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The First Live Show – The X-Factor, 23rd October

by Luke

As the X-Factor went live for the very first time last Saturday the tension was
high as the nine acts left in the competition would face the public vote and one
of them have to leave the show. However, there was a twist in store. While the
format of the live shows is very similar to “Idol” extra elements have been added
in to make sure the show is updated with a fantastic looking studio and much
more emphasis on the judges.

As the show started, presenter Kate Thornton introduced judges Sharon
Osbourne, Louis Walsh, and Simon Cowell (living upto his image by being booed)
as they came on the main stage rather than already being seated. Each judge
introduced their own acts and had chosen who would play in which part of the
show. After each act had performed they also came back on stage to receive the
other judges feedback and give their own. This is where it got interesting, for
the first time the judges on an “Idol” type show are effectively managers for the
acts in their category and are openly biased. This led to plenty of fireworks as
where sometimes the performers are too shy to answer back, the judges
certainly weren’t and things got very heated.

Voices With Soul – There was a shock in store for previous doubters of this black
female vocal group as they opened the show with a great new look which really
suited them. They sang “Aint No Mountain High Enough” and really won over all
the judges.

Verity – The nervous singing teacher sang a slightly out of tune “I Will Always
Love You”. It was made even worse when Louis implied she didn’t have much
talent and there there were no housewives in the charts. Simon and Sharon
thought she was improving all the time.

Roberta – She sang “Superstar” with a reasonable performance. Louis liked her
but Simon thought that while she was the stereotypical chart type singer she
might not be the star they were looking for and could be better off in a hotel.
Manager Sharon was angry and implied that Simon would like to meet her in a
hotel as more than a chamber maid

Cassie – Singing “Alfies Theme” the baby of the competition performed with a
fantastic look and a belting voice. Simon criticised Cassie, and all of Sharon’s
acts for looking very dated. He said the choice of song made it look like a child
auditioning for a musical part. Louis asked if Simon had been taking any of
Ozzie’s drugs as Cassie looked gorgeous. An outraged Sharon accused Simon of
always picking on very young contestants and said Cassie was typical bait for
him. She accused Simon of making things personal with her and her acts.

G4 – Louis introduced his male vocal group with the disclaimer that they were
something “very different” than the acts usually seen in reality TV competitions.
They sang “Everybody Hurts” and it was the first time the group had ever used
microphones. Sharon, Simon and Louis all agreed they were fabulous. As
manager, Louis commented that they were so good even Simon liked them and
they had a long career ahead.

2 To Go – Singing “Don’t Know Much” Sharon loved the duo of friends Peter and
Emma, but criticised their name as sounding like something said at a Chinese
take-away. Simon said they looked dated and had sang a “safe” old song.
Manager Louis Walsh replied that most of Simon’s recording acts had sung
“Unchained Melody” in the past so he was a hypocrite.

Steve – Introducing the cheeky chappie Simon announced that Steve had
Laryngitis but would still sing – the song was “When A Man Loves A Woman”.
Louis said that Steve reminded him of a cab driver singing cabaret, and while he
was a good singer he wasn’t a star. Sharon liked him but said he sounded better
in rehearsal and said he grins too much. Simon told the other judges that if this
was what Steve was like at only 50% imagine what he’d be like when back on
top form.

Rowetta – One of the favourites in the competition she was announced by Simon
as an example of the reason the age limit was removed for X-Factor. Rowetta
sang “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” and gave a performance suitable for
this British diva in the making. Louis loved it and said he’d buy her record when
it came out. Sharon agreed saying she had a God given talent and that Simon
had nothing to do with discovering her. Simon agreed with both and said that
Louis was jealous he wasn’t managing Rowetta. She ran off stage whooping as
she was so happy with the comments.

Tabby – He rocked the show out with the song “You Really Got Me” playing his
own guitar and moving around the stage. Introducing him Sharon said a rock
singer makes the contest well rounded and very “2004”. Louis said he was
fabulous but Simon said that although Tabby did good he was also a little flat.
Sharon said she was very proud of him and her gamble had paid off.

As the final act had performed the audience were told there would be a twist in
the nights show. The bottom two acts from the results of the viewers vote would
have to sing again, and this time it would be the judges who would decide the
singer who had to leave. There was also an interactive studio audience poll
where 57% of people there thought that Sharon had done the best job with her

In the results episode it was announced that “Roberta” and “Voices With Soul”
were the bottom two acts and they performed again. As Roberta was managed
by Sharon she opted to keep her, while “Voices With Soul” managed by Louis
also received a vote from him. It was all down to Simon Cowell in the final
minutes of the show, he chose Roberta to leave based on her performance
on the night.

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