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Lost! – The Bachelor 6, Episode 5

by LauraBelle

Okay, so it’s my lame attempt at capitalizing on the success of ABC’s new hit drama, but I do have a basis for recallng this name. Much of this episode is based on Jayne, her psychotic ways, and the incident in which she becomes lost.

Jayne has noticed since the slumber party, that everyone is tense; she senses it. The other women have noticed since the slumber party the difference in Jayne. Out by the pool, all the women, including Jayne, discuss the evening of the slumber party. Trying to explain her actions, Jayne says she was frustrated with Byron leaving, as she didn’t know the circumstances. She wasn’t aware he had left with Mary. She adds that she wasn’t acting on her own anger; she was instead fueled by the feelings of the others in the house. Oh, Jayne … Jayne, Jayne, Jayne … I learned long ago not to fight battles for others. You are old enough to know better.

Byron takes Cheresse out by a nice little spot for a little chat. He would like to rekindle that early connection between the two of them. He thinks she is one of the most normal ones there. Cheress tells him she is still upset about the slumber party night, and tells Byron she thinks he was a gentleman the whole evening. He tells Cheresse he appreciates her honesty, and he is reminded of how great their first date was.

Byron feels Cheresse has wisdom and maturity, and feels she would be a great life partner. She tells Byron when she first got to the show, she thought all the women were great, and wondered how all these great women weren’t married. Spending time with them, she now understands. Honey, I’ve been saying that about Andrea since the first show.

Cindy is the first to get an official date with Byron in this episode. He thinks she is fun, vivacious and quirky. He picks her up, and she is blabbering something about not being able to find her toothbrush, so she grabbed someone else’s. He thinks he should now get his toothbrush as well.

They arrive at the ocean for a quiet clifftop picnic. Apparently there will be no place appropriate for them to embark on their teeth-brushing. Byron tells Cindy he has liked her and set her apart from the others since the first day he met her. While all the other women were trying to sell themselves. Cindy was aksing what his itentions were to determine if they were right for each other. As their date is ending, both Byron and Cindy get excited when they see a school dolphins playing in the surf.

Arriving back at the house, Cindy feels she has never connected with anyone else the way she connects with Byron; she believes he is experiencing the same feelings. Interingly enough, Andrea thinks Byron sees Cindy as just fun-loving and beautiful, and doesn’t see her as a threat. As far as sparks go, Cindy feels it was like the fourth of July. As she is telling the other women how great her date was, Jayne says she is feeling jealous. Jayne? Jealous? Nooooo.

Mary yells to the other women to “Come hither.” Two date boxes have arrived. The lucky recipient is none other than Mary! In the first box she finds elegant shoes and knows the other box must contain a dress, which it does, a beautiful slinky red one. Watching Jayne as Mary recives the date boxes, Cindy thinks Jayne must be jealous. Gee, she didn’t need a ton of bricks to fall on her head to clue her in; she reralized this on her own! True to Cindy’s predictions, Jayne says she is furious and so jealous. She wants a fancy dress and shoes!

On Mary and Byron’s date, he says he is so glad to be away from that pressure cooker of a house. They sit down to a private dinner for two at a hotel. Mary asks when Byron was married the first time, if he felt “she was the one.” He admits he did, and it was gamble, but it felt right and taught him a lot. Mary likes that he is still romantic and optimistic about finding someone to share the rest of his life with. Sh tells Byron she feels people give up too quickly in their marriages. They move their date to a hot tub. I always wonder if they carry a swimsuit or wear it under the clothes to always be prepared for the sudden onset of a hot tub. I mean, there was no swimsuit in Mary’s date box.

The next date invite goes to Jayne, and she feels like the others don’t want her to go. The other women are actually wondering what Byron could possibly see in Jayne, and wonder if he just likes the drama. As they are talking, Jayne walks into the room. They aren’t sure whether she heard them or not. Jayne may not have heard them, but she does notice the hush that came over the room when she entered.

