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American Idol, Jan. 22 – Rock Star, Dawg, and Fly Girl on the USS Midway

Well, this is a really nice extra for this weekend, ending it up with an episode of American Idol. Well, it should have been, but the football game ran an hour too long, so this episode of American Idol is actually keeping us all up a little later than we planned. Hopefully the talent in San Diego tonight will be exciting enough to keep us all awake.

For the first time ever, the auditions aren’t taking place in a hotel or other big building. They’re being held inside an aircraft carrier, the USS Midway. It was decommissioned in 1992, and has since been a museum. Steven Tyler asks how the show is going to top last year and thinks this could be the answer. With Danger Zone from Top Gun playing in the background, we’re introduced to “Rock Star,” “Dawg,” “Fly Girl,” and “Ryan (not very creative there),” the judges and host for tonight’s show.

First up for the day is Jennifer Diley, 19, a sushi bar waitress from Columbus, OH, who calls herself a patriot, All-American, and perfect. She’s in hot pants and a tube top. If singing weren’t her passion, she’d be working with animals or kids. When she walks into the room, she is hoping to shock the judges, and isn’t worried about the female vote of Jennifer Lopez, as she wants to get two votes, not one. Ryan watches her ass walk up the stairs and asks for her to do it a second time, just to watch her again. Randy Jackson asks what she’s wearing. Since it’s American Idol and hot today, she though she could tan at the same time. Steven puts on his flying goggles to inspect it better, and asks if she knows it’s against the law to be that cute. Seriously, does that line work on the groupies?

Jennifer sings With You, and isn’t bad, but definitely isn’t American Idol quality. Steven thinks she lacks some fire that her getup has. Randy agrees that if you come in dressed like that, you have to blow them away. Jennifer Lopez informs her that even if she were dressed from head to toe, it wouldn’t matter, as her voice still has to be up to par with everyone else. She offers to sing again, and Randy makes a deal with her that if it’s not good, they won’t comment, and she’ll just go away. J-Lo winces when Jennifer sings again, and Randy doesn’t seem thrilled either. It seems worse. She gets blank stares and leaves.

As Steven works on his limericks, Ashley Robles, 26, an insurance account manager from San Diego, discusses life as a single mom. Her daughter is 5 years old, and she admits taking up to five jobs at one point trying to support her. The young girl tells Ryan she’s going to be on the show with her mom and be her dancer. Asked by the judges what she likes to sing to her daughter, Ashley tells them J-Lo’s On the Floor. For the judges, she sings I will Always Love You and is a raw talent, but has some nice things there to work with. When she belts it out, she hits it on the mark.

Randy tells Ashley it was very nice, and asks where she’s ben all this time. She says she was at home being a mom. He feels her; she’s got that great voice and is a natural. Steven tells her she’s going to be big. On a count of three they give her a big quick yes. She’s going to Hollywood. Ashley’s daughter covers her ears when the screaming starts, then holds her mom’s golden ticket and says, “I’m going to Hollywood.”

Jayrah Gibson, 25, of Long Beach, CA, is a songwriter and has the worlds, and hopefully the voice too. He has no B Plan, because if you put your energy into that, you won’t succeed. He has just one goal, and that’s to succeed. His life goal is to be an artist, meaning the next American Idol. He tells the judges he wrote “Miss Jennifer” a song called Shake Your Moneymaker. He sings a little bit of it. For his audition, he’ll be singing Just Friends, and has a decent voice. Randy thinks he’s mad, mad good, and appreciates his soft R&B sound. Steven thought he was the whole ball of wax, and J-Lo is looking forward to hearing him sing more melodic songs. He gets three yeses and is in.

Aubree Dieckmeyer, 20, a receptionist from San Clemente, CA, is at the auditions with her parents and little sister. She appreciates her mom supporting her in her dream of being … “America’s Next Top Model.” Umm, wrong audition, Honey. She can’t even figure out that it should really be “American Idol,” no matter how many tries she gets. She sings Feeling Good, and is actually quite suited for being an American Idol, even if she has that Freudian Slip of wanting to be the next Top Model.

J-Lo loves all three parts of Aubree’s voice as well as the runs. Randy loves her voice too, but thinks she loses a little power in the upper range. She needs to naturally connect it with her voice. Steven tells her he hasn’t heard anyone sing with that flavor in her voice. She did go upstairs and it was then, then went up again and nailed it full on. J-Lo loves everything about her. It’s four yeses, as Aubree votes herself in as well.

