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Big Girls Do Cry

Tonight was all about the self-esteem beatings these women have faced since the beginning of the competition. Most of these ladies have had to hear harsh criticism. I know that’s the industry, but it’s still harsh.

As a little girl, I wanted to be Miss Universe. Unfortunately, I’m short, have a little bit of acne (still at 31) and struggle with my weight. The ANTM judges would have a huge field day with me, wouldn’t they? I’ve also struggled with an eating disorder — Bulimia, just like Cassie.

Tonight’s episode focused a lot on the challenges that Toccara, a gorgeous woman of size, who wants to be the first black plus-size supermodel. I want that for her. I’m rooting for you, girl.

Now, onto the review….had to vent.

Anne starts off PTSD’ing over her near-miss last week. She and Kelle were the final two. They were both told that they were pretty, but not photogenic. Harsh.

This week the girls have to go on “go-sees” where they meet with clients who decide if they’re what that client is looking for to present their line. Anne likes this because, “I’m pretty in person.” She’s a bit anxious about her photos.

Tyra gives the ladies some portfolios made up from the photos they’ve taken in the competition thus far. Of course, that explains why Anne feels so nervous.

In one day, they are meeting with some of NYC’s top designers:

*Nicole Miller
*Diane Von Furstenberg
*Marc Bouwer
*Nanette Lapore

The ladies are judged on a ‘score’ card. The winner gets a fab-ooooh prize, as usual. Tyra tells them to bring a pair of heels and a pair of flats. All do so, except for Amanda. At Nicole Miller, she borrows a pair of shoes that are 1 1/2 sizes too small. After the meeting with Nicole, she goes shoe shopping in between go-sees. Anne, Eva, Cassie and Toccara go along with her.

They end up being late for the next session with Nanette Lapore, who is very upset at their lack of professionalism. I agree that it was unprofessional and wrong, but she seemed to be even more upset than I thought the situation warranted (and I’m anal-retentive!)

Toccara has troubles fitting into most of the designers’ clothing. She faces harsh criticisms on the go-sees and it’s starting to undermine her self-confidence.

Norelle is also having a hard time with confidence. She says “I’m not the prettiest here.” She also feels goofy and not as elegant as some of these other girls.

At Marc Bouwer, Cassie gets extremely offended when Marc tells her that her hips are too big for modeling his line. Another designer also mentioned that “she’s not exactly a size 2!”

I HATE THAT! I do understand the industry, but that’s perpetuating a stereotype and also potentially harmful to a young woman who already has an eating disorder. No, they don’t know that she has it, but this is the sort of attitude that has ruined the lives of so many models — famous, infamous and otherwise.

At the end of the day, Yaya won the competition; Norelle came in last (and that added greatly to her anxiety!)

Toccara feels as if she has to work twice as hard as the other girls to even be on the same level. She’s scared because ‘you just don’t see a lot of big girls in high fashion.’ Being a trailblazer is tough and it takes a great deal of strength, but I think Toccara (who was chosen as the Covergirl of the week for the second week in a row by the audience) has that potential.

Norelle calls home for encouragement and talks to her amazing mom, who’s just so supportive and loving.

The girls eat dinner at an Aussie-inspired restaurant called the Sunburned Cow. They eat kangaroo. Afterwards, Anne and Norelle kiss in the limo. Yes, they kissed, guys.

Amanda, Eva, Anne, Norelle and a few others hit the hot tub in the apartment. Yaya kicks them out of her room because she’s “having a party” with her friends. Yaya has lots of great qualities, but she acts a bit superior at time and I’d like to see less of that. Yes, she’s intelligent and speaks many languages (so do other people!), but that doesn’t make her better than others.

Cassie is still dwelling on Marc Bouwer’s comment on her thighs. She wants to go home to Oklahoma. I wish they’d send her. She obviously doesn’t want to be a model in New York.

The next day, they have a photo shoot. Miss Jay introduces a scary looking woman (Jay Manuel in drag!) Cassie, who’s from Oklahoma, was a bit shocked at seeing Jay all done up as a woman. Jay said he was illustrating a point about transformation.

This photo shoot would include 2 shots; each shot would feature the girls in a different persona.

Davide (pronounced Dah-veee-dayyyyyyyy) was the photographer. (Note: Cassie also got some bad news from home the night before. Her uncle, Mike, is ill and may die. Now, that makes her want to go home more, but she doesn’t want to be the girl to quit. I think she already has, but don’t tell her.)

Toccara and the stylist have some serious issues with each other. Toccara is usually so positive. She cried at this shoot and argued with that stylist. The first outfit did make her look like she worked at Home Depot. It was nasty and not at all attractive like some of the smaller girls’ outfits were.

Toccara did get comfort from Yaya, which I was glad to see. She also admitted that she was upset most with herself for letting them get to her.

After the shoot, Norelle curled up in bed with some comfort food. She’s afraid she’s going home.

The judges, of course, have lots of opinions. They did a mock go-see as the House of Je’ Ne Sais Quoi. When deciding on eliminations, Tyra put it to Janice and told her that she “sees a lot of discrimination” against Toccara. Cat fight! I would’ve loved it if Miss Tyra clawed at Janice’s big, collagen-injected lips.

In the end, it was Cassie who was eliminated.

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