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Interview With Omarosa

by Carrie

Omarosa – you don’t even need to hear her last name to know exactly who I’m talking about. Such is life when you become notorious for being the villian on the uber-successful ‘Apprentice’!

Lady O is making an appearance on Oxygen’s Girls Behaving Badly on November 9th. She plays a nurse who is working the waiting room from hell, full of patients with highly contagious and visible ailments. We asked her about her experience with GBB, and much more!

Hi Omarosa! I’ve read the preview of your ‘Girls Behaving Badly’ appearance and it sounds very funny! Was it fun for you to play a nurse? What was the whole experience like for you?

Yes it was very fun playing a nurse. I was honored to be invited to join the cast for this episode. I have such respect for the health care industry mainly because my mother worked for many years in this area and provided care for many patients. I always enjoy new challenges.

Were you at all nervous that the ‘mark’ on Girls Behaving Badly would recognize you? Was there any time during filming that you thought she had caught on?

We were very concerned that the mark would recognize me. I worked with the production team, wardrobe and makeup to try to slightly modify my appearance. I enjoyed putting on the nurses outfit, pulling my hair back and wearing those comfy shoes. I am always in high heels in the office so it was big change.

Are you planning on doing more acting in the future?

I look forward to doing more acting in the future. I am a theatrically trained actress and have been on the stage since I was 13. So I am very comfortable about taking on new roles and diving into different characters. I am also training with an awesome coach who is helping me with new techniques that focus on television and film.

People obviously had very strong opinions of you from both sides of the fence. Looking back, are you glad you took part in The Apprentice and became part of Pop Culture History or has some of the negative feedback been enough to make you wish you hadn’t participated?

The Apprentice has changed my life in many positive ways! I am grateful to have been selected out of the thousands of applicants who applied to be apart of this groundbreaking show. In life there will always be individuals who will try to bring you down with negativity. I refuse to allow them to affect my spirit or my ambitions.

How does your husband react to all the attention you’ve been getting recently? What’s his opinion on this whole situation?

My husband is very supportive of the my current situation. Fame is a very interesting phenomenon and I am blessed to have my husband with me every step of the way to help me deal with it.

What has been the biggest change in your life since you became a household name?

The biggest change has been dealing with instant celebrity. It causes you to alter the way you have always done things. Simple things like going to the movies or to the dry cleaner have to be planned.

How have people reacted to you when they see you on the street? How do you deal with the attention?

I get the photograph and the autograph requests and lots of questions about Donald Trump and his hair. I enjoy meeting new people and have no problem handling the onslaught of attention that I get.

I had read that you were planning to create a clothing line. Are you still going ahead with that?

I have assembled an awesome design team and we are working to build a very unique line. I am aiming at a 2005 presentation.

What would you like to say to your detractors?

To my detractors I simply say “thank you”. Because of their constant scrutiny I am even more motivated and determined to accomplish all of my goals. I was once told that the best revenge is success.

Do you feel that the way you were edited on The Apprentice has led to being misunderstood by the media?

Oooh YES!!! I am totally misunderstood by many people, but some of the greatest mind and figures in history have too been misunderstood. My family, friends, clients, students all know the true Omarosa and they love and support me. In the end that’s all that matters to me.

Your website, www.omarosa.com, has undergone several changes in the past year or so. What can fans expect to see there in the future?

My website is constantly evolving. I hope to get my updates up more frequently and add more photos to the site. I don’t want to make it to busy though. I like the simple elegance of the site and will try to maintain that as I provide visitors the information that they are looking for.

Thanks very much for your time Omarosa! Looking forward to seeing your appearance on Girls Behaving Badly.

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