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Top Chef: Texas – Ep 11 – Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who’s The Most Talented Of Them All?

Tom liked how Beverly has stepped out of her comfort zone, and he wants to bottle Nyesha’s chutney. In another nitpick decision, it came down to seasoning and Bev did a better job. Nyesha’s winning streak is over, and now Beverly is two wins away from rejoining the competition.

Quickfire Hits
• Why does Sarah insist that Lindsay won the Restaurant Wars challenge? Did we miss something last week?
• Glasses is the only who hasn’t won anything yet – I wonder if this is a foreshadow to him winning the who thing?
• Did anyone notice the giant sandwich Grayson was eating before they left for the Quickfire? You can take the girl out of Wisconsin…
• Paul on the difficulty of making bitter melon – “No matter how you prepare it, it is bitter.” Thus the name, Paul. Thus the name.
• Beverly did the right thing on the Quickfire – use the pantry, and grab the three at the end from the belt. She just waited 15 seconds too long. Fifteen seconds. Top Chef came down to 15 seconds for her.
• I love when Padma shows her cooking chops – her comments to Glasses that you get “chocolate notes” when you combine cauliflower with milk and vanilla proves that she just aint a pretty face.
• Stunning that Ripert hasn’t coated fish with Goldfish crackers before – you would think that would be taught in all classic techniques.
• Edward hysterically and wisely said that he would have tossed the Krispies from across the room and hope they hit the plate if he was about to miss the time requirement.
• Theron on how she would have cooked with evil – “I would make anything and put poison in it.” HA!
• Tom made a poltician joke (combining good and evil) and as I have noticed while following him on Twitter – he likes to make political comments.
• Was Grayson wearing a “Beast in the Kitchen” t-shirt (circa Kenny from Top Chef: DC)? Where was the “I’m not your bitch, bitch” t-shirt? Or the culinary boner t-shirt? Let’s get the complete set on the show!
• Theron on who should be the eighth dwarf…Tom. HA! I would have gone with Toby.
• Extra – The Stew Band. Nothing equals the Dragonz from Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Ponderosa online videos.

Next Week – The chefs go head to head. Glasses seems to lose his temper and Grayson derisively refers to a meatball.

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