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NYPD Blues – The Apprentice 2, Episode 8

by aurora

Last week on The Apprentice, the two teams faced a corporate restructuring, placing men and women together on each team. They were then sent to Central Park to create a ‘dog’ business. With Jennifer at the helm, Apex easily defeated Mosaic. In the boardroom, Wes kept Andy and Stacy with him, and ultimately it was Stacy’s constant complaining and lack of responsibility that got her fired. Eleven candidates are left; who will be fired this week?

Once again, the contestants in the suite are positive that Andy will be the one leaving this week. As they discuss the probability that Andy’s gone, he returns with Wes and quietly walks outside. He says privately that he felt like the kid in school that never got picked for sports’ teams. He’s looking forward to leading his team so they can see a side of him that they’ve not seen before.

In the morning, Andy answers the phone and Rona tells him to wait by the TV at 8am for a message from Mr. Trump. Trump is on a jet heading to Ecuador for the Miss Universe pageant. In an overdub, he adds that last year’s winner Bill Rancic will alos be meeting him there – this is one of the perks of working for Trump. He reminds Jennifer that she is exempt is her team should lose this task. Speaking of the task, they are assigned to meet up with Donny Deutsch to design a recruitment campaign for the NYPD. He wishes them luck and signs off.

The teams head over to the offices of Donny Deutsch where he explains the big ideas of the campaign to them – they’re asked to focus on the emotional part, to make people want to give of themselves and serve their city. He reminds them that the real core of the campaign is heart – and tells them not to screw up.

Andy has been chosen to lead Mosaic, and he’s brainstorming with his team. He has some good ideas and brings up the emotions again, but Maria wants to depend on sex appeal. She says that she should have been leading because she has so much experience in advertising, but she sarcastically adds that it has to be all about Andy.

Apex gets to the NYPD training facility to shoot some footage for their ads. Raj is impressed with the array of helicopters, tanks, boats, etc that they have at their disposal. Elizabeth is once again the project manager, and she feels she needs to win this time because she failed the first time she was pm and Trump thought she was a ‘crappy leader’. Chris wants to stress the terrorism/military aspect of theNYPD, suggesting that they don’t have to be on the other side of the world to be on the front line. Elizabeth doesn’t want to lean on a military theme, but tells them that if they really want to go with it then she will as well.

Raj jokes that he should run towards the compund shouting with a body bomb attached to him. Chris and Raj laugh it up, but Elizabeth says it was “the rudest thing I’ve ever heard in my life”. The group gets out and starts filming SWAT team and helicopter shots as Mosaic arrives at the compound.

Wes is worried that they spent too much time thinking about the campaign ideas and now won’t have enough time to film what they need. The weather isn’t helping either, as it’s going to start raining any minute. Andy takes charge and gets the filming going. He says that he’s not weak, he’s here to get things done. They get their footage, complete with quotes from police officers, and head back to the office.

It’s that time again – Trump’s lessons! This week, “You Have to Love It”. He says that you have to be driven and you have to love what you do. Once someone loves it and knows what they’re doing, and Trump sees that they have the talent, then they can’t stop. Okee dokee.

Back at Deutsch, Elizabeth complains to Kevin that the military theme isn’t something she believes in and that it’s stifling her creativity. The rest of the team goes back to the suite to get some rest, and Kevin offers to stick around with Elizabeth and hash out a new plan. As the evening grows late, Kevin hits on an idea that Elizabeth likes. It’s more focused on getting a ‘hip, great job’ than military. On the way out of the office, Elizabeth tells Kevin that she’s not going to back down and change her mind again.

The following day, Kevin leaves for a meeting with the designers and Elizabeth presents their idea to the rest of the team. Chris says that after all of their work, Elizabeth decides to change the idea – but she didn’t sound confident in presenting it. Raj isn’t happy at all, and Ivana says that no matter what they had decided to do Elizabeth wouldn’t have liked it because she flip flops all over the place. Elizabeth says that she’s back to the drawing board once again because her team doesn’t like the new plan.

Meanwhile, Mosaic is in the editing room choosing background music for their TV ad. Andy explains the ad to everyone, but they don’t seem to love it as much as he does. Wes and Andy stay in the editing room as the rest of them go outside to complain. Maria calls Andy and tells him that he’s stripping the sex appeal out of it and that will result in a campaign that’s too conservative. Andy says privately that young people understand class, and that people will join the police force out of a sense of pride and honour, not because they want to get laid. For some inexplicable reason, Kelly sides with Maria and says that if Andy doesn’t add more sex appeal to the ad then it will cause them to lose and will come back to haunt him in the boardroom.

Elizabeth is still waffling, and trying to explain another idea to Kevin. He loses it and tells her that she needs to make a decision. He tells the camera that their project manager sucks. Elizabeth leaves the room, and the rest of the team discusses firing Elizabeth as the pm. They don’t want to go to the boardroom, but they feel that if they do end up there they’ll get rid of Elizabeth. Kevin finds her and tells her that she’s got a coup on her hands and she needs to decide exactly what she wants to do. Elizabeth won’t let him get a word in and talks over him, making Kevin even more frustrated. He finally tells her that she’s not getting any more input from him on this and walks away.

