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Q&A with Anna Silk and Ksenia Solo of Syfy’s Lost Girl

The Syfy series Lost Girl is about a young woman with an interesting talent; she takes your breath away, literally. Anna Silk (The Ghost Whisperer and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind) portrays Bo, a mythological character referenced from real-life dramatic folklore. There is a legendary lineup of creatures the viewers will meet along Bo’s journey.

Bo is a Fae who lives among the humans and feeds off certain human emotion or energy. Bo remains physically hidden from society and blends quite well as a human, but Faes can also take the form of different creatures such as spiders. The Fae folklore is known among all cultures including Irish, Native American, African and Chinese.

Bo is in for many surprises. Ksenia Solo portrays Kenzi, a con artist and thief, young and street-smart. She is also Bo’s only confidante and has a plethora of useful skills. Kenzi is savvier, as Bo can be fooled at times. Kenzi’s cynical non-trusting nature makes her very protective of Bo, so no one can take full advantage of her. Bo will continue on her journey and is stuck in quite a romantic, sexy love triangle. The two actresses took part in a Q&A recently to discuss the series and what kind of havoc these two will get into.

Anna’s favorite thing about the series is working with the incredible cast and crew. They have a dedicated group of people that take an active role in creating a top notch series; Anna appreciates that. Ksenia’s favorite part is being able to “kick some serious butt” on the show with Silk. She enjoys the girl power aspect of the series because she feels it is not often shown enough. The Syfy channel has given them an opportunity to be more than just pretty faces.

Ksenia enjoys being a human on the series, but she would enjoy having a power of her own.  She is a “little jealous” that her fellow cast members are able to turn into different creatures and use the succubus power and would like to see that happen in the future for her character. Anna would like Bo to fully realize her character’s powers and how to use them; she would like Bo to understand just how powerful she is.

Ksenia went through a process to get the role of Kenz; she changed her hair several times and sent in a tape. The show creators did not know which way they wanted the character of Kenzi to go, if she had to be sexier or more serious, but it came together when Ksenia was flown into Toronto and did a screen test with Anna. It felt completely right for her then, and as they say, the rest is history.

Viewers will learn more throughout the series and into the next season as both characters progress. There will be flashbacks with Bo and Kenzi so viewers are able to learn a little more about the two in each episode. There will also be a romantic encounter for Ksenia’s character. She could not go into details, but said “I have a love interest that comes in and sweeps me off my feet.” She was very happy to learn that Bo is not the only one that gets to be in a love triangle.

Anna found that playing a succubus has a few advantages and disadvantages,, as some people have actually asked her for a “succubus kiss.” She jokes that “you do that you will wind up dead,” but succubus lovers everywhere don’t seem to care. It may be the kiss of death, but it comes with the job. Anna is just happy that people are responding so well to the character. The show is very seductive, and Ksenia explains Anna has had to take a different approach to sexuality to become this sexual creature.

Kenzi has not had to kiss as many people as Anna has and knows that the guest stars who appear on the show know what they are getting into. While she is not in the “sexuality circle yet, Kenzi’s street smart ways make her very valuable. Anna feels people have gravitated towards the show because it not only approaches male and female relationships, but also same-sex relationships. She is proud of that and enjoys hearing the positive feedback from the viewers as the series covers all aspects of relationships.

There is no judgment on the show. Ksenia believes that is what it makes the show unique, everyone is open minded and “it does not matter who you are, whether you’re gay or straight, blue or green. It’s all about being a human being.” She feels that is the most beautiful part of the series.

As always, the social networks have been a big part in helping to introduce the series to the US audience. Anna has received a lot of feedback and love from viewers which she is grateful for. The whole cast and crew is very excited to have a whole new audience embrace them. She is pleased to be part of Syfy because their audience is incredibly responsive and outspoken. Ksenia said it is nice to breathe it all in and see the effects of what Syfy can do.

When asked who they would like to cross paths with on their show, Anna said she could see Lost Girl meets Twilight, and thinks it would be cool to turn Lost Girl into a feature film someday. Ksenia likes the idea as well, and would love to see the series on a bigger scale; however, she would prefer to cross the series with Homeland and Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and jokes she will be pitching the idea soon.

The ladies are flattered that Lost Girl has been compared to some series classics such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood. Ksenia finds it “a huge compliment, and Buffy was around for so long and has such a cult following. Anna appreciates the comparison, but believes Lost Girl is its own show with a unique voice and a unique group of characters

These two ladies are incredibly talented and smart and the characters they created are strong independent women who are kicking ass. Make sure to watch them on Lost Girl on the Syfy channel, Mondays at 10/9c. To stay up-to-date with Q&As and interviews, check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.



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