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Top Chef: Texas – Ep 12 – You Mean, Like A Meatball?!?

Tom says that Bev’s was nicely sliced, sweet where appropriate and not too much. Glasses’ was also sliced perfectly, and had nice flavors and seasoning. Once again, Tom says battle was close, but the winner was Beverly, despite this being one of Tom’s favorite dishes served by Glasses.
She is now one win away from rejoining the competition. How great would it be to see her battle one of Sarah or Lindsay next week for the right to make it back?

Quickfire Hits
• Boy, if Beverly makes her way back in, these guys are going to be awfully surprised. And, I hope they are embarrassed watching the season unfold with the way they have treated her.
• How awesome was it that Charlize Theron went back into the Stew Room? Not a lot of movie stars of her caliber would go on basic cable reality programming, much less go out of their way to thank the contestants. I am certain that she has earned herself a lot of new fans as a result.
• Although, someone who looks like Theron needs to stop calling herself nerdy. If she’s nerdy, that makes me completely unacceptable for regular society.
• Didn’t it look like Padma forgot to wear pants for the Quickfire? Not that I was complaining or anything…
• Glasses on working too fast, as Grayson reacted to his pace in the same manner that Heather would have if Beverly was cooking – “Fast is slow, and slow is smooth.”
• Sarah thinks their dish in the Quickfire was so good she “would eat it every day and be happy.” I am waiting for her to not think one of her dishes was perfection. Just once. Instead of a losing dish because Cat Cora’s palate is flawed when it comes to tarragon.
• How hysterical was Padma’s over the top reaction to Paul’s shrimp error? WHAT?!?! Sound the alarm!!!!
• Coolest thing in the episode – as we transition from commercials to learn the winner of the Quickfire, we get a shot of the fine highway system of San Antonio. And…a sign…that says…Grayson Street!!! Really. She is now THAT popular that she has her own street in Texas. Unfortunately, poor Beverly gets a parking lot in Lubbock.
• Grayson made some teenager friends at Whole Foods – “You can follow me, I’ll love you forever!” And boy, did that guy run. And, really, who wouldn’t. I started lacing up my sneakers just watching!
• And dark meat and mayo? Actually, sounds like a comedy from the 70s – Bill Cosby and Steve Martin starred. Seriously though, Grayson, that’s healthy? Well, maybe in Wisconsin.
• It seems Lindsay of the Corn went shopping at Spike Mendelson’s Hat Emporium this week.
• I am with you, Glasses. My debilitating fear of bees would make that meal quite the problem too. He should have just dumped the table to get the fruit and blender that attracted them out of the way.
• Padma’s lack of pants took effect later on with her little white outfit. This one was a LOT more successful and led to a few freeze frames.
• Poor Grayson blames herself for Glasses getting the boot – it was her idea for the chicken dish. Of course, he wasn’t really coming to the plate with any ideas either.
• Best part of the episode – Padma having to say Kobayashi Maru. I am waiting for her to have to say that this is Ceti Alpha Five , or scream KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

Next Week – Pee Wee Herman. Really.

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