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Face Off, Feb. 1 – Phobias, Villains and Tom Savini

On tonight’s episode of Face Off, the contestants take on a list of phobias that could drive one to dementophobia (insanity). There are eleven people left after Miranda was sent home last week, leaving Brea, Beki, Sue, Rayce, R.J., Heather, Jerry, Tara, Ian, Athena, and Matt. Tonight they will create a horror villain that evokes fear based upon phobias.

It is 3:00 am and a cell phone is snuck into the contestants’ rooms. Brea answers the phone, and a voice tells her to get her fellow make-up artists ready for their next challenge. It’s not just any voice, but a voice that slightly resembles a less scary version of Jigsaw from Saw. The contestants all wake up and are taken to Linda Vista Hospital in the middle of the night to be met by flickering lights and McKenzie.

McKenzie introduces the challenge that will require them to create a villain based on phobias, you know such as Hadephobia, the fear of hell,  simple stuff. Each person has to create a character based on phobias in the middle of the night with very little light for that oh so creepy effect. The contestants then begin putting their masterpieces together, sketching, and sculpting, finding razor blades for those who suffer from xyrophobia.

Tom Savini arrives with Glenn and McKenzie to do a walkthrough. The legend walks around to check out the contestants work. Glenn is impressed with Beki’s speed and determination. Tom and Glenn are concerned about Tara and Sue’s work. Savini offers a few suggestions, and several people listen and make last-minute changes. This includes  Tara who decides to take Tom and Glenn’s advice to heart after Glenn warned her that her creation too closely resembled a mask.

The contestants are ready for application day and begin to get the models ready; everyone is working. Jerry decides he does not like the first face he created, so he pours a new mold for his model. Beki winds up finishing her villain before everyone else, so she helps out her fellow contestants. Brea is acting a little overly confident and stays close to Beki while working. Time is called while Jerry is working feverishly to finish.

After finishing everything, the contestants are off to the reveal stage where judges Ve Neill, Patrick, Glenn and special effects make-up artist and icon Tom Savini are waiting. The judges watch as each phobia struts onto the reveal stage.

The results of all of their hard work leads to the revealing of what living phobias would look like. Each model is revealed onstage and brings the phobias that each artist creates to life. Each model moves differently and reveals all the intricate details of the phobias.

All phobias play out well on the reveal stage. Sue had a Hadaphobia, the fear of Hell, and certainly created an interesting villain that looked as if he could have come straight from Hell. Beki had parasitophobia, the fear of parasites. Tara had ommetaphobia the fear of eyes. Heather had orinthophobia (fear of birds), Rayce had cryophobia (fear of frost), Ian had odontophobia (fear of teeth), and his model made this character creepy. RJ had xyrophobia (fear of razor blades), Athena had merinthophobia (fear of being bound or tied up), Matt had xerophobia (fear of dryness), Jerry had electrophobia (fear of electricity), and yes his villain lit up. Brea had chemophobia (fear of chemicals).

All the phobias line up on the stage, and the judges closely examine each model. Thank goodness they do not suffer from topophobia. Savini finds a few flaws and appreciates a lot of the artist work. Hetrick finds flaws and praises Ian, who is also the first person called out,  but only because his model had an allergic reaction to the make-up. Beki is called up along with her phobia, and Glenn loves it. She created something really different; her villain evoked fear and looked really cool with all the detailed work Beki did.

Athena is called up with her phobia, and Ve addresses her along with Savini. They do not like the look of her creature, as her villain does not evoke fear. Jerry is called up, and Savini advises him that his character is not electrifying enough, and he should have gone further with the burns instead of spending more time worrying about the lights. Ian comes up by himself, but the judges are given a photograph. While Glenn, Patrick and Ve were impressed, he received a great compliment from Savini. Ian was very happy and relieved to be on top. Ve calls him the MacGuyver of make-up and special effects. He used an aging technique with saran wrap that impressed the judges.

The contestants on the bottom are Athena, Brea and Jerry as the judges were not impressed with their solo work. The top looks of the night are Ian, Beki and Rayce. The winner of tonight’s challenge is Ian, and it’s a well-deserved win. His creature was really cool. Brea is eliminated, and sums up her experience as a great opportunity and an amazing story to share with the grandkids one day.

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