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captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Vanuatu, Episode 8

It’s time for the merge!! After weeks of playing a team sport, tribal councils what seemed like every day, and trying to memorize two extra faces, we finally are down to an individual game. I am so happy to report that the newly departed John K. will not be seen again until late December. The All-Stars hangover is gone, and with a record of 6-2 it’s time for me to make my move.

Coming into the merge, it is clear to see that the two tribes leaders are Sarge and Ami. It will be interesting to see if they are the new targets or if they still continue to control the game. The immunity challenge seems to favor a strong female and the most likely choice is Ami. The women have a 6-4 lead in numbers so the key to the vote will rest in Twila’s hands. She should vote along with the guys and vote off JULIE BERRY.
Congrats to the 9 remaining survivors for a guaranteed spot on the jury!

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