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Yasur Will Burn – Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 7

[i]by atarus[/i]

We start off the show at Lopevi. Chad’s talking, saying that everyone on the tribe has their own work roles, cleaning water, doing dishes, everybody does stuff. Except John. John confesses that he’s tired and bored, and he likes to sit back and relax. Chad says that John is an enigma, and he had gotten away with not doing anything up until this point, but now people were talking. (And they voted out Brady over this guy? C’mon, please.) Chris and Chad diss John’s work habits, and Chris ends with saying that John “won’t coast through this game with us here.”

On Yasur, Rory starts off the morning with prayer, saying he has a lot to be thankful for since he’s still on the island. He tries to rat herself into Ami and Leann’s alliance, but Ami tells him “no women’s alliance has ever stuck together” and so Rory’s out of luck. Rory tries to point out that Eliza doesn’t bring anything to the game and he’s worth more, but Leann sticks with Ami on the female alliance, and since Rory is spotting a few things the ladies lack (like a beer gut) he’s excluded. He then gets angry and indignant, saying that the guys treat him like a lackey, he doesn’t want to ally with them, but Ami and Leann flat out refuse him. Rory in a confessional says that if he gets voted out, Yasur will burn. It’s funny that burning camps down coincide with the two male/female seasons of Survivor, eh?

Anyway, we have a reward challenge. Lopevi is shocked to see Rory still around, Twila says she was sure that Rory would be gone, but oops! Nope, he’s still here. Alright, time for the challenge. The tribes have to break coconuts, fill shells with the coconut juice, and take the juice through an obstacle course. Sounds fun. So the challenge starts and we are treated to the slowest obstacle race ever. We see the first run and the last run, skipping basically the entire challenge because, well, it’s boring. Leann nearly screws up by tripping when she’s returning the bottle, but Yasur wins the reward, a trip to a cafe and “things from home.” YAY!

When they get to the cafe, there’s a bulletin board of pictures. Aw. We see assorted pictures of family and friends of the Survivors. Double Aw. They get coffee and stuff. Then there are letters, and we have the usual montage of a few people crying, etc. etc. We learn that Ami’s little brother was killed in a car accident 7 years ago. We also learn that Rory’s wife is psychic, and in the letter told him exactly what he needed to hear. Mainly, think before you burn things.

Twila and Julie start plotting on Lopevi. Twila says the two of them needed to talk since they were outnumbered. When Twila asks Julie if they gave her a final 4 deal, Julie plays Twila like a fiddle and says they did when they didn’t. A remarkable move, Julie gets Twila on her side and makes her distrust Sarge and the gang. Julie says that Twila and her have a rocky relationship, but now they have a plan and she’s weaseled her way back into Twila’s trust.

The Survivors get treemail, and have to practice with slingshots. Lea states that they’re “reverting back to little boys, breaking windows.” He’s cocky and says that the Yasur tribe will lose, it may be close, but they’ll lose. John says he needs immunity. There’s a no-brainer. Over on Yasur, Rory’s hopped up on coffee like it was crack, and he’s ready to take on the world.

At the IC, the tribes have to knock out plates. Once all twenty plates are knocked out, the tribe wins. The catch is, once a column’s knocked out, the Survivor that represents that column is knocked out. Good luck! And they’re off. Apparently Leann is the weakest shooter of Yasur as her column goes down like lightning. Scout and Rory are the shining stars for Yasur, while Chad and Lea seem to be the strongest from Lopevi. It’s a close race, but Rory outshines his Lopevi brethren and kicks booty. Remember in S2 when Colby kicked butt with the breaking things challenge, and he just got back from coffee or alcohol or something? And same for Tom in S3? There’s a correlation there, I tell you. Caffiene and alocohol sharpen your slingshotting. Anyway, Yasur wins immunity, and Rory gets funky and jiggy.

On Yasur, Rory is happy that he saved his own butt with immunity. He says that Ami could have had him as a close ally, or thrown the challenge to get rid of him, but she did neither, so she’s #1 on his hitlist. Ami says Rory’s cocky, but he has a right to be, and she’s sad that Julie or Twila will be going home.

On Lopevi, Chad isn’t comfortable with Julie sticking around. Julie wants to get rid of John, and Chad says that trust is huge, and he doesn’t really trust either of them. Chris says that John is a target to go home, but Chad wants to keep John in favor of booting Julie, because Chad thinks Julie has more loyalty to the women. Chris says that the women booted Lisa, they obviously aren’t thinking about an all-women alliance. John says that he trusts Chris and puts faith in him. He points out that Chad is a sympathy vote, and he should go before he continues to coast. In a confessional, John says that Chad slips by without anyone noticing, and in the final 2 he’ll get the sympathy votes. He talks to Twila and Julie, and he says that Twila is a rough redneck, and rough rednecks are loyal from his experience.

At TC, Jeff doles out the questions. Chris says that they’d won 4 in a row, they were dominating in challenges, it sucked to lose. Chad says you start to pay attention to who is gathering wood with who. Chris says everyone has a role in camp. John says he likes to kick back and relax, and it’d make him more comfortable if Twila the workhorse did too. Chris says he’s basing his vote on the future of his game, as well as trust.

John is the only vote we see (this spells bad news for John) and he says that he can’t let Chad sneak by anymore. However, with no surprise at all, John is voted out instead of Chad.

Next week, Sarge gets naked with the girls? Rory is ready to get the hell out of Yasur! And something shakes up the tribe.

John’s final words are him talking about how he came, he played, and he lost, and he’s bitter. He’s shocked because he would have never turned on the guys. He hopes Chris wins and Sarge is in second, and everyone else loses.

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