The Mosaic team is talking about who should deliver the pitch to Donny. Andy wants to do it himself, but Kelly thinks that Andy is too in-your-face, too much of a debater. Kelly wants to do it himself, and Andy agees to it to placate him.

Elizabeth’s crew is looking at the final proofs of the ad campaign. She says privately that her whole team wanted a military theme which she wasn’t comfortable with. So she took what they had and softened it up as best she could. Carolyn notices that the rest of the team has a lot of animosity towards Elizabeth because they feel disorganized.

Trump returns from Ecuador and tells Rona to “patch Donny Deutsch through when he calls”. At Deutsch, Apex presents their campaign first. Their ad is almost scary, featuring tough-looking officers and a lot of swat team action. Donny himself winces several times during the ad. He thanks them and sends them off.

Mosaic is up next, and Andy delivers an introduction explaining their catch phrase, “When was the last time?” All of their ads feature this question; When was the last time you took a leap of faith? When was the last time you showed your true colours? Their ad is personal and direct, and the television commercial is moving. It features officers asking when was the last time questions interspersed with action shots from the compound. Donny thanks them as well and deliberates with his cohorts.

The panel thinks that the Apex presentation lacked emotional qualities and had the potential to deter many civilians. They think that Mosaic really got to the emotional qualities and dimensionalized what it means to be a policeman. Donny agrees and calls the teams back in. He also gets Trump on the phone for the results.

Donny says that the Apex group turned New York into a police state, and tells them they can’t run an effective recruiting campaign and at the same freak a million New Yorkers out; it’s just not common sense. On the other hand, Mosaic nailed the heart and emotional aspect of the campaign, and created a very effective ad without scaring people. Donny tells Trump that Mosaic has won by a landslide. Trump tells Mosaic to be ready at 9am the next morning, when his limo will pick them up for their surprise. He thanks them for doing a great service for New York. Of course he also tells Apex that he will meet them tomorrow in the boardroom where someone will be fired.

Mosaic’s limo arrives the next day and the group heads off into the heart of New York City, Times Square. They get out of the car and notice that their ad is playing on a huge screen above them. That’s their surprise. They all seem very moved and awed that something they’ve just finished creating is now being presented to the public. Andy is very proud of how well his team did, as well he should be.

Later in the suite, Wes gives Elizabeth a bit of advice; be opinionated and honest, and make sure her opinions match up with what everybody thinks. Jennifer calls Wes out on giving advice to the other side, and Wes defends himself saying “All I told her was don’t be a pussy”. Jennifer adds “Not that she can help it”. Meow.

Raj and Elizabeth hash out a few differences, telling each other that they will be pointing fingers at one another in the boardroom. Raj knows that he’ll come under fire for emphatically supporting the military theme, but he says that the rest of the team supported it too so how wrong could he have been?

Apex enters the boardroom and Trump asks Elizabeth what went wrong. She explains that they didn’t have a good idea before it was time to start shooting. She says that they had generic ideas but nothing concrete. Trump wants to know if she thinks she’s a good leader, and she says that a good leader stands by their convictions. She refused to lead her team with a bad idea for the campaign.

Trump wants to see the ad, so it’s played for everyone again. He hates it, and Carolyn says “It’s pretty bad”. Trump says that he feels like he’s in a police state, and wants to forget about everything and go upstairs and lock himself in his room. He adds that most wives wouldn’t want their husbands joining the NYPD after seeing that ad, and George enthusiastically agrees.

The Donald asks if it wasn’t Raj that really wanted this angle, and Raj steps up and admits that he did. He says it was better than any of the other ideas on the table, and Trump admires his honesty. The rest of the team agrees as well, and says that at least Raj made a decision and stuck with it.

Ivana says that Elizabeth was both weak and ineffective, and Jennifer hammers the final nail in Elizabeth’s coffin by calling her incompetent. Jennifer says that “she was indecisive to the point of paralysis”. Elizabeth tries to defend herself saying that she said she would not be about a military campaign, seemingly unaware that a military campaign is exactly what she delivered even with the “softening”.

Kevin explains to Trump what went on with the second idea that the two of them came up with, and Elizabeth says that the rest of the team didn’t like it. Trump is astounded that she let the rest of her team change her mind for her. He then says that she just doesn’t have a lot of…something… and asks what the hell is missing with her. He wants to know who she would bring back into the boardroom with her and she says Raj and Chris. Trump says “Honestly Elizabeth, I just don’t think it’s necessary. You’re fired.” Everyone looks at each other, and Trump ushers them out.

After they all leave, Trump tells George and Carolyn that he just didn’t want to waste a lot of time. George agrees, saying that the results would have been the same either way. Trump adds that it was a no-brainer, and it’s done.

Sitting in the taxi on her way out, Elizabeth tells us that she really doesn’t know why they all ganged up on her in the boardroom. She says she’s a person who stands by her convictions and could not have led a team using a campaign that she knew was wrong. She thinks that they all said some things about her that weren’t true, and that’s unfortunate.

Finally, I completely agree with Trump! This is only the second time this season that I’ve thought his firing was entirely sound and based on the right criteria. Jennifer C was the first. Now if he would just take out Maria, we’d actually have a battle of the best on our hands.

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