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captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Vanuatu, Episode 7

And then there were 12. Welcome back to week 7 of Survivor: Vanuatu. Last week went exactly as planned with the new Lopevi tribe dominating in all the challenges and Lisa’s big mouth getting her in trouble again. This time she couldn’t recover and was the 7’th person voted out of the game. Eleven now remain.

The Yasur tribe has their backs against the wall after losing both challenges last week and the last four overall. That number will become five after another heart-breaking defeat at the reward challenge. They will be even more upset when they realize that they were playing for messages from home. Knowing that he is a goner if Yasur doesn’t win immunity, expect Rory to finally lead his team to an immunity victory. In the spirit of Halloween, I promise that it is not a trick, but a treat, to tell you that Lopevi will finally vote off…JOHN KENNEY.

Happy Halloween!!

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