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Interview with Sinae of Starting Over

Sinae is the first graduate from Season two. Already getting ready to graduate from college at age 18, she came to the show to learn how to live independently with her recent sight impairment.

KW:Sinae, thank you for taking the time out from studies to do this for us.

[b]S:No, thank you! I greatly appreciate the support and well wishes from al lthe starting over fans![/b]

KW: What interesting things have you been doing since graduation,
and how is your mom?

[b]S: Well, since graduation I’ve been at school. I’m currently working on my senior thesis, which is interesting to me…and like everything in life I am trying to make even my research for my thesis as interesting as possible. Since my topic revolves around music I’ve been listening to a ton of CD’s by KRS-one, RASS KASS, and Talib Kweli. and…my Mom is great![/b]

KW: Did you watch the show after you graduated, and if so, how did it
make you feel?

[b]S: I haven’t really had time to watch Starting Over since I left the show, but I have caught a few episodes at school (people watch it in the
student center and in the gym)[/b]

KW: What further evolutions and changes do you see ahead for yourself?

[b]S: The most major change I see for myself is that I plan on skiing this season. I hope to find a coach and some sponsors soon so I can race in the B3 (legally blind) division of USSA/FIS[/b]

KW: What was your casting experience like?

[b]S: Casting was a blast! It was almost surreal in the way it happened. I went to a casting call and before I knew it I was in the house. So, I encourage all the women out there to give it a shot![/b]

KW: Do you think it’s different for the women coming in on Season 2,
than it was for the women in the first season?

[b]S:Of course it is different…most, if not all of the women on season 2
watched season 1.[/b]

KW: My son, who’s 20 and has autism, can relate to you because he thinks I’m in his face all the time, but I look at my sister and brother who have kids the same age and I feel like we are about the same. Do you think your mother sees herself as more protective of you than your
friends’ mothers are of them?

[b]S: I don’t see my mom as “more protective” of me than most mothers.
However, I do feel lucky to have a mother who loves me enough to be
concerned about me, your son should too. Not everyone is as fortunate
as your son and me to have mothers who care enough to be “in your

KW: Will there be any change in your relationship with your father as a
result of what you have learned on the show?

[b]S: I am willing to try and mend my relationship, or lack thereof with my father, not because of Starting Over but because I want to let go of
the negativity I have towards him. Yet, until they have a Starting Over
house for men, I doubt my willingness to mend our relationship will
have any impact on the situation at hand. In other words he has things he needs to learn as well. [/b]

KW: Any chance of a romance with any of the hotties you met on Starting Over?

[b]S: WoW! “hotties” ??? I was in a house with five women and a baby…and the EXPERTS that came to visit the house were pretty much taken. Sorry to ruin that for you. On a side note though…I am currently talking to someone I met last year at the University I attend. He is extremely wonderful, brilliant, and encouraging to say the least, and I have a feeling a long term “romance” is on the horizon.[/b]

KW: Nae-Nae is a funny nickname. Did it come from Sha-Nay-Nay on the show “In Living Color”?

[b]S: People have called me Nae-Nae for as long as I can remember, and as far as I know it has nothing to do with In Living Color [/b]

KW: What else would you like people to know?

[b]S: I want the fans of starting over to know and believe that as they watched me change they too changed…so maybe Starting Over isn’t so hard….and just maybe it is true that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you TRUST THE PROCESS.[/b]


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