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What’s Hot on TV Tonight – American Idol Lands in the Northwest in Portland

The season started out with some great auditions, then hit a week of rather lackluster ones. What will Portland give us tonight? Check out your other favorite shows at TV-Links.

1. Live! With Kelly. Howie Mandel is guest cohost, and Jennifer Lopez and Girls’ Generation are today’s guests. Syndicated, check local listings.

2. Little Fockers. The Fockers story continues. They’re all back for more hilarious misunderstandings for the twins’ birthday party. 11:00 AM CT HBOl

3. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The guests today are Drew Barrymore, Octavia Spencer, Flo Rida. Syndicated, check local listings.

4. Beethoven. Charles Grodin and Bonnie Hunt star as parents to a brood who adopt a huge Saint Bernard who just seem sto keep getting in the way. 4:00 PM CT Disney HD

5. College Basketball. Connecticut at Georgetown. 6:00 PM CT ESPN2

6. Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials. Boomer Esiason and Jillian Michaels host this look at the greatest ads from past Super Bowls. 7:00 PM CT CBS

7. Whitney. Alex is green with envy because of one of Whitney’s coworkers, so they try couples therapy, and Mark and Roxanne find they are good partners while at a game night Lily and Neal are hosting. 7:00 PM CT NBC

8. One Tree Hill. Julian is wrought with guilt, Brook and HAley face off against the owner of a new, rival café, and Quinn goes to great lengths to help Clay. 7:00 PM CT CW

9. American Idol. Auditions take place in Portland, Oregon. 7:00 PM CT Fox

10. NBA Basketball. Oklahoma City Thunder at Dallas Mavericks. 7:00 PM CT ESPN

11. Are You There, Chelsea? Nikki’s fiancé runs out on her, and Chelsea, Dee Dee, and Olivia try to help. Meanwhile, Chelsea works on finding a home for a stray dog. 7:30 PM CT NBC

12. Remodeled. After being disappointed in New York, Annelise tries to get a major clothing campaign, and Paul and the others go up against a stubborn Orlando agency owner. 8:00 PM CT CW

13. Mobbed. Howie and a large group of strangers help a guy apologize to his brother, who is also his bandmate. Special appearances by Art Alexakis, FORMALity, DJ Ravi, and Ace Hood. 8:00 PM CT Fox

14. Ghost Hunters. Jason and Grant investigate a Tennessee bed and breakfast, where there are reports of shadow figures and images of a little girl. They proceed upstairs to the second floor and call out to the mystery guests, hoping to get some sort of reaction. They state that they are looking to rent several rooms for the evening when suddenly they hear whistling coming from down the hall to the point where even Jason gets chills. 8:00 PM CT Syfy

15. My 600-lb. Life: Melissa’s Story A woman’s seven-year weight loss journey begins. 8:00 PM CT TLC

16. Amazing Eats. “Fiery Flavors.” 8:00 PM CT Travel Channel

17. College Basketball. Baylor at Texas. 8:00 PM CT ESPN2

18. Royal Pains. Hank’s ability to help his patients is hindered by an issue with his back, leaving Dr. Van Dyke to fill in, and Divya and Jill try to save a thief. 9:00 PM CT USA

19. Dog the Bounty Hunter. In the first half hour, Dog helps a bondsman from the mainland nab a criminal who escaped to Hawaii. In the second half hour, Dog signs on with a social networking website. 9:00 PM CT A&E

20. The Soup. 9:00 PM CT E!

21. Hot in Cleveland. Susan Lucci, Victoria’s arch nemesis, visits wanting guidance on what to do not that All My Children has been cancelled. 9:00 PM CT TVLand

22. Face Off. The contestants are tasked with creating horror icons.. 9:00 PM CT Syfy

23. Top Chef: Texas. The competition hasn’t always been fun for the final five chefs but this week they must please someone with a particular taste for fun: Pee-wee Herman! In this week’s quickfire challenge the chefs are tasked with making the most creative and delicious pancake for Pee-wee. And later in the elimination challenge, the chefs must overcome another obstacle…literally. The chef’testants have to get themselves, and their already cooked meals, to the Alamo using only a bicycle for transportation…Will the food, and the chefs, make it there in one piece? 9:00 PM CT Bravo

24. The Challenge: Battle of the Exes. Devastating consequences come about because of a drunken action, and unrequited love hits the exes. 9:00 PM CT MTV

25. The Exes. Holly meets up with her cheating ex for the first time since their breakup and asks for the guys’ help. 9:30 PM CT TVLand

26. NBA Basketball. Los Angeles Clippers at Utah Jazz. 9:30 PM CT NBA TV

27. Conan. Mark Moffett and Ringo Starr are the guests tonight. 10:00 PM CT TBS

28. Late Show with David Letterman. The guests tonight are Howard Stern and The Airborne Toxic Event. 10:35 PM CT CBS