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Project Runway: All-Stars, Jan.19 – Pigs in Fashion

The judges then start with Austin, who tells them that he wanted to combine pink and grey.  Right away, this turns out to be problem, since Georgina doesn’t like the color combination.  Specifically, she thinks the pink is too dark and not “happy” enough.  (She’s right.)  Eric reminds Austin that he needs to consider a woman’s silhouette, as opposed to a model’s.  He thinks the bows would be unflattering– which earns him a dirty look from La Pig.  Angela also dislikes the color scheme.  Miss Piggy asks if you can hula hoop in the dress and Austin replies the bows would probably help hold the hoop up.  His answer seems to please her.

Rami explains that he simply wanted to make a fun dress.  He also wanted the flounces on the bottom to move “like petals on a rose,” a description that catches Miss Piggy’s attention.  Angela points out that it would be a difficult dress for the average woman to wear, and Miss Piggy exclaims, “But I’m not average!”  Georgina likes the color scheme, while Eric considers it a fun dress.  “This is the most garish, outlandish, ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen!  I love it!” says Miss Piggy.  She goes on to tell Rami that “it looks like a candy store exploded!”

Gordana tells Miss Piggy that she had made her children very happy, so she wanted to give her the same happiness.  Angela thinks the dress is too understated.  Georgina thinks it’s a pretty cocktail dress, but it doesn’t quite fit.  Miss Piggy says it’s fun, but “I don’t know it it’s moi.”

Michael wanted to create something fresh and stylish.  Georgina likes it, while Angela would consider making the accessories pink.  Miss Piggy thinks the dress looks like “a present for Kermie.”

Mila wanted to make a dress fit for a “Hollywood it girl.”  She admitted struggling to come up with something flamboyant, as that isn’t her style.  Georgina thinks Miss Piggy would probably prefer being photographed in something colorful, as color tends to photograph better.  Eric agrees, and Miss Piggy doesn’t think the dress screams Miss Piggy.  “It whispers it,” she says.

Kenley wanted to make something memorable and attention-grabbing.  Georgina asks about the construction of the top and Kenley tells her that it’s boning and a thick fabric.  Eric thinks it’s cute, whimsical, and he also likes the hat.  He thinks it was nice of Kenley to consider the possibility that her client might be self-conscious about her ears.  Miss Piggy flatly denies this and adds that she likes the hat because she could use it to scrub her pots and pans.

The judges then send everybody backstage so they can deliberate.  They start with the low scorers.  Austin’s dress was not classy.  The construction was good, but the bows on the sides were unfortunate.  Mila simply didn’t consider her client, and made something more suitable for her own collection.  Gordana just made an unflattering dress.

Onto the designers they did like.  Kenley’s dress has a nice shape, but Miss Piggy admits to having never worn giraffe print.  Rami’s dress is fun and whimsical, but he needed to watch his seams, as the polka dots didn’t always line up right.  As for Michael, the judges aren’t sure if black is really Miss Piggy’s color.  Eric wonders aloud if Michael’s hat would work with Miss Piggy’s ears– a remark that gets him one of her trademark karate chops.  She tells him to knock it off with the pig comments, and “My ears are just fine, thank you very much.”

With that it’s time to announce the judges’ decisions.  Kenley is safe, while Rami and Michael have the highest scores.  Miss Piggy then announces the winner, and it’s Michael, who gleefully asks her if she has a date.  Miss Piggy answers, “Maybe if you were a little bit shorter and green.”

Rami and Austin are also safe, leaving Mila and Gordana in the bottom two.  Mila is safe, while Gordana is out.

That’s the third woman gone in as many weeks– in a show in which the women generally give a very good account of themselves.  Both Seasons 5 and 6 had all-female Final Threes.  Did women like Jillian Lewis from Season 4 or Althea Harper from Season 6 simply say “no?”

Next week:  Diane von Furstenberg shows up and the designers have only six hours in which to complete a challenge.

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