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Project Runway All-Stars, Jan. 26 – The Ultimate in Fast Fashion

Kenley made a patterned shocking pink sleeveless minidress with a yellow Peter Pan collar.  Rami incorporated several shades of green in his look, starting with a skirt made out a shiny chartreuse material.  He then added a sleeveless top made of three different fabrics:  a chartreuse fabric, a light green fabric, and a green fabric with black dots.

Mila made a red and white dress with long, billowing sleeves.  Jerrell made a red dress out of at least two kinds of print.  It’s short in front, but long in back and trimmed with strips of black fabric.  Kara was apparently thinking about a layered ice cream desert, for she made a minidress in which the colors literally occur in layers.  The haltertop is white, and the rest of the look is tan, brown, and red.  The dress also has ruffles, which have the very unfortunate effect of making the model look pregnant.

Michael made a long, long-sleeved dress out of a shiny, light pink-orange material.  The plunging front and back keep it from looking like a bathrobe.  April made a sleeveless dark blue minidress with a jagged bottom and an ill-fitting top.  Lastly, Austin made a draped white dress with gold trim on its one shoulder.

Angela then calls Austin, Rami, Jerrell, and Kenley.  They are all safe.  The other six have the highest and lowest scores between them and will have to face the judges.

The judges then start with Kara, who tells them she wanted to make “layers of flavors within the layers of the dress.”  Like I said, a layered ice cream desert.  Georgina says she loves the passion in her description– but doesn’t see it in the dress.  Angela agrees, and Miranda says she doesn’t like ruffles.  Diane loves the explanation, but deems the dress itself unflattering.  The judges all agree that it makes the model look pregnant.

Anthony tells the judges he wanted a dress reminiscent of melting ice cream.  Angela thinks it looks messy, while Diane loves both the skirt and the concept.  Georgina thinks it would have looked better with a simpler back.  (I agree; fewer pleats would have helped.)

Mila wanted to evoke the milkiness of her gelato and combine white and red.  Isaac loves it and thinks it evokes ice cream more clearly than the others judged so far,  while Angela likes the lines and layers.  Diane thinks it’s obvious it was made in a short time.  Georgina thinks it’s an ambitious design, but docks points for the accessories, which add too much weight.  Miranda thinks it looks easy to wear.

Michael says that he simply wanted to make something beautiful and adds that Diane is one of his idols.  Isaac loves the dress, but dislikes the color, since he doesn’t think it looks much like grapefruit.  (Newsflash, Isaac:  Grapefruit comes in white, pink, or red varieties.  Michael’s dress was inspired by pink grapefruit.)  Georgina agrees with Isaac, while Diane thinks it’s beautiful and fluid.  “Michael, you’ve gotta call me after the show,” she tells him.  He looks ready to have a heart attack.  The season’s not even half-way through, but Michael has already won a huge boost to his career.   Even if he doesn’t win Project Runway’s prize package, working for or with Diane would doubtless come with its own perks.

April says she wanted to create something light.  Georgina likes the layers of color, but thinks the overall design was too ambitious for the time limit.  Isaac calls the back, belt, and earrings “scary,” while Diane thinks the dress looks unfinished.  Angela thinks April’s ideas got “lost in translation.”  Everybody agrees the outfit looks better without the skinny belt.

Last up is Mondo.  Diane loves his dress, and Miranda says the back is sexy.  Georgina loves how everything goes together, while Angela thinks the caftan would be flattering.  The judges agree that the colors do make the dress look like a cantaloupe.

Afterwards, the judges deliberate, beginning with the designers they didn’t like.  Anthony’s design was both overly ambitious and amateurish.  Kara’s dress was too literal and looked like a maternity dress.  April’s dress was youthful, but Halloweenish.

As for the designers they did like, Michael is a great draper, and his look flowed well.  Mila’s dress was Isaac’s favorite and it looked easy to wear.  Mondo used gorgeous colors.

Then Angela calls everybody back in to announce the judges’ decision.  Mila is safe, and Michael is the winner, making him the current front runner.  Mondo and Anthony are both safe, leaving Kara and April in the bottom.  Kara is safe, which means April is out.

Next week:  The designers are told to “find a muse.”  They also have to borrow clothes from random people.

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