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Face Off, Jan. 25 – Let’s Get Naked

In tonight’s episode of Face Off, twelve is the magic number. The final 12 are Brea, Beki, Sue, Rayce, R.J., Heather, Jerry, Tara, Ian, Athena, Matt and Miranda. The special effects artists will work in teams of three as host McKenzie delivers a new challenge for the contestants.

There is also a special guest, Jennifer Aspinall, a world-renowned make-up artist. She will be judging their first challenge in which they must create an idea around a pair of outlandish contacts and create something awesome for Jennifer. Jerry, Sue and Miranda create a demon. Brea, Heather and Tara create a Star Princess, RJ, Matt and Athena create a Zombie, Beki, Rayce and Ian create an alien. Beki wins the challenge and gets immunity.

The contestants are sent back to the house and await their next challenge. The next morning they arrive at a large warehouse, and McKenzie introduces Asher Roth. He has a new album coming out that needs some artwork. What else would these talented folks do but create an album cover for Asher? They are split up into teams of two. Asher wants them to get super-creative and use orange because it is the creative chakra color.

The challenge uses nude models. One design in each pairing must be a character and the other  must blend with the covered background. Jerry and Tara choose the brick background, RJ and Athena choose the beach background. Ian and Miranda chose the park bench background. Brea and Matt end up with the most challenging background, the sneaker wall background. Matt creates a sneaker stencil and paints each sneaker on his model, then has to meticulously detail each one.

The groups are figuring out what to do and begin creating, but Ian and Miranda are still thinking of their idea. The two of them have to get away from procrastinating and think of something fast. The body painting challenge seems to be difficult for Ian and Miranda. Brea is thinking fast and decides to incorporate Asher’s album title into her model; she begins to paint Is This Too Orange onto her model.

Ve and McKenzie make a surprise visit; Ve is impressed with Rayce and Beki’s concept, but is concerned about Ian and Miranda. The challenge continues, and while Brea is painting her model, he asks for his juice, looking light headed and sick. The poor naked, painted man winds up on the floor.

There are fourteen minutes left in the challenge, and Brea is worried about the make-up as the paramedics are wiping it off. The producers decide to give Brea a new model that is not dehydrated, and she must start over painting on the new model. The contestants work is presented by a professional photographer this week as judges Glenn Hetrick, Patrick Tatopoulos  and Ve Neill are shown the finished product. There are smiles and some disappointment.

Rayce and Beki receive praise from each one of the judges and Asher really likes their concept of having their models break away from the painting. Brea and Matt did well and created a great concept for Asher. But there can only be one winning team, and its Brea and Matt. Matt won the overall challenge again.

Beki and Rayce are safe and now  must choose someone to go home. There are a lot of tears as the judges discuss what was lacking in their work. The person going home tonight is Miranda.

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