing denim cut-offs, and addresses him as “Hot White Guy.”  He talks the man into parting with his shorts– and Austin gets “Hot White Guy’s” phone number.  Or so he claims.

After that, it’s time for the usual half-hour shopping session at Mood.  Jerrell decides not to bother buying anything, as he has a lot of material already.  Kara discovers she’s three dollars short and has to borrow money from three of her fellow designers, who each give her a dollar.

Mondo tells us the challenge reminds him of when he was just starting out.  He would buy clothes from vintage stores, take them apart to see how they were made– and then make new outfits for himself.  Austin tells us that he’s excited by the challenge and considers his “muse” to be the real deal.  Michael isn’t sure what to do with the crochet sweater that he’d gotten from his muse.  He feels less inspired than before.  On that note, everybody goes home.

The following morning, the designers get back to work.  Mondo comments that he thinks the pressure is getting to Michael.  It’s also getting to Anthony, who complains that he’s not used to making clothes out of scraps.  It seems that Anthony had gotten clothes from several different people and now has a bunch of garments that don’t really go with each other.  Way to miss the point, pal.  The challenge was to pick one muse and get clothes from them.  Jerrell wants to make something that shows a lot of skin.

Joanna comes in to make her rounds and starts with Mondo.  She compliments his work and tells him she thinks he has a good chance of winning.

Next up is Jerrell, who has so far made a striped bikini top, covered with a shrug in a print material, and then a skirt.  Joanna tells Jerrell that his look makes her “anxious.”

Joanna stops by Austin next, who asks for her opinion of his jacket.  She advises him to tone down a few of the details, most notably the epaulets.

Anthony admits he picked some of his t-shirts because he was more interested in the boy wearing them than in the actual shirt.  “Inspiration can come from anywhere,” he tells Joanna.  She’s surprised he’s making separates, as she thinks of him as doing gowns.  She is, however, sure his look will come together in the end.

Michael is making a top and is using part of the sweater to decorate it.  Joanna tells him the decorations look like doilies, which isn’t what he wants to hear.  Joanna advises Michael to not play it safe.

The models then come in for their fitting.  Jerrell assures us that he’s going to win, which means he probably won’t.  Anthony is struggling and wondering why his outfit doesn’t look more chic than it does.  Kara notes that she, Mila, and Kenley are the only women left.  She also thinks all three of them will do well this round.  Anthony is now happier with his outfit.

The morning of the runway show, the designers get back to work.  Anthony tells us that Kenley is “loud,” and adds, “If a black person says you are loud, then you are too loud.”  Kenley helps Kara finish her pants, much to the disapproval of Mila.  She tells Michael that she finds such behavior inappropriate in a competition and asks rhetorically, “Don’t you want to win?”  Michael then jokingly offers to finish something for Mondo, who declines the offer.