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American Idol, Jan. 25 – The Best Aspen Has to Offer

The first couple of nights of American Idol auditions went really well, but the San Diego auditions failed to win over anyone, despite the famous name being thrown around. Did they have to use the USS Midway just to make it at least a litter interesting? What’s going to happen tonight in Aspen? Do they need the slopes just to make it interesting?

Jenni Schick, 24, of Sterling, VA, has always been overly energetic, to the point people tell her to stop. She teaches music to K-5, and her least favorite part is the recorders. All those kids playing the instrument makes her want to vomit. She believes she will get nervous if she sings in front of Steven Tyler, because he’s so gorgeous. He’s on her list of celebrities she could kiss, as well as Lady Gaga and Adam Levine. On her boyfriend’s list is Adam, Gaga, and Ryan Seacrest. Ryan denies giving her a kiss. Would he give one to her boyfriend?

Meeting the judges, Jenni tells Steven he’s on her list of celebrities she could kiss. She sings Heartbreaker, and isn’t bad at all, although does lose her pitch occasionally. Randy Jackson kind of likes it, thinking it was kind of wild and crazy, like anything could happen. He wants a vote right way, and everyone says yes, with Jennifer Lopez adding she likes her energy. With three yeses, Jenni gets a kiss from Steven. He knows he’ll get in trouble later for the big kiss he gave her.

Curtis Gray, 28, a server from Spring Hill, FL, is ready to get his voice ready, although he wasn’t at 6:00 AM when he first woke up. He has been playing music since he was young, singing in church with his grandma and mom, and now plays in a five-piece group where he plays keyboard and does vocals. If he comes out with a golden ticket, he’ll think all those voice exercises came in handy. He sings It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday, and reeks of emotion.

Randy calls it nicely done and finds the song selection brilliant. He starts the voting off giving Curtis a definite yes. Jennifer tells him he’s goodlooking (Curtis, not Randy, but she might consider him goodlooking as well), and she thinks he sings great, giving him another yes. Steven believes he is a major talent (again Curtis, but maybe he thinks Randy is too), and he also votes yes. He is on his way to Hollywood (Curtis, but Randy as well)

Richie Law, 19, of Centennial, CO, sounds like he tore a page from the Scotty McCreery book. He sings I Wouldn’t Be a Man, and Randy thinks he has a strong, powerful voice. Devan Jones, 26, a hotel clerk from Aurora, CO, sings The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, and Jennifer mentions she likes his natural voice. Mathenee Treco, 25, a dance instructor from Centennial, CO, sings Hey Jude, and has some awesome energy. They all make it to Hollywood.

Tealana Hedgespeth, 19, a color guard coach from Loveland, CO, has a twin sister who is going to school for performing and is her best friend. As the song Sisters from White Christmas starts, Tealana says they’re totally different. They have different personalities, and different voices. She’s the more outgoing of the two. She’s spent her whole life with everyone always tellling her how talented her sister is, “and it sucks.” She knows her sister is amazing, but she can be amazing too. Tealana tells the judges she’s been living in her twin’s shadow for nineteen years.

Tealana sings Bring Me Some Water, and immediately I’m questioning how talented her sister is, because Tealana isn’t. J-Lo leans over to Steven and tells him if he asks for another song, she’s going to kill him. He jokes, “Now I’m gonna,” as both he and Randy offer Tealana some water. Randy tells her she’s funny, and Steven asks if she’s ever recorded her voice and listened back. He thinks she needs to so she can hear what they’re hearing. Jennifer thinks she’s adorable, but gives her a no, as do Randy and Steven.

Haley Smith, 18, of Orem, UT, lives in a log cabin in what she says is the middle of nowhere. She loves natural and loves being outdoors, as it’s where she feels the most at peace. The landscape is to die for. She has three jobs – cleaning houses, a busser at a restaurant, and working in a meat department, despite being a vegetarian. Jennifer gets a 60s/70s vibe from her. Backing that up, Haley sings Tell Me Something Good, and has a very unique tone, although I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

Randy tells Haley he’s just laughing because she brings her own spirit to this great R&B spirit. It’s not perfect, but he actually kind of liked it. Steven likes her voice a lot, and thought it was from his era. He is honored to be there listening to her. J-Lo figuires she’s more comfortable with a guitar, and she adds definitely. Randy mentions her natural gift and appreciates that she is doing her own thing. She gets three yeses.

Alanna Snare, 22, of Fort Collins, CO, serves rocky mountan oysters as a bartender/waitress. She wants people to know those are actually bull testes. They get a lot of regulars in there. Jennifer is grossed out, and Steven just wants to talk about animal anatomy. Alanna sings Jolene and is pitchy at best. Steven asks if she’s eaten the oysters, then tells her she is all over the place with the melody. Randy likes her as a person, and thinks she’s cool, but says singing isn’t her thing. She asks to sing something else and is denied, getting three noes.