Byron picks Jayne up for their date on horseback. He saw a different side to her the night of the slumber party, and he wants to see if he can sort that out. Jayne somewhat realizes this and thinks they need this date so that Byron realizes her intentions. That would be the difference there. Cindy asked the intentions when she met Byron; Jayne waits for Byron to ask for them. They sit down to talk about the communication difficulties, and Jayne says she didn’t grow up in a huggy-kissy family. Byron wants to know if she gets huggy kissy with her boyfriends, and she tells him she’s trying. They walk into the barn and find little kittens, and as Jayne is overjoyed, she doesn’t seem to have a problem being kissy-huggy with them.

Jayne comes back from her date, and this is where everything falls apart. She wants to be the first one to not come back gushing about how great it was. She goes to bed, still angry about the fact that she didn’t do it (I think …). She then pops out of bed yelling at Cindy. Cindy argues back, and they are arguing about the differences in how they two women acted when they came back from their dates. At one point Jayne screams, bug-eyed, “I didn’t [expletive] ask you about your [expletive] date!” It’s hard to tell between her ranting and raving and the editing exactly how this fight began.

Jayne has had enough and storms out of the mansion. Mary is worried about Jayne being lost, and enlists everyone, including Cindy, to help her search the grounds. Oh Honey, Jayne was lost a long time ago. As the other women are searching and searching, Jayne is really holed up at Byron’s tattling. He’s trying to tell her this is taking away from the specialness of their date that just eneded, but she just doesn’t get it. As Sabrina, the dog, is lying at the foot of the bed, Byron kicks Jayne out, saying he just doesn’t want to confuse things with sleepovers. I’ll let my son know to put away the PS2 and sleeping bag.

As Jayne arrives back in the mansion, Andrea comforts her. Mary then confronts her, telling her that wasn’t cool. She tells Jayne she came looking for her, and wants to talk to her as an adult. Jayne’s still yammering on about not coming back from her date gushing, and says she felt attacked by Cindy. Mary wants to know why Jayne always has it in her head that it’s about her. Secretly Mary is hoping Byron sees Jayne for who she is. I think everyone sees that, Mary.

It’s time for the “most explosive rose ceremony … ever!” At least they’re not the most dramatic anymore. Chris tells Byron he can choose three women for the last minute talks, and he chooses Tanya, Cindy and Jayne. Jayne goes out for her talk cautiously. She doesn’t know what he knows and doesn’t know. Byron says she confuses him, and he wants to know what’s on her mind. She says her and Cindy patched everything up, and that they’re over it. She’s worried about what they might say about her, and Byron tells her he won’t formulate an opinion on her based in anyone else’s eyes. Jayne thinks this is great news.

Cindy goes out for their talk, and feels tongue-tied as she asks if he has any questions. He says he wants to know how the drama is. She says she hasn’t experienced anything like it since Junior High or High School. Aked if he wants specifics, he says no. Tanya changes places with Cindy, and addresses Byron, “Hi, Stranger!” They note they haven’t talked in awhile. Tanya wants to know if there’s an interest still, but can’t tell as Byron has his “poker-face” on today. There doesn’t seem to be anything Byron wanted to know in particular.

It’s time for Byron’s decisions. He says he knows he’ll hurt someone real bad. Chris tells them traditionally Byron would go and meet the final four’s families, but this time they will go on exotic fantasy dates. As Byrons says he is going with his heart, he chooses Cindy (who says “Hot Diggity Dog!”), Mary, Tanya, and Cheresse (who does a little dance with him.).

Rejected, Andrea says it would be nice if this were her time, but it isn’t. I guess her eight yards of white satin will have to sit on the shelf. Jayne feels betrayed. She feels Byron lied and led her on. Byron says her words hurt, but seeing her unravel so quickly, he just couldn’t continue. Where’s the explosive ceremony they promised? Maybe it was just leftover fireworks from Cindy’s date.

Jayne is gone from the show, but I’m afraid she’s still lost. She will continue to be until she understands the whole world isn’t waiting for her to show up, she’s waiting for the world to show up.

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