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Project Runway: All-Stars, Jan.19 – Pigs in Fashion

Last week on Project Runway, the designers had to make ballgowns fit for a night at the opera– in 24 hours.  The ballgowns had to be couture, which several designers pointed out was impossible, since real couture takes months.  As Anthony put it, the ballgowns were thus actually “pumped-up prom dresses.”  Austin won and Sweet P was sent home.

On the runway, Angela tells them what their next challenge is:  Make a flamboyant cocktail dress for “one of the most famous fashionistas in the world.”  The designers guess Angela is talking about someone like Madonna or Lady Gaga, but they’re wrong; she’s actually talking about Miss Piggy, who needs something to wear while she helps promote the Muppets’ latest movie.

It’s a blatant bit of stunt-casting, but it works better than a lot of such stunt-casting does.  The first part of The Muppets reunites the gang and tells the audience what everybody had been doing since they went their separate ways.  Miss Piggy became a fashion editor at Vogue, making her the only swine with ties to the fashion industry.

Most of the designers are excited.  It seems they either all grew up watching The Muppet Show (I plead guilty to this myself) or have kids who are fans of the Muppets.  (Go to Youtube and you’ll find recordings of their old shows.)

Angela goes on to tell the designers that they are to make a dress for their usual models, and Miss Piggy will wear a modified version of the winning look.  That puts an interesting twist on things, for the designers have to come up with something that looks good on both an underfed model and a full-figured client.  Miss Piggy will also be a guest judge.  The designers will have $150.00 and the rest of the day to complete the challenge.

As the designers sketch in the workroom, Mila says she wants to make a mod 60’s look and Kenley tells us that she’s a fan of the Muppets and has been since she was a child.  At Mood, Gordana and Austin buy a lot of pink material.  Austin tells us that he thinks the challenge will be fun.

Back in the workroom, Gordana wants to make something flowing and feminine.  Mondo tells us that Gordana’s dress is pretty, but too understated.  Later, he and Kara get into an argument over a pair of pink gloves both had thought they’d claimed.  Mondo reluctantly lets Kara keep the gloves.

Austin tells us that he’s excited by the prospect of meeting Miss Piggy.  Mila has mixed emotions, as she’s uncertain how she can stay true to her own point of view and make something Miss Piggy would want to wear.  Um, color blocking with actual colors?  A black and white version of Piggy’s favorite print?

Kara thinks Miss Piggy is stylish and sexy and wonders if it would be okay to make something that shows some skin.  Rami is using a polka-dot fabric to make a “happy dress.”  Anthony comments that Miss Piggy is a lady and that never goes out of style.

Joanna comes in to make her rounds, and she’s excited, calling this challenge one of the best ever.  Mondo DR’s that he really appreciates her insights.  She’s knowledgeable, sophisticated, and gives good advice.

Joanna starts with Gordana, who wanted to make a short dress to show off Miss Piggy’s pretty legs.  Joanna says it looks like a nightgown.  (She’s right.)  Gordana responds that it will be comfortable.  Joanna retorts that’s not important.  Celebrities like Miss Piggy are used to packing themselves in Saran wrap in order to make the dress fit.

Joanna likes the detail in the hem of Mila’s dress.  Mila, pleased, tells Joanna that she plans to make a headdress to go with the outfit.  Joanna cautions her to remember Miss Piggy has two large ears.  Austin thinks Mila’s aesthetic is too severe for Miss Piggy.

Joanna tells Kenley, “You’re a girly girl and Miss Piggy is a girly girl, so this should be a perfect challenge for you.”  Kenley, pleased, agrees.  Then Joanna asks Kenley how she supposes a pig would feel about wearing giraffe print.  Kenley answers that Miss Piggy wears a lot of leopard print, so she would probably be okay with giraffe print, too.