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Season 2 of The Voice Preview – Grab the Popcorn!

It almost reads like a script for sugar free gum.

Three out four judges from NBC’s hit series The Voice say that this season, Adam Levine will not be the one to have mentored the winning contestant.

Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton all insist that this year’s winner will come from their team. And just like that fourth dentist, Adam no doubt disagrees.

What they all do agree on is that the second season of The Voice, premiering Feburary 5th, right after the Super Bowl, will be bigger, better, more focused and leave last season in the dust. Aguilera says they are going to “Up the ante.”

Well, what would you expect them to say?

Not that Season one was anything to complain about.

Over 11 million viewers tuned in to see what singers the above stars would press the button for, turning their seats around to try and get that aspiring star to join their team. If you were like me, there were probably more than a couple of times where you yelled at the TV screen for someone to hit the dang button already, often throwing food at your TV in the process. (Use popcorn folks, never raisinets!)

This time, it sounds like we’re going to need a bigger bowl of popcorn.

The judges will each get twelve contestants to work with. We’ll see more of the Blind Auditions and the judges promising to be more critical.

However, unlike other singing competitions and talent shows, The Voice isn’t known for the Judges skewering their contestants.

The Voice is far more about mentoring singers than it is about criticism. They’re invested in finding artists whose performances really speak to them, not obnoxious divas who talk back, or nutcases who think auditioning in a banana suit is going to get them their fifteen minutes of fame. In the Blind Auditions, it’s never a question of if the singer will be good, but rather how good. Or rather, what size goose bumps will we get when we hear their voices for the first time?

We aren’t subjected to people who saunter in, screech a song in every key but the right one and then stand there dumbfounded when the judges tell them that they sounded like a cat getting electrolysis and then walk out with a camera following them, bleeping their incredulousness as they go.

No, on The Voice, the judges seem to genuinely care about their charges. Usually the only mean things said are towards one another, like Blake Shelton saying Cee Lo Green “dresses like a peacock.”

And while last year’s winner Javier Colon hasn’t exactly become as successful as the show itself, that doesn’t mean that we won’t see the birth of a superstar. More than a few artists who started on reality shows have gone on to some pretty successful carriers. In fact, at least two alumni from other singing competitions are planning on stopping by.

Blake Shelton has managed to nab his wife, Miranda Lambert, as well as Kelly Clarkson, while Christina Aguilera has netted Jewel and the iconic Lionel Ritchie. Adam Levine has recruited Alanis Morissette and Robin Thicke. Cee Lo Green manages to round it out with Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and Ne-Yo.

In addition to all of that, Christina Milian will be joining returning host Carson Daley as the new Social media Correspondent. So this season will certainly have its share of star power.

Of course, that’s to say nothing of the new singers that we’re about to discover. Me? I’m ready to feel those goose bumps. And I’ll have plenty of popcorn to throw. So sit down, take a handful and get ready for The Voice, season two.

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