Ali Shields, 19, of Lodi, CA, has been on TV before; she was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show after writing a song for her. Ellen then sent her to the American Music Awards to interview celebrities. She then got her first kiss from Mike Posner, and by that I mean her first ever, and her second by Usher. Ryan then takes her around the ship kissing men for numbers three and four.

Ali tells Randy she’s so happy because she likes Steven. She decides to rap for the judges, and Randy cracks up. He asks for ghetto dancing and gets it, embarrassing poor Ali. She sings Like a Star for her audition and has a very unique tone. J-Lo cracks she can sing a little. Randy likes her as does everyone else and she gets in and does more ghetto dancing for Randy. She’s hoping to make kiss number five Steven. It looks like that will have to wait for Hollywood week though.

At the beginning of day two, Steven says he can’t wait to hear forty people sing the same Adele song for six [bleep] hours. I’m guessing Kyle Crews, 19, of San Diego, won’t be singing Adele. He’s in college and belongs to a fraternity, and talks about playing pool and serenading all the pretty girls he sees. His fraternity brother considers him a ladies man. The only thing Kyle can think of just before his audition is Jennifer and her lips.

Obviously still focused on the lips, Kyle sings Angel of Mine, and dedicates it to J-Lo. He sings to her jjust like she’s a sorority girl. Steven tells him he’s the best male voice they’ve heard yet, and Kyle actually covers up his mouth in shock. Randy tells him it’s crazy, and J-Lo tells him it was good. Randy mentions that Kyle sounds nothing like he looked like he would. Kyle admits to the judges that he does struggle with his confidence sometimes. Steven is already seeing, “Kyle Crews, American Idol,” but he does want him to lose the plaid shirt and work on the look. He’s in.

Joanne Childers, 26, an interpreter for the deaf from Huntington Beach, CA, finally gets her shot with the judges, and a big foghorn from a cruise ship interrupts her audition. Another contestant is drowned out in a flyby, and more from foghorns are shown. Somtimes it’s a blessing. To one particularly bad contestant, he asks if he sat through getting hair and makeup to listen to this [bleep.]

Jane Carrey, 24, of Los Angeles, is a mom first, then a waitress, and has been doing that off and on for about six years. She’s also a musician. She considers herself a ham. No wonder; her dad is Jim Carrey. It was fun growing up with him as a dad. He’s not the most extravagant celebrity, and what she considers to be fairly normal, although he did overshadow her a bit. It needs to be noted that she still works for a living … as a waitress yet, so must not support her. She worries that people will only think she makes it because of her dad. Randy asks if “Father” knows she’s there. He does. J-Lo, who worked with Jim, says she remembers Jane as a little girl, but Jane doesn’t remember, as she was like 2. Jennifer asks how that happened. The same way I have a song in college. I don’t get it either.

Jane sings Something to Talk About, and she has a decent voice with a lot of vibrato. Randy likes her potential, and Jennifer likes the sound of her voice, but thinks she needs to think more about performing and not always close her eyes. Steven likes her melody but wants her to work on volume. It’s three yeses. Her famous dad is not out there waiting for her, but she does call him and gets a “Yea!” He can’t wait for the world to understand what she has to offer.

The last up in San Diego is Jason “Wolf” Hamlin, 24, of LIvermore, CA. He’s a mechanic and works on the machinery on the golf course. His “Git-Fiddle (a guitar),” was built by his dad. He decided the more he sings, the more he plays it, and to give it to the world. His father passed away in February of 2010, but Wolf knows he’d be giggling like a little girl to see his son do this. He also tells Ryan that every girl that found out he was going to audition said he had to give Ryan a kiss … yet he’s not going to do it. Ryan is excited they said that, and that he’s not going to do it.

Wolf explains to the judges that his dad was a guitar-maker, and shows the git-fiddle off, getting a little sympathy when he mentions he passed away. He sings Midnight Special and is absolutely fantastic, and this is all sans git-fiddle. Steven wants to hear something else, so Jason asks for permission to play the git-fiddle, to which Steven answers, “Hell yeah.” Wolf sings a little Johnny Cash with Folsom Prison Blues. and is amazingly good. Three quick yeses and Wolf mentions “No werewolves in London, werewolves in Hollywood!” He fixes the background while posing, and is glad he’s a mechanic to do that for them. On the way out, he kisses Ryan for the girls.

Maybe he should be Ali’s number five.

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