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Face Off, Jan. 18 – Sharks, Lion Fish, Turtles, Sea Creatures

So a shark, a lion fish and a turtle walk into a bar, stop me if you heard this one before. Okay never mind… Let’s move on to tonight’s episode of Face Off as we find thirteen contestants left. They are Nix, Brea, Beki, Sue, Rayce, R.J., Heather, Jerry, Tara, Ian, Athena, Matt and Miranda.

The contestants are taken to the Pacific Aquarium and asked to create a sea creature that inspires them. Brea won last week’s challenge so she has immunity and is safe… for now of course.

Brea is able to choose her team as host McKenzie introduces the spotlight challenge and divides the group into teams of two. The duos run around the aquarium with excitement and snap photos and sketch freehand pictures of what they will be creating. Jerry and Nix are paired together, leaving Jerry not very happy, yet the two make the best of it. After a bit of deliberating, they finally settle on a sea turtle.

Ian and RJ decide to create a shark after lurking around and looking at all the different sea creatures. They go a bit overboard and decide to put a suit on the lawyer. It would have been really cool without the suit. Matt and Tara create a really cool sea creature and work together. Even though Matt is nervous about the edges on the make-up, they add fabric to seal the edges and impress the judges.

Athena and Heather create a lionfish. Heather did the sculpting, and Athena did a full body paint job which looks cooler when the model goes in the water. He did his best impression of a fish using his mouth. Athena and Heather also had to deal with their model nodding off during application day, but their lionfish was one of the coolest creatures.

Beki and Miranda work together, but have quite a few problems, not with their make-up, but with each other. Beki tries to talk to Miranda and begins to question her about credentials and what she did before landing on national television. Miranda becomes upset and accuses Beki of judging her. The dynamic duo works past that and create their own very cool creature, but not before arguing about who will do the sculpting; one said the design looked like a chicken, and the other one resembled a duck.

The group is hard at work when McKenzie and judge Patrick Tatopoulos (Underworld) show up to check on the teams and see how well they are working together. Patrick asks Miranda and Beki how they are doing, and Miranda quickly says they sat down, discussed everything and came up with a game plan. This leaves Beki discouraged and disappointed that Miranda lied.

Brea and her team come up with a really cool sea creature, and they worked well together. The ultimate challenge was not just creating these creatures, but to be able to float and be fully submerged in a large water tank in front of the judges. The groups are each given a small tank to test their creations, but only Brea and Sue seem to use the tank.

The contestants all finish, and now sink or swim, the models are on display. Judges Patrick Tatopolous, Glenn Hetrick and Ve Neill began their observations as each model does their best sea creature impersonation. The lionfish by Heather and Athena is awesome out of the water, and fully submerged in water, he looks even cooler. The judges agree and love how the lionfish looks in the water.

Jerry and Nix’s turtle does not do so well. As the model goes into the water, the paint begins to bleed and the shell comes off. The turtle make-up also does not allow breathing for the model. He tries to submerge himself, but has to keep popping out of the water as Jerry and Nix watch in horror as their creature comes apart.

Ian and RJ’s lawyer shark does not respond any better in the water. Out of the water and without a suit, the shark would have been awesome, but as soon as the model submerges in the water, the suit lifts and the model can not stay in the water. Ve advises that they should have sewn him in the suit if they really wanted him to wear it.

Matt and Tara win the challenge with their ethereal creature and are the top two, while Jerry, Nix, Ian and RJ wind up being the bottom group. It does not stop with Jerry and Nix as they continued to bicker. Nix throws Jerry under the bus after the judges ask for an explanation for their creature’s make-up going haywire. Nix blames Jerry and tosses him to the sharks, but Jerry plays it safe and says they were both responsible. Nix changes his tune quickly and agrees with Jerry, but it does not save him from being eliminated.

The winner of tonight’s challenge, with full immunity for next week, is Matt. Don’t forget to watch next week’s episode of Face Off on the Syfy channel, Wednesday at 10/9c.

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