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Project Runway: All-Stars, Jan.19 – Pigs in Fashion

Austin says that Miss Piggy has always been an inspiration and calls her a “kindred spirit.”  They even share some mannerisms, like calling themselves “moi.”  He tells Joanna that his design will feature a giant bow.  Joanna warns him not to make Miss Piggy look gift-wrapped.

Mondo tells Joanna that Miss Piggy had brought him joy when he was a kid, and he hopes to do the same for her by making a 60’s inspired look.  (He believes she “grew up” in the 60’s.)  Joanna reminds him to be focused, as the competition is stiff.  Joanna then bids the designers adieu, warning them, “Don’t disappoint Miss Piggy.”   (Good advice, given her temper and penchant for karate.)

After the models come in for their fitting, Mondo decides he isn’t happy with his dress.  He thinks it looks too heavy and overthought.  He will need to work hard to fix it.

The designers then go home for the night.  Back at the hotel, they have a light-hearted conversation, and Rami notes that it’s great to be able to laugh together.

The following morning, everybody gets back to work.  Austin notes he has a ton of work left to do– and his work table is covered with scraps of cloth, as if in proof.  Anthony confesses that he almost ate some bacon that morning, and Austin warns him not to mention bacon in front of Miss Piggy.  Austin and Kara then discover that they want the same pearl necklace.  Kara claims that she’d already called dibs on it– and had shown it to Joanna.

The models come to get dressed and then go to hair and make-up.  Kara tells us that her daughter will be thrilled to see her talking to Miss Piggy.  Austin then quotes the Muppet Show theme song:  “It’s time to on make-up up, it’s time to light the lights.  It’s time to get things started for Miss Piggy’s dress tonight.”

With that, it’s time to go to the runway.  Stylist Eric Damon is subbing for the absent Isaac, and Miss Piggy is the guest judge.  She greets the designers with her trademark, “Kissy kissy, everyone.”  With that, it’s time to start the show.

Michael is first up.  He made a sleeveless minidress out of a black print material with an abstract flower design.  He also made a black bow headdress and got long black gloves for the model to wear.  April made a black minidress with feathers decorating the shoulders.

Jerrell made a loose sleeveless dress made chiefly of some spangled or beaded pink material.  The top is made of black fishnet.  He added a small black bolero to the look.  Kara made a black minidress with a cut-out below the bust and a low neckline.  The model is also sporting hot pink long gloves.  Kenley made a flared mini-dress out of pale pink giraffe print.  She also made a huge headdress out of pale pink tulle and used the same material to line her skirt.

Anthony made a sleeveless black dress out of a gauzy black material.  It has an asymmetrical bottom and blue and purple feathers sewn onto the front.  Rami made a minidress out of a white fabric decorated with large pink, orange, and red polka dots.  The top boasts ruffles and the asymmetrical bottom is lined with pink tulle.  Rami also made a headress out of the pink tulle and some hot pink feathers.  He also secured long gloves for the model.  White ones, in this case.

Mila made a long-sleeved mini-dress with black and white banded sleeves.  The dress itself is mostly black, save for a wide white band towards the bottom.  Gordana made a short sleeveless dress made of a gauzy pink material.  It has a ruffled neckline and looks more like something Miss Piggy might wear to be bed, rather than a cocktail party.  Gordana did give the model long white gloves similar to Miss Piggy’s lavender gloves.

Austin made a form-fitting grey and pink minidress.  For some peculiar reason, he attached large pink bows on both sides of the waist.  Um, no.  Even a full-figured woman as confident as Miss Piggy isn’t likely to appreciate something that makes her look wider than she is.  Mondo made a metallic, fire-engine red mini-dress with short sleeves.  It also has a jagged hem at the bottom, almost like something Wilma Flintstone would wear.

After that, Angela then calls Austin, Rami, Gordana, Mila, Micheal, and Kenley.  They have the highest and lowest scores between them.  The others are safe and are sent backstage to wait.